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Bella Behind the Wheel

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Blast From The Past

My friend Jeanna, whom I have known since we were both 5, (our birthdays are 10 days apart) came to visit for Thanksgiving. Jeanna and I had not seen each other in person, in over 20 years. We last saw each other in the early 80's and the pic here, is from that last visit. I was living in San Francisco, she married soon after, and moved away. we ended up losing touch with one another for about 12 years. I had searched for her off an on for years. Googling her name, looking on classmates, etc....then one day POP!, there she was, Googled and I caught her name on her cousins website...I was thrilled, to say the least. Eventually, she replied to my email and we were back in touch.

Little did I know at the time, but Jeanna was also back in touch with another friend of ours since the 5th grade, Debbie. To make a long story short, Debbie was planning on visiting her sister in a town very near my home...soooo, Jeanna emails me and says..."Wouldn't it be cool to have a reunion for the three of us"? Her boyfriend Richard agreed and made it happen. I picked them up at the airport and it was like we had never lost touch....she looks amazing...(I have grown prematurely old - see old posts LOL)

We met Debbie at her sisters Becky's home, saw her sister and mom for the first time in over 30 years. Mamma Jo looks EXACTLY the same, & has already viewed the blog.

Bella loved having company, and is still walking around, looking at pics and saying "Jeena and Rishard". She especially took to Richard, and let Jeanna read books to her several times...not to mention LOTS of playtime. One of the sweetest things said during the visit was one morning, Richard was sitting with Bella at breakfast and said to me, "she is just a breathe of sunshine ion the morning, isn't she"? AWWWWWW!

SUCH an amazing time, we all miss each other already and cant wait to do it again.

Enjoy the pics here, you should get a good laugh at my before and afters...and check out the slide show for all the other pics taken...
and of course, we hope all of you had as good a Thanksgiving Holidays as we did!
Sunday, November 16, 2008

Bella Speak

This past weekend, my partner and I were so excited that we were finally going to have an evening out. We had been invited to an intimate dinner party with some very cool friends. It has been a good amount of time since we'd had a "date night". The get together was for Sat evening, and wouldn't you know it, Thursday afternoon, we were both hit with a bug. Sinus issues, body aches, and congested chests...the first thing we worried about, was of course, whether Bella was going to get ill..fortunately, she hasn't caught it. Next, we'd hoped to be better by Saturday...alas, we weren't and had to cancel. Today, Tuesday, we are both still under the weather, but Bella, well, never a doubt, she is going strong!!!

Many of our friends ask, "how do you find time to write in the blog"...although sometimes it can be difficult to find the time, (as evidenced in the long pauses between postings, it is a love of mine. To able to communicate Bella's Happenings with friends and, when I do find the time, I smile throughout, while I type! Of course adding the pics & videos is cool fun. So, when trying to find a little time to myself, while sick, I thought and thought...about all the wonderful things Bella is doing now, and saying as she grows...thus...the posting you will read now...

Our little one is almost 2 and a half, and loves to talk. I cant begin to imagine from whom she may have developed her loquacious behavior...can you? ;-)

Usually, she starts her day with Daddy going in to wake her, get her out of bed...with a "Hi Daddy"...this is her version of "Good Morning." As the day progresses, Bella will spew forth with a vast array of expressions, phrases and of course, the requisite gibberish. She has a vast command of nouns, such as: water, milk, juice, cereal, etc...but...some of them are just too darn cute not to share.

I have compiled a list of BELLA SPEAK below, with their '"assumed meanings" parenthesis. Having done my best to phonically represent her vocabulary, I hope you enjoy.

"Reet Books" (please read me a book)

"I R OK" (I am OK, when she falls or slips)

"Ooky Boog" (icky Bug)

"R Dooty" (are dirty)

"I B Carfool" (when tipping the tricycle, and righting it, she says " I am being careful")

"Daddy, Puppies" (Daddy I have pooped in my diaper)

"All Wet" (Daddy, I have WAY TOO MUCH pee pee in my diaper)

"Schoozie" (Our dog Scuzi - pronounced SKOO-ZEE which can be followed with a stern NO)

"Shpago" (Our dog Spago - pronounced SPAE-GOE which can also be followed with a NO)"

"Wach N Kyrie" (I am watching Kylie Minogue music DVD)

"Wach N Erosh" (I am watching Eros Ramazzoti music DVD)

" I want" (Daddy, I am pointing at something that I want - NOW)

"PopPops work" (Papa is at work)

