Sunday, February 28, 2010


This weeks featured blogger is one cool cat. OK, so he's not a cat, but, he is smooth, nonetheless. We have been acquainted for some time, and honestly, I feel kinda dumb, for waiting this long to feature him and his blog. In our mind, (a dangerous place), his blog is one of those we are most likely to refer to for some good humour. No, not the ice cream, just good ole, down home, giggle your booty off, fun! His kid is featured regularly, and the antics can by hysterical. This based on how he expresses his appreciation for situations, disdain for some and downright direct, point on descriptions of everyday parenting and life. It is great fun, for us, reading about their toddler and how they deal as a family. Brings back such memories. HA! even though ours are only about 4 short years, so far.

Now, his writings on his blog are out of this world good. Impressive! He writes from the heart, and shoots from the hip...and yeah, his wife gets a few good digs in here and there...but...his son? DEFINITELY gonna be a buddy for Bella..we may have never met in person, but it' s gonna happen. No way our little one is going to miss out on a cool friendship with such a smooth operator.

He features some pretty frikkin amazing recipes too...What? You haven't heard of blogs with food posts? Hell, I have gained a few pounds just reading his blog, and yes, have even tried a few of the recipes...YUM! HE certainly knows his stuff!

So, please, give it up for:

Vroom! Vroom!

AKA: REAL MEN DRIVE MINIVANS. You may remember his little one won a t-shirt from Bella awhile back. He is brave enough to not only admit he drives a minivan, but that he is proud too! LOL!

So, drive on over, and tell him Bella sent ya! REAL MEN DRIVE MINIVANS! We truly appreciate this guy!


Friday, February 26, 2010

Bella Update

Happy Fatherhood Friday!

Boogie on over to DAD-BLOGS.COM for some cool columns, fast friendships and crazed camaraderie!

Although I haven't written exclusively of Bella recently, I have to say, she is growing into such the lovely little lady. Loads of attitude for her dear 'ole Daddy...but, (perhaps biased a bit?): Beautiful!

So, while I ponder the next Bella "Exclusive" Installment...enjoy these very recent pics:

"Cuz I Roll That Way"

Feb 13, '10

Stacy's Momma Home

A Little Rain

Lady GaGa Aint Got Nuttin On Me!

Sunday, February 21, 2010


So, this week's featured blog buddy is new to the Bella Fan Club scene. He popped up on DAD-BLOGS and the blogging neighborhood ain't never been the same since.

I am a meat and potatoes kinda guy, trapped in a chicken wrap, soy-milk, protein bar and bean sprout world (trying to eat healthy here) and this particular blogger makes me wanna head out and grab a cheeseburger...not because I crave it, but because I can...I want to...because I DESERVE IT! In a relatively short period of time, he has become one of my favorite blogger of my favorite characters...and most certainly one of my favorite friends in the virtual world!

He leaves the most hysterical comments on our blog and honestly, I am always eager to see what he has to say next...his opinion matters and we adore his rants...and non-PC raves here! (He really is a nice guy although I have to apologize ahead of time to him - don't wanna ruin his rep with sugar coated compliments)...

We instantly became virtual friends, When you visit his blog, you'll encounter the same irreverent, funny, "piss you off - in your face" attitude that I love. And I say piss you off - in your face attitude because...well..let's just say he writes the world as it is...not only in his mind and eyes, but mine...and very well yours. That, and he even made me cry...The Bastard! (tee hee). Seriously.

Recently, I saw via the list to the right here, that he had updated. Blogged for the world to, of course, being the uber-fan I am, (stalker maybe?) I raced over to see what was happening in his world. Usually, I read his musings and crack the hell up...(yes, a few profanities here and there, never hurts...and his blog is rampant with potty mouth analogies...(again, tee hee). To give him credit, and the benefit of the doubt, I am probably exaggerating a bit here...Man Oh Man I love reading this guys blog...can you tell yet? He has a badge on our blog, and that badge was made and posted just a few weeks after getting acquainted. We don't have many on here, but this was one we must have saved space for...hadda do it!

Anyway, I ventured over, clamping my butt cheeks, scrunching the abs, because I knew I was in for one hell of a belly laugh. Ya know, had to be prepared. And he made me cry.

THE BASTARD! (OK OK, I cry easily, being the emotional blob I am - but I was crying..and I mean C-R-Y-I-N-G! Out loud, lips quivering, body convulsing..,..thankfully Bella was napping and the other half was nowhere to be found!) Here I was prepared for a hearty good time...and I was blubbering like a baby.

