Sunday, January 27, 2008

*batteries not included

SHEESH! How the hell are you supposed to enjoy playing with your kids and their new toys when it takes FOREVER to get the damn thing unwrapped. Unwrapped, un-wound, un-taped...un-everything'd. The manufacturer makes sure more than half the battle is getting the toy out of the box, out of the wrappers, out of the Chinese finger torture ties...AAARRGH! Cant even beguin to tell you how many times I have had my fingers poked, scratched and down right harassed by these "safety measures!" MADDENING at best! My opinion: The person who invented shrink wrapping and twisty ties for toys should be made to spend a week, alone in a room, with nothing but FOOD, wrapped in all these devices...see how long they last! Can we say STARVE???

Once unwrapped, (and I did the dumbest thing, attempted to assemble while Bella was there...getting into every piece, carting them away, etc...) My Bad!...anyway, once unwrapped, I realized...NO BATTERIES! AAARGH! again my bad, for not reading that they were not, there she is, ready to play...and gets bored after a few moments...why? NO BATTERIES!

I looked everywhere for C batteries. Even taking every toy in existence in this house, unscrewing the battery compartments (another safety measure that sucks) and looking in flashlights, appliances, mp3 players..All of no, she plays for a few moments then throws her little arms in the air in frustration, and walks away....I hope when I get batteries later today, she decides she likes it...!

SHEESH, I wish my batteries could be replaced...I am pooped...and all scratched up!

3 BellaBuddies left comments! Ya know ya wanna!!:

Winter said...

Heh heh. I about died laughing. My friend Shiny just blogged about the same thing! Her's is funny too. You gotta read it.

Muah! Luvs ya!

Anonymous said...

I can just see you yelling expletives. Bella...cover your ears!

Love ya
cousin niecey

Martina said...

This is good battery.

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