"I Go-oSide" (I would like to go outside)

"I Go-oSide Ride Bike" (I want to go outside and ride my tricycle)

"Whirrditgo" (where did it go? with hands in air)

"Boobird " (Big Bird)

"Elmo in Grshland" (Elmo in Grouchland DVD)

"WashNTV " (I am watching TV, preceded by my asking her what she is doing)

"Ooky Poop" (Usually said after a diaper change)

"I Dunno, Gone" (After a diaper change and I ask, where did the poop go)

"Pewww " (said in a whisper, also after a diaper change)

"Meshee " (messy, and yup, she grabs a paper towel and helps clean it up)

"Garbberge" (Garbage)

"Bawee N Harishon" (Bailey & Harrison, BFF's)

"Unca Crish N An Nashee" (Uncle Chris & Aunt Nancy - our friends)


And My Personal Favorite:

"I Wuv Voo" (Self explanatory)

Undoubtedly, there is more, and I will find the time, once again, to share...eventually!
Thursday, November 13, 2008

Sophia's Gift!

For her second birthday, Bella received a gift of a Red Radio Flyer tricycle, from her BFF in NJ, Sophia. Right from the beginning, she was intrigued by this little bike. It took her a few weeks to discover just how the pedals work. (Or rather, had to wait a bit before her little feet actually could reach). And now, she rides it daily, in the house and out. She absolutely adores riding her bike. When she can't locate it, she looks up at me and asks: "Daddy, where's my bike, where did it go"? is a vid of Bella enjoying the outdoors, riding that very special gift. THANK YOU SOPHIA!!!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Aiden Christopher Lemon - 11/07/08

Such a beautiful baby, born to two amazing people - Jeff and Stacy!


Friday, October 31, 2008

All Hallows Eve

Simply Put...
Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Bella Buddies

Some time ago, I wrote about Bella loving our trips to the local Starbucks. She loves it there...or rather, I do and she comes along for the ride. It helps get her (and me) out of the house...she tends to get worked up, (has allot of fun), and wants a nap after (See, there is always an ulterior motive for which I will not apologize :-)

Bella knows the names of each employee in this particular Starbucks...when I say 'Lets go to Starbucks', she starts naming them off, one after another. It goes something like this: 'Bella, wanna go to Starbucks"?...."OK" (yes she does say that)...and then I ask..."who we going to see"?...Bella replies: "Matt n Candace n Jackie n Diana n Tim" is the cutest! I will get it on video sometime...(I hope)...

Once we arrive...the staff is started on my drink before I get to the counter....I think they are telepathic...or just truly Bella Buddies. She waves, blows kisses, hugs and even kisses the kids there. Recently, they featured my drink and name, as well as Bella's on a "Valued Customer" week...Bella HAD to hold the sign and have her picture taken!!
Social Butterfly no doubt...hmm, I wonder where she gets that from?


Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Family & Friends

It has been well over a month since I'd last blogged, and loads of things have happened....I wont get into loads of detail...however, I will say this...Family & Friends MATTER!!! Personally, I have friends that are eager to hear of Bella's milestones (and there are many), like Jeanna, Debbie, Maria, Stacy & Jeff, Paula, Susan and Charity...and of course, Ghis in Holland! These people will always be in our lives, no matter how far away we are...or how long it is between visits! Regardless of where we are in the world, family and friends are always least we hope so. We all go about our daily lives, and when it matters, family and friends come together...regardless of the amount of time between visits, the love is always there...the concern, the curiosity...the commitment.

Friends & family are so very important in a child's well as any adults. But, it is not as easy to maintain relationships, when you have a child and it seems people aren't sure how to deal with that. Perhaps because we are two Dads raising a child, people are not sure how to "relate" with us, with our family...not that it should matter, after all, we make our own life, determine our own destinies. But sometimes, it does hurt! I want Bella to have all, friends, understanding, hope...and above all...unconditional love. Sure, we can provide all that, being a family....but you must would be ideal to have family and friends who want to be a part of her life. Alas, I cannot, and will not "force" anyone to be a part of our lives...especially if the "want" is not there....but, I hope this rambling on and on will at least make people THINK!

Recently, Bella had the best time visiting her Grandma & Grandpa in Florida. It had been about a year since seeing them last and she was thrilled to be there. The hugs and kisses were in abundance and you could tell,the love was there...deep and unconditional!