This guy can WRITE! Seriously, like no other I have befriended in the blogger world. He says things that I think, he writes what I cannot...and he gets "it". You may absolutely love him, or hate him, but there is something you cannot deny...he is brilliant!

See for yourself...and go ahead...clench your butt cheeks just may happen.

I give you:

THIS is why I love this guy. (even if he did call me Dave) Check out the comment left:

"Thanks Dave and thanks to everyone who has stopped by and left GREAT comments. You know... some will ask... "How did a bad-ass International Security Operations Specialist come to be such good buds with Bella Dad?" Well this is how it happened..."I first met him atop a mountain near Jerusalem, praying to God, asking his forgiveness for the Radical Right blood spilt by his sword. Next, he amazed me still further in Italy when he saved a fatherless beauty from the would-be ravishing of her dreadfully ugly uncle. In Greece he spent a year in silence just to better understand the sound of a whisper. And that is how I met the man, nay the seeker of serenity, the protector of Italian virginity, the enforcer of our Lord God, Bella Dad!" (Insert theme music) ***Some accounts may be slightly (or wildly) exaggerated... but then again, I'm a writer! It's what I do! "

Last Weeks Featured Blog: SURPRISED MOM

Friday, February 19, 2010

Back To The Future?

Happy Fatherhood Friday!

WALK, don't Run over to DAD-BLOGS for some hearty, healthy blogger fun and info!!

Grab you airline bag, flip up the toilet seat, this post is gonna be a spew heavy writing...guaranteed!

OK, maybe not so bad...but, it all started last Sunday...Valentines Day. Not sure what part of the day, but, go on, you know you are curious; read for yourself. You decide:

We'd had a "yummy-licious" lunch at a local Mexican restaurant. One we frequent on the weekends. Earlier we'd participated in an historic homes tour...(lucky for us, no snow like the rest of the country AND we had temps in the 70's). Bella LOVES home tours...asking often if we can "go looking at homes today?" Bella had her first Lemonade Stand experience. with moi drinking most of it. As always (also on the weekends) we frequent the local Starbucks...enjoying coffee, chai tea and of course, the brownies. Bella LOVES the brownies...and the bling donuts, the chocolate donuts and apple juice. We always seem to have a full on eat all you can weekend...and I eat or taste most of everything. (Notice a pattern here?).

Back at home that evening, I wasn't hungry for dinner. I prepared meals for everyone else in the house and settled myself with an apple and some, it was filling. And I felt good about my choice. Healthy! We exchanged Valentines gifts and settled in for a night of easy, relaxing television and play.

So, Sunday night (3:22AM - yeah, yeah OK, let's be specific - Mon morning)...I woke with a tummy ache. Nothing unusual. Sometimes I get that "ate too much odd stuff and have a sour stomach), I laid there for a few moments,,,thinking, if I move my body around a bit, the ickyness will subside...well it didn't. It only got worse. Within moments, I was up...running...BARELY making it to the restroom...and...well, to put it mildly: SPEW CITY!

FOOD POISONING! And boy was it violent. I mean, I was not only praying to the Almighty porcelain god, I was DYING! Sacrificing this life for a white, shiny smooth demon...regurgitating all of life's edibles for the cause. What cause? Who knows, but it was the most complete offering known to man. Everything! For hours on end. Every hour, on the hour, up until about 8AM, I was violently strengthening my abominable muscles for the good of mankind. (honestly, it was the most "active" volcano of spew I have ever experienced).

Finally, able to sleep, there was nothing left to purge...(yeah, I even had some of the dreaded dry heaves). Painful, to say the least. My partner had checked on me several times, and me, being the embarrassed type, said I would be OK, before shutting the door. Perhaps to mask the sound, the smells or insure my vomit face was not exposed. Dunno. But, hey, he cared enough to check...despite the scene. (Tee Hee). He even took that day off from his work, and took over the daddy day care responsibilities. Although this is a pretty awesome event, I was so involved in my own turmoil, I barely had a chance to notice...of course, I thanked him profusely afterward.

So, Monday morning, I wake...first thing on my mind...'how is my stomach, am I gonna spew again? Nothing....WHEW, I was first. I then realized, I couldn't back. Seriously, my legs would not move. My toes would. Not the legs...not the back...nada. I was practically frozen. Some digits tingled, some moved freely. Scared, I yelled out, as each movement only heightened the pain in my back. Seriously, I COULD NOT MOVE. I rolled this way. I rolled that way, and each time, I screamed out in pain. What the hell?

