Saturday, January 12, 2008

I'm Awake!

OK, OK, so, I have been up for two hours now. Having the flu kinda screws with your sleep schedule. And, having a kid REALLY screws with your sleep schedule HA! Fortunately, Papa took care of the little one's nighttime needs, as I needed to get some sleep...try and get over this bug!

12:16PM, still feeling a bit sluggish. Bella has been napping now for about 2 hours, she still gets those naps in. Lucky Us! On weekends, we usually take her out to lunch somewhere new each time. Not sure today will be that day, although, Papa, may decide to take her out alone. I hate missing our family time...but, it is rare that I do. May just decide to suck it up and go...I am hungry ;-)

Not gonna write much today...unless the little one amazes us, yet again! She tends to do that, and we love it. I have bought a new Flip Video, which should arrive in a few days...this way, I can post vids of our family and especially Bella. Might be kinda cool to see her in action. Also,. trying to figure out a way to post additional pages, so we can have a few permanent pages, ya know, the ones that show who we are, etc...

Stay Tuned for more!

Cya Soon!

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