Monday, November 29, 2010


Or rather, forgive me!


Just got so caught up in everything going on:

moving into our new home
sorting stuff
readying for the thanksgiving holiday
dealing with a flu bug...

...that and I forgot...and honestly, just put off, delayed, and plain ignored the CONTEST outcome.

Therefore, we are giving 5 more days.

That's right, FIVE MORE DAYS!!

So, get your comments in. Get your friends to comment...and come Friday, we will pull two names for the book contest.


AND, we will get Bella on video, pulling the names outta the hat...I PROMISE!

And, to get your interest going...we have TWO MORE contests coming up.

BOTH are great as gifts for the Holidays!


Stay Tuned!!

Tee Hee!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Two More Daze!

(thanks for the pic Amy)

That's right, you read it correctly...only TWO MORE DAZE!


Well, glad you asked...

In two short days, we will pull two names from the pot. The Kitty. The Ole Bucket O' Names...etc....for the "DO WITCHES MAKE FISHES? - GIVEAWAY"

Yup Yup Yup...TWO NAMES. How often do you enter a contest where more than one name is drawn?

Glad you asked...Answer: Not often!

So, glad we could make you smile.

But, tell your friends...only two more days...get the comments in...your name is automatically entered.

So far we have (a few have blogs, click on their names to visit):

PJ: (I know, he didn't want to be included, as he'd already purchased the book, but, I figure, if he wins another, he can give it to someone he cares about).

RACHEL: (My good friend from

SUSAN: (Our BFF from Philly).

CHARITY: (BellaDaddy's lifelong friend and confidant)

SARAH F: (Bella's close adult buddy and my new goof off pal)

MIKE & MIKE: (Heh Heh, such the funny one, and no, two names do not count as two separate entries - sorry) LOL)

Mattie & Keith (Our new friends and neighbors)

CIARA: (BellaDaddy's friend from

PARADYKES: (Gotta love the name!)

Best Wishes, and GOOD LUCK TO ALL!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Bella's New Favorite Book!! & Contest!

UPDATE: C'mon peeps, it's a contest! Ya know, FREE STUFF! :-)
Leave a comment, win a prize. If you are not a member of Google's Friend Connect, you can still leave a comment. Select "anonymous", and comment, then type your name at the end of the comment. That way , we will know it is you.
OK,OK, So I realize this may be one shameless plug, but, c'mon; how many times does one get to talk about a book, actually written, and published, by a close friend. RARELY I would say!
If any of you have ever had an issue with your kids not eating the right stuff, (and who hasn't?!), then this is a must read!
So, without further ado, please...head on over to: DO WITCHES MAKE FISHES?

Read about it, realize the good this book will do...and...BUY IT!

(Bella Did)

I only had to read it once, with a few little voices thrown in for good measure, and Bella proclaimed: "This is My new favorite book - I Love It".

(true story)

Jason is a good friend, one we met in the blogger world. We have had a close, personal, cyber relationship (get your mind out of the gutter), and I truly believe in, and trust, what he is doing here. His blog is one of a kind, truly unique. He is currently on a break from said blog, but, you can head over, read hundreds of prior posts, and still leave comments. I know he would appreciate your kind words!

(or click on his head to the right of this post)

This storybook, is generating quite the buzz...and ALL proceeds (not just some) are headed to the GARDEN OF DREAMS FOUNDATION. We have donated before, also through Jason, and trust me when I say, this is one hell of a charity!

And, believe you me, the kids will ADORE this story!
Every comment left will automatically add your name to a pot. Bella will pick TWO names, and YOU may receive a copy! So, leave a comment, you can WIN!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Aw, The New Neighborhood!

Well, we've moved and all is well. If you can stand living in and out of boxes. Landscaping tearing up the front and back yards. Loads of dust. But, hey, who's complaining. We love it!

And the neighbors? All I can say is this: We've definitely made the right move. So far, all the people we've met here have been fantastic! And that is a total understatement. And, so many kids. YES!

Our first week in, we were invited to a neighbors 4th birthday party. This for their son, Ronan. Needless to say, Bella had one helluva good time. They had a fire engine come in; sirens blaring and the kids went Bonkers. Bella LOVES fire engines, and firemen, and police men, pretty much anyone in uniform. She mistakenly identified a security guard at Safeway as a Police Man. He was flattered! (um, should I be worried already?)

So, the pic. HONEST, I did NOT ask her to pose for this. Nor would I have asked her to pose, um, er, ahem, in THAT manner.

She was actually attempting to maneuver under the steering wheel. Just as I snapped the pic.
Total truth here!!

I was NOT trying to get a pageant type pose from our kid. NO WAY!

Of course, since it turned out so damn cute, I HAD to share it.

Heh Heh!

Halloween Pics coming tomorrow!

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