In a split second, my warped imagination kicked in..."OMG, I am PARALYZED" joke, it was that bad. Finally able to maneuver myself out of the bed...I tried to walk. And fell. My legs gave out at the slightest EXTREME wince of pain...seriously folks, it was very very bad. I would take a few steps and collapse...on the floor. This went on every time I got out of bed and attempted to walk...over and over...all day long. My mind was working overtime again...I thought: "If this is what it is like getting old, arthritis setting in, or being paralyzed, unable to walk, or function normally...then what happens to my little one:...How one earth can I take care of my toddler, play with her, run with her...and in general, do the everyday chores necessary to live a normal life...HOW???

If something were to happen to me, in the house, with our young daughter around, how would we get help? Who would come to our rescue? How would Bella deal, handle this?

SO MANY things running through my head as I tried to walk...tried to yell out for many things, and yet, no answers to the questions were forthcoming...futile. I was (am) the only one who can fix this.

Making a long long story short, I recovered. Finding out that I had spasmed by back...strained it really, while spewing. That's right folks. You can actually throw your back out by vomiting. So, beware...the Almighty porcelain god will not only take your food sacrifices, but your body as well.

When I Was finally able to walk again (at least 24 hours later) without falling...I started in on the little one. "If Daddy falls and gets hurt, and cannot get up, who do you call?" "If Daddy gets REAL sick and cannot get out of bed, who you gonna call?"...911...Of course, Bella finds it funny, and realizes she gets to play with the phone...and starts with 9911. Um, er, ahem, no Honey, not I wrote it down...she gets it now. Also, l had to teach her how to turn the phone on talk to dial...but she is a smarty...she gets it.

What she doesn't get the fact that someday, I am gonna be old...infirm...and she may have to change my diapers...wipe the drool from my face...clean the chocolate pudding off MY legs...

Oh The Sweet (Irony) Revenge!

Click on these helpful sites:
Teaching your child how to use 911
Stranger Danger Quiz
Private Places

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I Threw Up In My Mouth A Little Today!

We are the parents of a wonderful little girl. Beautiful. Intelligent. Smile Infectious. A truly amazing little human who touches each soul she meets. BUTT! (and yes, you read that correctly B-U-T-T) there are some real asses out there in the world.

Recently, (today, which is why I am writing this now) I came across a comment on another blog (which shall remain nameless), whereby an "anonymous" person (yeah, brave, eh?) suggested that parents, who give birth via surrogacy stand accused of paying for a "Designer Baby".

Seriously? A designer baby? Because they opted for a surrogacy program? Because this particular child has Blond hair and blue eyes, the "anonymous" person likened their birth choice to the NAZI MASTER RACE PROGRAM. THE FRIKKIN NAZIS!!! (never in a million years would I have thought to mention Nazi's on our blog...maybe fashion Nazi's, but that is another story). This because most surrogacy programs allow two men to determine whose sperm will be used. Either mixed or chosen. Some, for considerable amounts of fundage, will even allow you to choose the sex and eye color...(which we declined...cuz personally, we found that creepy). OUR OPINION for US ONLY!

I threw up in my mouth a little when I read that! How could anyone accuse parents of such a thing. Two people who probably weighed the best, most important birthing decision of their lives. Our experience was long and drawn out, because we had to weigh countless choices. Adoptions (our state did not allow it at the time), Live birth (we decided against for fear of the birth mother changing her mind. Open Adoption, (same reason as Live Birth)...foreign surrogacy (too involved for us at the time and difficult to find a trusting source) and Foreign Adoption, (again involved and no guarantees). In short, it took almost three years before we had even conceived, just because of the paperwork involved!

Perhaps we were selfish. We knew in our hearts, for us to have a child together, we preferred the biological method. With all the legal, medical and scientific crap involved, trust me, it never really felt like a biological birthing process. Men and Women can get pregnant, easily. In my thought process, there are way too many "easy" babies out there...wanting homes...and we could not give them one...for so many ridiculous reasons. And quite frankly, we were not willing to wait any longer, for anyone else to determine if we were "fit" to be parents.