And the best part? Besides our time with The Grandparents, Bella was able to meet, and spend quality time with her cousin Michaela. This was the first time they had met since either was born. They are a few months apart. They acted as if they had know each other for years! Of course, there was the initial "OMG, I am seeing an Alien!" moment! After that though, they could not get enough of one another. They played, shared and just had a grand ole time. Absolutely NO conflicts as children are prone to do...In the mornings, when we were getting ready to leave our hotel, all we had do was mention Grandma & Grandpa, Uncle Chris, & Michaela and Bella was at the door, ready to go!

And I promise not to take so long blogging the next time! After all, the holidays are approaching and I KNOW you all want to see Bella's Halloween costume...coming soon!

There are new pics in the slide show section of the blog, as well as the video here. Enjoy!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Bella Turns 2 AGAIN...and yet, again!

Yup, you read it correctly. Bella has now "turned 2", THREE TIMES! :-)
Once, in Italy, we had a dinner party and a small celebration with cake. Then again, in London, on her actual birthday of July 28th! And now, well put it this way, once our friends asked if we were having a party stateside, how could we refuse?

The day before her party, Bella was thrilled to run around the Martz Mansion, a guest for Stacy's baby shower. She is having a boy, Aiden, who Bella will automatically have as another BFF for life. ;-) Stacy is one of those "glowing mom to be"...she looks amazing and is SO HAPPY. And the Grandparents, WOW, you can see the sheer joy on their faces at all times!
The party for Bella was underway and she was wearing her new party dress, with her ruby slippers. All had a wonderful time, as did we, visiting with friends, new and old. Always a treat to see our friends, their familiars and of course, the kids! Bella has many cool kid friends. She may not see them frequently, but they all seem to know of one another when the are in each others company. Godmother Kate brought her wonderful Mom, as did God sister Amy, who brought along Mom Martha, and Scott. So many people, so much fun! Gifts were SO COOL....and fun and conversation was the name of the game.
Enjoy the pics and for those able to attend, THANK YOU!

For those not able to attend, THANK YOU too, we know you were able to be with us in Spirit!

Still, NO WAY TO COMPREHEND THAT OUR LITTLE ONE IS NOW 2! WOW!!! Amazing how times flies!
Friday, August 8, 2008

Bella Turns 2 - In Europe!

Well, we made it back, rested and bummed...bummed cuz hell, we really didn't want to come back. We spent one glorious week in a Villa in Italy, the Tuscany region, just outside Siena and another 5 days in London. Talk about a dream vacation... But, since this is a blog for Bella and myself, I wont bore you with pics...if you would like to view them, please email me, or leave a comment here, and I will send u the links.

In the meantime, enjoy the video of Bella on her birthday in London...we had visitors, Ghis and Heino from Holland. Ghis is Bella's "Euro Godmother". As well as my Niece, Debby Deb, who came along on the trip with us, to help with Bella! Having the party in the garden area of the Royal Park Hotel was quaint, and awesome!!! We had a dinner party in Tuscany, for myself, Debby Deb and Bella, with our friends staying: Cousin Debby from Seattle, Debbie from LA, Susan from Philly, and Kelly from were shared and SO APPRECIATED!
Also a few pics of her in Europe...I literally took 700 pics...not to mention, everyone else's, only sharing a few here...will update with more soon!

Bella travelled well, and the Italians absolutely ate her up! Even stopping us on the streets of San Gimignano, Siena and Florence to exclaim how beautiful she is. And when they heard her Italian name, it was even more fun! Bella is always the social one, the smiler and the poser...Going to Europe proved, she is the JET SETTER!
Gotta love her!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

New Feature!

Just a short, quick note, see to the right --->...a new feature...slide show! Click on a pic to enlarge and you wil be redirected to a public web page viewing...
Will be updating this as we take new and wonderful pics of our little one...and more!
A visit with Cruz and a new video coming soon!
Thursday, June 19, 2008

Who's A Big Girl Now?, no, I not talking about ME! HA!

We cannot believe our Little One is turning 2 NEXT MONTH! AMAZING!!

Been so long since I blogged, hardly know where to much happening in the way of our little one....! Therefore., here is a list of (a few) recent milestones:

Talking On The Phone: FINALLY, she is beginning to get over the shy thing on the phone. When the home phone rings, Bella will perk up and say HELLO...if we hand her the phone, she will jabber on and on...sometimes asking "what are you doing"?...but usually just gibberish...but hey, she is getting there! She will carry the phone around and pretend she is talking to someone...over and over and over...Hello, what are you doing, gibber, jabber, blah blah blah!!

