Friday, April 24, 2009

"Daddy, I Pee-Pee On The Grass"?

Huh? That was my first reaction. HOLY C**P! Yeah, that was the second....laughing hysterically was the finale!

We were out in our courtyard this morning, and I noticed the Little One was tugging on the back of her dress. Pulling it up, trying to turn around and look at her backside. I asked, "Bella, whatcha doin'?"(thinking perhaps she was just trying to get a feel for her outfit)...Uh Uh! She said the above...evidently, having seen the dogs pee-pee countless times...'on the grass'...

After explaining that "we" don't pee-pee on the grass, only dogs do...and in extreme emergencies, Daddy does, we ventured back in...where I decided it was time to wish everyone a HAPPY FATHERHOOD FRIDAY!! Check out DAD-BLOGS
Not that the above has anything to do with this:

I need your help this week...or rather, your questions for a Superstar!

That's right! If you've ever wanted to interview a superstar, now is that chance.

Send in your questions for our Little one...ask her anything...(KEEP IT CLEAN PLEASE). BellaDaddy will pick the best and interview Bella for you! And sometime next week, we will present the all it's (EDITED), un(RETOUCHED) glory.

So, c'mon, humour me...send your comments and questions. Ask her pretty much anything you like...keeping in mind, she has two dads, she loves music, and of course, being the center of attention, among other ideas for you to consider.

Make sure and keep the questions handy you send in, so that you recognize next week, the ones we use!

This is gonna be fun!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Thinking Aloud

Or rather, blogging about it.

As is every Fatherhood Friday, my buds and (moms) over at would love to hear from you...check us all out: DAD-BLOGS.

Sometimes I sit and stare at my child...watching her eat, chew, swallow, play, run, laugh, blink, smile, flap her arms, fly a kite, pet the dogs, shake the hand of a stranger, squeal in delight when a friend comes to visit...and I wonder..."where did she learn this"?

I would like to say it is from me, or my partner, but, observations have proven, she is absorbing on her own: growing, educating herself, becoming a little person. Right before our eyes.

She has her opinions, and makes them known. We know her likes and dislikes as she is never one to hold back.

She dresses herself, buttons and unbuttons, pull up her pants, buttons and zips...and even puts her shoes on the "correct" feet. We say correct, because when telling her the shoes were on the wrong feet, saying 'you need to put them on the right feet', this would confuse she already knew she had a left AND a right foot. (I imagined her saying, "Daddy, I only have ONE right foot, how can both shoes be on the right feet"?).

Now, would never say I was living "the Dream" I have never truly imagined, or dreamt, that this would be my life right now. I am 45, and a father...of a toddler. And, I am having so much fun! Living a childhood all over again. Splurging on toys and such, that I never had as a kid...and now, I can play to my hearts content...with a little one who is incredibly spunky and fun. LOVES to be silly, (like me)...loves to make people laugh (like me)...and in general, is turning out to be such a wonderful little human being...(like me) LOL!

I may not have done all that I wanted in life...who has? But know this...I am certainly having the time of my life now...I get to live through a child's eyes...and I get to be part of the process by which another human being turns out to have a compassionate heart and mind.

So, kudos to ME :-)
Friday, April 10, 2009

PLEASE! Watch Your Kids Around Water!

WARNING: This is Fatherhood Friday & Good Friday but the following is NOT a feel good posting. BellaDaddy's sharing important info on water safety. Therefore, if you were looking for a feel good, make you wanna smile all day type of writing, head on over to DAD-BLOGS...plenty to read and feel good about there. Here? Well, let's just say, someone needs to write this, and MORE need to read it.

Every year around this time, our local news is flooded with drownings and near drownings. ALL of which should NEVER have even come near to happening. Sadly, it does.

Every year, I sit and watch, tempted to change the channel or turn off the news altogether, simply because I find it extremely difficult to comprehend. HOW on earth do people lose track of their kids, even for that spilt second? No Clue. Every year, it is the same. Gates left open. No Gates at all. Parents napping while toddler crawls out doggie doors...etc...etc...etc...I will never be one to point fingers, however, I cannot advocate stupidity. We should ALWAYS be watching our kids...regardless of how tired, overworked, busy, etc...ALWAYS!, hoping, praying that this never happens to us, or anyone we know.

So, with that being said, please review the following tips. And remember,


Drowning Threat

In many states, drowning is a leading cause of accidental death for children one through four years age.

Children drown in pools, spas, buckets, toilets and bathtubs. A child can drown in as little as two inches of water.

A child can drown in less time than it takes to answer the telephone.

67% of all drowning deaths occur in their own backyard pool, spa or hot tub.

The majority of drowning incidents occur while the caretaker assumed the child was safely indoors.

25% of all children who have drowned or nearly drowned have had swimming lessons.

The risk of a drowning or near drowning is highest during the first six months a family has a pool.

For every drowning, an additional five near drowning cases are treated in the emergency room. Irreversible brain damage occurs in 3 to 5 minutes.

In California there are more than 330 people with irreversible brain damage because of near drowning incidents. Of this total more than 75 people are currently hospitalized at a cost of $120,000 per year for life.

Drowning is a silent killer. The victims don't cry for help. They are not getting enough air to breathe, so they don't have the extra air needed to call for help.