We chose surrogacy because we wanted to. We could. Regardless of the reasons, it was our decision. OURS! We would never, ever demean someone, discriminate against or judge anyone based on their very personal decisions to have a child. However they chose to do it. Many people could never afford the program we utilised, and we have had plenty of comments pertaining to that fact (most harmless, just curious as to how it worked) and we have met those comments with facts...not glossing over the difficult times...the seemingly endless frustrations with the lengthy process...the HUGE amounts of money set up in trust BEFORE you are even matched with a Surrogate. The worrying if our sperm count is up to par, or if we will even get pregnant the first time, the concern that the surrogate will stay healthy...that our child will be born "normal" (all ten fingers and toes - yes I counted when she was born).. Endless concerns. Just like you...anyone having a child. And, we most certainly share the joyous times; Meeting the surrogate for the first time, the one who will unselfishly give up her life for up to a year...and that first ultrasound...or the first heartbeat...yup...just like you. I would assume the first time a potential adoptive parent see a picture of the child, or the ultrasound, it would feel exactly the same...the pride, the joy!

We considered adoption, (again, not legal in our state at the time), and also the fact that there are millions of unwanted, abandoned American Children who need loving homes...but, we were not given that opportunity because we are Gay. We could have gone out of state, but., the costs, although reasonable would have provided no guarantees...and bringing a child across state lines, legally adopted or not, creates a whole other bag of tricks for us Gay Folks (again, at the time, 5+ years ago, in our state). And, to be honest, we were eager to have our family come to life...Once we had made our decision to start a family, nothing was going to stand in our way of creating life...our way. We have even had some rude comments and insinuations that we should have gone the adoptions route, considering the amount of money it cost us to conceive and carry, based on the amount of children needing homes. We considered all of it...with very heavy hearts! And when we meet families with adopted children, we are thrilled for them as a family. We don't compare our processes with theirs...we are just happy for them. They were able to create a provide a loving a child! (and of course, I tend to whip out the camera and blind everyone, taking countless pics)...

Now, I am sharing all of this because I feel the need to remind people; Please, before you open your mouth and let out a whole lot of hurt, consider yourself. Consider the position you would be in, doing whatever it took to make a family. Reach out and try to understand, to educate yourselves in the many options, and not, that are available (and not) to anyone. Gay, Str8, etc...doesn't matter. Options are out there, but the right options can only be chosen by those involved. And if you have never had to experience any of these life altering, life changing avenues...then please, shut before you speak!

Allow these families to enjoy their, well families without their having to consider your opinions! Consider what each go through, and will continue to go through, their entire life. No one should look in shame on any family...for wanting just that...a family!

It shouldn't matter how people have children, what should matter is they did...they do..and they will. Bringing children into this world (legally) is a miracle. And for the record, we are considering expanding our family..this time through adoption. Stay Tuned!

Our little one (and this blog) should be testament enough!

We know resume our regularly scheduled broadcast. You have not missed any of your favorite shows!

Sunday, February 14, 2010


SURPRISED? I thought not...but, you will be...or may be, pleasantly
surprised. I know I was, the first time I encountered our newest Blog Of The Week Buddy! Being a member of Dad-Blogs, it has always been all-inclusive when it comes to Dads...and moms. Which brings us to our next surprise (no worries, eventually, you will understand the constant use of the word..."surprise".

This blog buddy-ette has always been there...always sweet, compassionate, and a truly good person. There has never been one moment of question, regarding our vastly different lives. We are simply parents, and she conveys just though we have known each other for years. Though we have never met, I feel certain this person has one incredibly kind, caring and passionate life philosophy. There is not one post that we write, that she hasn't commented on. No matter the topic,. No matter the silliness, there she is...and always...(surprise) kind words...and encouragement for our little one.

I feel (not surprisingly:) that she truly cares about what we our little one is learning to live in this world...she seems genuinely interested, and follows us religiously. (Surprised I used a biblical term?)!..LOL

Her blog is direct, full of deep, personal thoughts...and I love reading about her days at work...her commute...her long hours during the holidays...her co-workers she missed her daughter who has recently moved away...her commitment to her children, her silly sense of humour, and in general, her zest for life...she is pretty darn cool in our book. (in case you hadn't already noticed).

People love her. I read the comments on her blog, and feel the warmth emanating from not only her blog, but her followers. You can see she is truly appreciated. So, without further ado, and no more surprises, I give you a very special BELLABUDDY BLOG OF THE WEEK:

Please, visit her blog, SURPRISED MOM, leave a comment, get to know her as we have. Tell her Bella sent ya!

Last Weeks Featured Blog: TEACHER TOM

Friday, February 12, 2010

Happy Valentines Day!

and...Tango on Over to DAD-BLOGS for FatherHood Friday!