ABC's: Recently, Bella was sitting patiently in her Bugaboo, while Daddy was getting his hair cut, our friend Kelly says..."David, shut up, be quiet for a moment...(yeah, like I talk allot, get real) Heh Heh...Is Bella actually singing her ABC's?" Um,. yes, I replied, she does that all time...even when we go up and down the stairs, she steps, says A, steps again, says B, etc...she gets all the way up to G sometimes...and then it is a flurry of letters in the wrong places...hell I don't care, she is learning...FAST!

Potty Potty: starting to potty train herself (removes her diaper, on her own, rolls it up in a ball and puts it in a corner) Then goes potty...unfortunately, she hasn't mastered the actual sitting on the potty chair,let your imagine run away with you!

Shares Her Toys: her BFF Cruz comes over often, she answers the door when she hears the exited...and actually hands him toys to play with...she loves this little boy and even gives hugs and kisses to his Mom, Jill. We were invited to a party in honor of Cruz and Bella had a blast with the other kids and of course, Cruz's toys! She even got to visit with her friend Avery, whom she hadn't seen in awhile.

Talk to the Dogs: When Bella is in her high chair, eating lunch, etc...the dogs will inevitably hover...waiting for that drop of food to hit the floor. Well, Bella now has learned to point at the dogs and yell...NO! OUTSIDE, NOW!:-)

Starbucks Run: Bella loves heading over to the local Starbucks with Daddy. She loves pushing the buttons on the credit card machine (As well as pushing Daddy's buttons)...and when the receipt prints out, she grabs it, crunches it up and hands it to the employee behind the counter...and giggles! The employees love Bella. She is also somewhat of a mascot at the local CVS too! She's always wearing her sunglasses, of which she has almost as many as she does shoes...(she gets the shoe thing from me - which I got from my friend, Charity!!).

Garbage VS Recycle Bin: Bella loves to pitch garbage...and knows the difference between the recycle bin and the trash bin...gonna teach her to dust tomorrow! (kidding)

Recently, I thought, why not seat Bella at the "big girls table", (dining room table) and see how she does. Needless to say, she was thrilled, not having to be strapped into the highchair...and she proceeded to have her lunch, like a proper little lady....never once trying to wiggle out of the chair. SO PROUD of her...enjoy the vid!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Chasing Amy

OK, so we weren't actually chasing her....but Bella did have a wonderful visit and lunch with her God-Sister Amy. Bella adores company, socializing and the like, and rarely does anyone do it better than Amy. She is so friendly and attentive to Bella...of course Bella LOVES the attention. Seems Amy loves giving it. She is a natural and I cant wait for her to have kids someday! Excellent Mommy in the making.

Here are a few pics to highlight the day....thanks Amy! Bella loves ya, as do Vince & I!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Thank Heaven For Little Girls

FINALLY able to download the video....hope you enjoy...I know Bella did!

Busy Busy Busy

Bella has had one busy month. Since the last posting, she has met several new friends. Among them: Heather & Demian, Michael & Randy and their children Annika and Evan, Grant Cramer, (on a wonderful road trip to LA) and a wonderful boy named Cruz, & his Mother Jill...(they are neighbors and Bella has (finally) learned to share...I think she has a crush on Cruz! :-) We were also informed recently, that two very special people in Bella's lives are expecting. Stacy & Jeff are gonna have a playmate for life, with their new addition! They will be truly amazing parents!!CONGRATS!

Lots of exciting things happening around here...will post more later, as we realize certain happenings in our lives...

Bella is growing by leaps and bounds and of course, loves to go shopping with Daddy for new clothes....Daddy probably enjoys it more...:-) She is talking a blue day, I had two sippy cups in hand, asked her if she wanted Juice or Milk...she looked at the cups, then me, with a.."what on earth were you thinking" kind of look...and shouted.."MILK"! OK OK, I thought, you get the milk...whatever you want little one."