Drowning Prevention Tips

There is no substitute for adequate supervision. Children need to be watched. Never leave children unattended in or around pools or spas - not even for a second.

Access to the pool or spa area should be limited by locked doors, windows and self closing, self latching gates on fences surrounding the pool. Latches should be above the reach of children.

Do not allow children to play in pool areas. Keep toys out of the area.

Keep rescue equipment such as a long handled hook and a ring buoy with a rope hanging near the pool.

Many floatation toys are thought to be lifesavers but they are not! They are only toys and should be used only as toys and with adult supervision.

Install a phone by the pool so you can answer it without leaving children unattended.

Always keep chairs, tables, or toys away from the pool or spa fence to keep children from using them to climb over.

Do not allow anyone of any age to swim alone. Drowning happens to adults too. When you are entertaining a group of children or adults, have a designated pool watcher who is responsible for keeping track of everyone.

Examples of safe water behavior by adults are important for young children.

Always completely remove a pool or spa cover before use to avoid the possibility of anyone being trapped and drowning under the cover.

Have members of the family take a swim class and learn CPR.

Pools Inspection List

Is your pool surrounded by a 5 foot 6 inch high or higher fence or barrier?

Is the fence childproof with bars not more than 4 inches apart? If it is a chain link fence, the diamond shaped opening should be no larger than 1 3/4 inches.

Are the gates self-closing and self-latching? The self latching mechanism should be out of the reach of children. Is the self-latching mechanism at least 54 inches, from the bottom of the gate? If less than 54 inches, the latching mechanism should be located on the pool side of the gate.

Are all the gates kept locked?

Are all exit doors and windows leading from the house to the pool kept locked and secured?

Are pool rules posted in a visible location?

Is rescue equipment kept near the pool? A ring buoy with an attached line and/or a long handled hook.

Is the pool cover completely removed or properly installed? Never use a pool with its pool cover partially

in place.

Are steps and ladders leading to an above ground pool secured, locked or removed when the pool is not in use?

Are there plenty of approved PFD's (Personal Flotation Devices) available?

Are the diving board and any slides in safe operating condition?

Does the hot tub or spa have a solid, locking cover, and is the cover in place and locked when the spa or hot tub is not in use?
Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Never in a million years would I be so thrilled as the time our little one ate Broccoli! On her own, no cheese, not catsup, no syrup involved. Just plain ole broccoli. (maybe there was a little seasoning)

We were in a one of our favorite, cool restaurants: FEZ. One of us, I don't remember which, not important, had veggies on our plate. Bella had a perplexed look on her face, reached over, took a spear and headed on....looked at it for a moment, exclaimed: "look Daddy, it's a little tree" and proceeded to devour it...

I was so frikkin excited, I almost pissed my pants...! (I didn't, I was wearing some pretty nice jeans most certainly - Love my clothes!).

Now, we have been trying to get her to eat veggies for so damn long, I had actually given up. Many of you know how difficult this can be...getting kids to eat what is "good for them" always ends up badly. None of us wanted to eat it...we wanted to ENJOY it...and face it, veggies just aren't that exciting...Instead, we gave her vitamins, and veggies drinks to supplement. This kid can be stubborn...and so can we...but screw it, she always wins out.

But now? Now I can relax. I think I am gonna win this one...gonna come up with some names for each veggie. A few ideas come to mind:

Snowman Nose (carrots)
Green Arrows (asparagus)
Gold Nuggets (cooked carrot squares)
Boogers (peas)

Anyone else have suggestions? Send em on...

Also, enjoy the new slide show below...


Friday, April 3, 2009

"Go Fly A Kite"

Recently, a blogging pal of mine over at Dad-Blogs, Out-Numbered offered up one of the most brutally honest postings on a blog I have ever read: things-that-suck-about-having-kids. You HAVE to read his writings...clever, humorous and completely direct. Personally, I live vicariously through his musings :-) So many things we really want to convey as parents about our children, however, most of us choose to remain 'PC'...Parentally Correct".

So, in honor (or in spite) of Jason, his amazing blog, & Fatherhood Friday, I am submitting for your entertainment....a "cutesy pictures of birthday parties, messy cupcake faces or first poop poops on the potty" Video.

We have a grassy "wash" area near our home, and recently our friend Nancy was out and about with her kids, flying a really cool kite. It has been fairly windy around here lately, as is the norm for this time of year.

Bella was absolutely mesmerized by the bright colors of their kite, the fact that it was flying 'like a butterfly' and of course, that Bailey & Harrison were at the helm of something so fun!

Of course, she HAD to have one. Of course, Daddy HAD to get her one. Of Course, I DID!

The video below is the outcome of that recent purchase. We had just come from a Starbucks run, and Bella, knowing the kite was in the house, noted the windy conditions. (like she is a weather person n the making). We get out of the car and Bella says: "Wow, Daddy, ish windee. Please, Please, kite, with Bailey n Harrishon n Nanshee" (she talks that way at times, mostly when she is excited about something...her words include SH allot). Daddy puts the kite together, (surprisingly easy) and off we go.

Had a great included!

There is music involved, so turn it down, turn it up...either way...enjoy my submission to cuteness!

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