Sunday, February 7, 2010


Sunday, February 7Th, 2010

We've featured two MOM'S recently in our newly dedicated weekly postings...and with all due respect, they were fantastic, but, it is finally time for a Dad! I truly choose blogs at random. I will scan through our friend lists, our followers and wait for a light to go be inspired.

This weeks featured BellaBuddy inspires me...daily. This particular blogger is a preschool teacher, writer, artist and the author of "A PARENTS GUIDE TO SEATTLE". He was called "The Peter Pan of Teaching" in a prior posting of ours, (I don't think he saw it - tee hee)...and I have to say this...I can only wish I'd had him as any one of my own Teachers. We all remember that one inspiring educator. The one took you by the hand and told you all would be ok...defended you against ridicule and encouraged you to succeed in life, at play and at home. Even at that most important, tender pre-school age. I remember mine, vividly...

This particular one, although long past my "Remember the Cool Teacher" phase , is nonetheless, still inspiring to me now. In these days of Stay-At-Home parenting, every inspiration, educational nudge and downright crafty fun-ness is needed...and appreciated. Virtually (get it?) -LOL) every day, every post, this guys has the coolest, most awe inspiring class projects...featuring pics and stories from that Great Pre-School Classroom of his...and the fun-stuff featured are too educational to pass up. We have tried several and Bella always screams for more...

The stories he shares about his students only further my desires to see Bella learn, every time we, laugh and downright educate through this guys' eyes and mind. And hey, who knows, the next Van Gogh, or Michelangelo (Or Lady GaGa) may be playing amongst his very students...and he will be the one they remember!

I am telling you, this guy truly is inspirational! (I am certain I have said it more than once, but c'mon, it is my blog after all!)


But, seriously, don't take my word for it, check out his pic above..(again, I stole it without permission). That should be an indicator of what your in for...:-) Being an educator, his blog is easy to read, and get all caught up inspiring your young ones. And hell, his blog is fun! If not to inspire, he will certainly make you think...and wanna get down in the trenches and play...with mud, paper, paints, rocks, plants, etc...etc...etc...and even scientific stuff ;-) All the while learning some cool could puff out that chest, be proud and inspire a HUGE Grin from your kid (insert melting comment here).

Please, fly on over to his blog. Make sure and tell him Bella sent ya!



Last Weeks Featured Blog: WINTER

Friday, February 5, 2010

"Daddy, Where's Your Vagina?"

I will relent, Bella hasn't' actually asked that question...yet. But I know, with the type of household (irreverent) we reside is coming...sooner than later! Read on for more BellaDaddy Ramblings into the title of this post!

"relevant" "poignant" "humorous" "compassionate" "truly entertaining"

There comes a time, in everyone’s life, when you meet a special person; that one person whom commits to your personality traits, your overblown ego, your insecurities, your life. That person is open minded, loves, and in general becomes a crutch; one that supports and props you up with encouragement.

Nope, not talking your spouse, partner, lover, husband or wife…

I am talking: Joe Schatz!

I “met” Joe, by chance really. Perusing Google for stay-at-home-dad support groups, I came upon a fairly new blog site:
DAD-BLOGS.COM I imagine everyone rolling their eyes, shrugging their shoulders, as I talk about, and feature DAD-BLOGS.COM on our blog…incessantly. But, this time, it was special. It was as if a new chapter was opening up in my stay-at-home-parenting life. A door I was not willing to close abruptly this time. You know the kind, where you find that very cool feeling, like things are going to change your life and outlook and then BAMM…you find out all they want is your time and money.

Not this time. I was smitten.

Dad-blogs was a place for SAHD’s to hunt and gather. Loads of information. Tips, Camaraderie, etc… I fell in love with the site. And, with Joe. (Sorry Joe, man-crush alert)…So, yeah, I am exaggerating about the falling in love thing, but…

Here is a guy who is allot of what I am not: Str8. Married. Parent to multiples. Catholic. Founder of a Dad site, etc, etc. etc. Blah Blah Blah. But one thing we share, (other than being male) is that we are both Stay-At Home-Dads. Proud ones, in fact! So, when he came out with a book, one detailing his life as a SAHD, I had to know more.

I manipulated the “system” and got my hands on a copy. Manipulated? Hell yes, I would have paid for it, but an opportunity arose (that, and I played on Joe’s charitable nature – another worthy attribute), and I was mailed a copy. Autographed to Bella, no less LOL (yes, I am that good, and can be quite persuasive…although, Joe is just that nice of a guy!).