One story I need to tell, well, don't actually NEED to tell it, but we found it pretty funny! Before reading on, I think it is important for most to understand, we love to have fun in our be silly and always laugh...we create silly words for mundane everyday sneezing...instead of say Gesundheit, or Bless You, we say Gazoomba...just cuz! Anyway, our friends came to visit with their 3 year old twins...when one had to potty, we inevitably got into the "body part" discussion about our kids...What to say, when to say it, and of course, the difference between boys and girls...Well, to make a long story short, when I told them, how, when I change Bella's diapers, I always say, "We are cleaning the cooter, front to back, and all around"...their eyes popped out...they were mortified that I used the word "cooter." OUCH! I always thought it was funny! But, they truly made me, I changed it from cooter to Vagina...well, our very close friend Nancy came over one day, I told her the story and she disagreed...saying we should have a "code word" for her private TaTa, or similar...because in this day and age of perverts, we should have a word other than vagina, in case we need a "code word" with Bella...I totally, (see Poll/Question to the right). I am now calling it the "TaTa" and Bella seems to have forgotten "cooter" Vince likes the word Va-Jay-Jay...LOL! We are a silly family, but...WHEW! Lots to learn for sure! Let me know what you think!

Attempted to post a video of Bella in her little pool...(The blog is not uploading the video for some reason, so stay tuned for more...soon! (I hope). She took to that pool like you could never imagine...she loves water! Even had a mini tantrum when I tried to take her out of, let her stay in awhile longer and she had a blast! Someday soon, she will learn to swim, just like her BFF Bailey!
Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Dressing Up Video

A short vid, silly, yet indicative of our little ones dress up about the light of our lives! When she is being playful, she will eventually come over and set her head in our laps, being the shy type, and tightly....gawd, the feeling you get when she looks into your eyes!

Bella absolutely loves to try and dress herself. Even at the young age of 20 months, she can pick out her own outfits. I will show her a couple, and she points to one...of course, sometimes she is ends up in a vast array of colors ;-)

She does, however, know her left foot from her right...and yes, will put her shoes on the correct feet. Getting the straps closed can prove to be fun for her...she knows she can't do it yet, but will try and try....until Daddy secures them for her...then she stands up and is off and running. Sometimes, she will place the shoes on the wrong feet (see comment below) and looks at me with the cheesiest grin, stands up and attempt to walk in them. All the while, giggling!

Times like these I really miss my Mother. When I was younger, I remember putting my shoes on the wrong feet...Mom exclaimed..."David, you have your shoes on the wrong feet." I deadpanned back; "but, Mom, these are the only two feet I have".
Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Our Little One

Havent blogged in awhile, so thought I would, quickly. Here are a few recent pics of our little one. Loving the dress up thing now and HAS to wear the headband, virtually half the day...gotta love her ;-)

Friday, April 4, 2008


Yup, other words, GO BITE ME! This is an oftentimes overlooked by-product of stay at home parenting....GROWING OLD BEFORE YOUR TIME. Take a good look at the before and after pics...taken just two years apart!

OK OK, exaggerating a bit, but perhaps you get the point? Being a Stay-At-Home-Dad is FREAKING HARD! When I Posted the video of Bella's Easter Hunt, I saw myself and thought, Damn I look old! Waiting for someone to mention how old I looked, only one person did...and she hadn't' seen me in person in over 25 years! Heh Heh, I blamed it on the sun that day, and the shadows, be the judge!

Back to the "affliction" everyone should be concerned with: Think about are responsible for not only yourself, but another little human being. Someone who wants to be entertained at all times, someone who doesn't speak English, or rather, doesn't speak a language you are versed in for the moment. A toddler has needs, 24/7 and you are the ONLY person there to make it happen. Your interaction with Adults is drive your neighbors crazy with phone calls seeking advice...or just to ramble. You come across friends once in awhile and are so damn grateful to have an adult ear, you just talk and talk and talk...regardless of whether they are interested or not.

You rarely have time to yourself...if you catch a flu bug, fugettabout don't have time to be sick! Your like an actor, always on a doctor, always concerned for fevers , scrapes, and bruises etc...and if you have pets...hell, add em to the total...seems the dogs always want attention too, even more than before Bella was and out all day, more water, need to play, etc...

Down times rarely exists...if I can get the little one to nap, before I know it, I am putting toys away, doing laundry, washing dishes, dusting, vacuuming, straightening things up and DAMN, I forgot to rest! Or, when I do find the time to relax a bit, Bella decides to end her nap, and dictate my schedule once again!

Now, don't get me wrong, there is not one thing I would change about Bella, she is one super wonderful her to death....but, damn, Daddy needs time too....then again, when I do get time to myself, all I do is think about Bella. :-)

I take drives in the evening, when Papa comes home from work...after getting Bella settled in to her dinner routine, all the while, feeding the dogs, making dinner for the two of us...blah blah blah, etc, etc, etc...never a dull moment...hell, rarely a Daddy Moment....when I do take my drives, it is usually to get milk, or something else the house needs, that I may have forgotten on the grocery run... Hell, I forget things all the time now...part of that GOBYT thing I am certain!Or I call family and friends on the cell, from a parking lot...especially Cousin Niecey who is so sympathetic to my needs LOL! and yeah, you guessed it, I talk about Bella mostly! Hell, during the day, I even find myself talking to myself...the scarier part is, I actually answer myself! AAAARGH!

