Sunday, November 16, 2008

Bella Speak

This past weekend, my partner and I were so excited that we were finally going to have an evening out. We had been invited to an intimate dinner party with some very cool friends. It has been a good amount of time since we'd had a "date night". The get together was for Sat evening, and wouldn't you know it, Thursday afternoon, we were both hit with a bug. Sinus issues, body aches, and congested chests...the first thing we worried about, was of course, whether Bella was going to get ill..fortunately, she hasn't caught it. Next, we'd hoped to be better by Saturday...alas, we weren't and had to cancel. Today, Tuesday, we are both still under the weather, but Bella, well, never a doubt, she is going strong!!!

Many of our friends ask, "how do you find time to write in the blog"...although sometimes it can be difficult to find the time, (as evidenced in the long pauses between postings, it is a love of mine. To able to communicate Bella's Happenings with friends and, when I do find the time, I smile throughout, while I type! Of course adding the pics & videos is cool fun. So, when trying to find a little time to myself, while sick, I thought and thought...about all the wonderful things Bella is doing now, and saying as she grows...thus...the posting you will read now...

Our little one is almost 2 and a half, and loves to talk. I cant begin to imagine from whom she may have developed her loquacious behavior...can you? ;-)

Usually, she starts her day with Daddy going in to wake her, get her out of bed...with a "Hi Daddy"...this is her version of "Good Morning." As the day progresses, Bella will spew forth with a vast array of expressions, phrases and of course, the requisite gibberish. She has a vast command of nouns, such as: water, milk, juice, cereal, etc...but...some of them are just too darn cute not to share.

I have compiled a list of BELLA SPEAK below, with their '"assumed meanings" parenthesis. Having done my best to phonically represent her vocabulary, I hope you enjoy.

"Reet Books" (please read me a book)

"I R OK" (I am OK, when she falls or slips)

"Ooky Boog" (icky Bug)

"R Dooty" (are dirty)

"I B Carfool" (when tipping the tricycle, and righting it, she says " I am being careful")

"Daddy, Puppies" (Daddy I have pooped in my diaper)

"All Wet" (Daddy, I have WAY TOO MUCH pee pee in my diaper)

"Schoozie" (Our dog Scuzi - pronounced SKOO-ZEE which can be followed with a stern NO)

"Shpago" (Our dog Spago - pronounced SPAE-GOE which can also be followed with a NO)"

"Wach N Kyrie" (I am watching Kylie Minogue music DVD)

"Wach N Erosh" (I am watching Eros Ramazzoti music DVD)

" I want" (Daddy, I am pointing at something that I want - NOW)

"PopPops work" (Papa is at work)

"I Go-oSide" (I would like to go outside)

"I Go-oSide Ride Bike" (I want to go outside and ride my tricycle)

"Whirrditgo" (where did it go? with hands in air)

"Boobird " (Big Bird)

"Elmo in Grshland" (Elmo in Grouchland DVD)

"WashNTV " (I am watching TV, preceded by my asking her what she is doing)

"Ooky Poop" (Usually said after a diaper change)

"I Dunno, Gone" (After a diaper change and I ask, where did the poop go)

"Pewww " (said in a whisper, also after a diaper change)

"Meshee " (messy, and yup, she grabs a paper towel and helps clean it up)

"Garbberge" (Garbage)

"Bawee N Harishon" (Bailey & Harrison, BFF's)

"Unca Crish N An Nashee" (Uncle Chris & Aunt Nancy - our friends)


And My Personal Favorite:

"I Wuv Voo" (Self explanatory)

Undoubtedly, there is more, and I will find the time, once again, to share...eventually!
Thursday, November 13, 2008

Sophia's Gift!

For her second birthday, Bella received a gift of a Red Radio Flyer tricycle, from her BFF in NJ, Sophia. Right from the beginning, she was intrigued by this little bike. It took her a few weeks to discover just how the pedals work. (Or rather, had to wait a bit before her little feet actually could reach). And now, she rides it daily, in the house and out. She absolutely adores riding her bike. When she can't locate it, she looks up at me and asks: "Daddy, where's my bike, where did it go"? is a vid of Bella enjoying the outdoors, riding that very special gift. THANK YOU SOPHIA!!!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Aiden Christopher Lemon - 11/07/08

Such a beautiful baby, born to two amazing people - Jeff and Stacy!


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