I have to say this…I was a little concerned (not too much) that a str8 dude, writing a book, could never be that interesting for my life as a SAHD, (or Father for that matter.) Come on, think about it, we are quite differing in our lives…but, once I began to read, I realized, hey, we aren't that different, we are Parents…and his book details just that…we all get spit up on, fingers in baby poop, worrying about kids “escaping from their cribs”, parental discrimination's, etc…we all do…we are Dads!

The intro for Joe’s book is quite moving…in fact, I had to put it down after reading…pondering my life and dedication to my family…it brought a tear to my eye…but, I was eager to continue reading…

And you should too. This book is direct and quite poignant considering it is a book primarily based on personal experiences. But hell, these are happenings we ALL experience…Mom’s too.
In short, we are all different, yet, we are more of the same than we may realize. This book is relevant!

So please, check out the book…you will not be sorry…in fact, you’ll be laughing quite a bit… It is easy reading and super entertaining…I guarantee, you will be laughing out loud, with your kid(s) wondering what that’s all about. The cover and title has brought Joe some flack, some citing that it was inappropriate (to put it mildly)…I say, lighten up people! Don’t judge a book by it’s cover (cliche – but appropriate here).

You will realize, quickly, that Joe and I (and you) share similar parenting ideals, opinions, frustrations, compassion's and even resolutions. We are really the same…if not for that whole gay/str8 thing! And you will truly enjoy the read!

Click here to : BUY JOE'S BOOK!

Oh Happy Daze! Joins us over at DAD-BLOGS!
PLEASE NOTE: We here at BellaDaddy Blog do not normally promote items for sale. But, in this case, I thoroughly enjoyed this book AND I have great feelings toward the author! I trust his judgment and appreciate his diplomatic approach to life. Don't just take my word for it, visit the dad site we always talk about. See for yourself, what he and his partner Pete have founded. DAD-BLOGS.COM

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

...and the award goes to...


OK OK, so, I never really got the whole blog awarding thing. instead, I usually found it to be an annoyance, taking up valuable space on our blog pages...not so much an award, as it is a chain mail...or pyramid scheme...or an invasion of privacy. KIDDING, KIDDING! (no hate mails please)

Recently, "Toddler Knows Best" awarded us the "Sunshine Award", to the left here, (I did nada to deserve this). I thought..."Oh Crap" of my bestest friends in the whole world had done the same...and I forgot.

I forgot to copy her list, paste it here, and come up with my own answers...and then, after reading it, yet again, I realized...HOLY Crap...I am supposed to come up with 10 RANDOM things about MYSELF? WT...? Like I have any clue about randomness, parenting a toddler...hell, I don't have time to count ten toes, let alone realize ten random things about myself...but, ok, ok, I can try...

So, without further ado, I give you the award, "The Honest Scrap Award!" (Honestly, when I first saw it, I thought it said HONEST CRAP!) Honestly!!

Thanks MRS. LEMON, your a pal!

1. I am pretty emotional. I like to see the good in people. I cry at commercials…and yes, even I consider myself a wuss. A nice wuss.

2. I don’t care to stand in line to get in anywhere. Clubs, Restaurants, etc… I figure, if there is a wait, consider the crowds inside, waiting to bump into you…or the slow service you are going to get in a busy restaurant. ICK!

3. I am fairly sarcastic. Having been a stand up comic (long ago) I tend to find the humor in just about everything. Nothing is sacred.

4. When I am stressed out, I clean. EVERYTHING in my path!

5. I am an habitual shopper. Online, offline, always looking for and, (I must compliment myself here), finding GREAT deals. My kid has an amazing wardrobe. LOL

6. I take things too personally. When I post here on the blog, or comment on others’, I want scores of comments. When they don’t come? I wonder what I did wrong. I wonder if the blog is too “involved”…too difficult to read or navigate. I get twisted about it, but then I get over it. See # 7.

7. I have a temper. Sort of. I get angry, flip out, scream, yell, and get over it…all in the space of 10 seconds. and mostly in my head. Yes, I talk to myself when I am angry or upset. After all, being a Stay AT Home Parent, who is going to listen?

8. I hate the fact that I am getting old…I just don’t feel it, yet, when I look in the mirror, there it is.

9. I miss being on stage. I was a successful actor for a time…stage, tv, movies, commercials…*Sigh*….

10. Two of my biggest pet peeves are:* BAD DRIVERS.* LACK OF COMMON SENSE!

AARRRGH! (talking inside my head again) Whew! there…over it!

P.S. Watch out...these people are next! (let's see if they notice!). And, even if they dont, click their names to visit their blogs...I can assure you, every blog is worth every moment!












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