Now, take a good look at the pics again, I have certainly grown older before my time....I love my child, but, I wish I had the looks and the energy I had way back when.....Damn, I would be more apt to run all day, and night, and still be smiling...I smile allot now, although, it is usually to get Bella to smile. Which she does quite often....Yeah, I know, I am damn lucky!
There is no real cure for GOYBT...other than accepting who you are, what your purpose is...well, that and some serious workouts, fiber and maybe, just maybe some plastic surgery :-)

P.S. In case you were wondering, the before pic was back when I was 15 :-) The after, taken a few days ago, at out friends Stacy & Jeff Lemon's Wedding. Such a beautiful wedding. Thanks to God Sister Amy for the great pic!

And of course, can't post without a recent pic of our little one:-)

Thursday, April 3, 2008

You Make A Difference

Please, click on the link and follow it all the way through!

Love You All!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Bella Bunny's Easter 2008

Bella's nickname is "Bunny", and yeah, she even answers to it. So, being Easter and all, she was thrilled to see and hear her "name" all over the place. The stores, the television, etc...every time she heard the word "bunny" she perked cutie!

We had a low key day, at home, realizing she doesn't really "get it" just, rather than deal with the swells of people and kids at the commercial Bunny gatherings, we stayed home. We cleaned the center courtyard of our home, hid the eggs and let her loose. She had a great time.

We hope you all had a wonderful day and wish you the absolute best! We know we have it in our little Bunny! Enjoy the pics and the vid, we had a GREAT day!

P.S. I promise this vid is nowhere near as long as the last one :-)

Friday, March 21, 2008


In addition to "reading", Bella loves to run...explore...get away and in general, to be free! We let her run around the house, outside near the house, and in the park...Rather than play with anything, she just wants to run!

So, made a video, albeit a rather long one...but a few highlights of her freedom ways!

Friday, March 14, 2008

Reading is Fun (duh) Mental

Bella loves it when Papa reads to her...she sits in his lap, listening intently as Papa reads, turns the pages and stares into the book. It is one of those times where you just wanna go..."Awww"

Well, our little one has taken it a little further...she likes to read on her own. That's right! She grabs one of her favorite books, usually near her play pen (affectionately called the "pigpen"...sits down, puts the book in her lap, turns the pages and "reads."

Not quite sure what she is saying when she has the book in her face, (she does actually say real words when not reading) perhaps a language all her own...but damn, it is certainly one of the cutest things I've ever seen any child do...and she can do it for hours....She is gonna be one smart cookie...or, rather, she already is.

and...Awww, the break I get :-)!

Here is a vid of Bella "reading" may need to turn up the volume to hear her! (re-edited on Saturday, for fun)



Papa Birth-Day!

Yup, Papa had a birthday, and the little one got in on all the action. Of Course!

It all started on Wednesday, the 12th, at 6:30AM. Papa received a special call from Cousin Niecey, wishing him a happy birthday. I was shocked she was up so early, as she is on the West Coast...but she had a meeting that day, early. Therefore, for she was the first to wish Papa a happy B-day...even before ME! I hadn't even woken up yet...which is odd for me, usually up at 5:30AM...her call that AM did the job...I was awake!

Anyway, after a long day at work, Papa came home to a home cooked meal of Tuna Steak (ICKY, I despise fish - but made it for him...ya know, cuz I care:-) Also, I had ordered one of his favorites, an Italian Rum Cake...we both love anything Italian! In addition to the cake, which was from an actual Italian Bakery I found a few years back, Papa had more of his favorites; Italian Cookies. Papa doesn't eat much in the way of sweets, but boy, oh boy, watch him eat Italian pastries...!!!

After dinner, we had cake....Poor little one could not have any, not yet, as it was sprinkled with almond shavings...oh well...she had fun, and plenty of sweets herself!

In the pic, Bella is helping Daddy sing Happy Birthday to Papa! Although, her version is a little less wordy! More like...AAAAAA, OOOOOOO, EEEEEEH! Heh! Even the Dogs, Spago and Scuzi like to sing...will have to get that one video someday soon...truly amazing thing to experience!

More to come soon!


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