Thursday, January 10, 2008

A week of SCARY

Today is Thursday, and it has been one hell of a week. Last Friday, my partner left for a family funeral in PA, early AM. By 3pm, our little one had a high fever. To make a long story short, by 8PM, she was in an ambulance, on her way to the hospital, having a 105 fever, spiking and
seizures. Talk about scary, and being alone, one of the most frightening things I have ever experienced. I was beside myself as to what to do, who to turn to, etc. The 911 Dispatcher was incredible, calming me and directing me to cool her body. Explaining this was a common occurence in feverish toddlers..WTF??? See: Febrile Seizures:

By the time the paramedics and firefighters arrived, she was coming around and aware of what was happening. She is a true trooper, and by the end of the night, was blowing kisses to the nurses and Dr's. If it had not been for the medical personnel, I would have had no clue as to what was happening and how to deal. Just one of the instances whereby, bringing up baby, can be "learn as you go." I have no idea how they handle it, and have LOADS of respect for single, working mothers...KUDOS!

So, there began the week of hell...always worried, always jumping at the slightest whimper or cry, always checking her temperature, calling the Dr. for advice, the neighbor for comfort. I was truly feeling alone in all this, as my partner was not there when it all happened. Our little one is better now, playing, smiling, talking and just being a delight again! Me? Well, after all the worry and stuff, I got sick with a flu bug myself. Now I am concerned again, with getting her sick! AAAARGGHH! Funny when u think about it...I worry too much I guess!

I will be posting again here very soon. I want to share more background as to our relationship and how, and when we decided to have a baby together. As we are two men, it is a wondrous, yet legally and medically filled process. Not to mention, the ideas, attitudes and advice we receive, daily, from strangers, friends, family and neighbors...hopefully, you will get a better idea of who we are and how we survive, LOL

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kelly said...

best of luck, those times are scary. We have been there! I was a single mother of three for a while and it is hard, but as parents you do what you need to for the ones you love. I stay at home with my kids and work 3 nights a week, a great break but I sure miss being with them 24/7 but glad my husband can take care of them when I am gone! You have a very adorable daughter!!!! Get better soon!

Bella Daddy said...

Thanks so much! It truly means allot to hear from other Parents. And I can so relate to getting that break, any break at times LOL! This is the hardest thing I have ever done, and we have one child, nevermind three!! So KUDOS to you and your Family! Keep up the Smiles!

Winter said...

Dude... you were always a worrier! LOL Kids are trying. You think you're going through stuff now? Wait until she's 18. Oy. I dunno how I've lived this long going through all the "stuff". And believe me I can relate. I remember getting on a damned bus in the middle of the night in a city I wasn't that familiar with (Tempe) to take Annicka to the emergency room because of a 104 fever. No seizures, lucky us, but scary as hell.

Bella Daddy said...
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soontobelemon said...

Oh my gawd David! I am sorry you had to go thru that! I am so glad that she is better. Hope you feel better soon too : )
Love the blog, great, great job. See you guys hopefully in about 2 and a half weeks.

brother ken said...

daddy david your going to go through more day's like that as she get's older. all you have do is stay clam, and you will get through. brother ken.

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