Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Family & Friends

It has been well over a month since I'd last blogged, and loads of things have happened....I wont get into loads of detail...however, I will say this...Family & Friends MATTER!!! Personally, I have friends that are eager to hear of Bella's milestones (and there are many), like Jeanna, Debbie, Maria, Stacy & Jeff, Paula, Susan and Charity...and of course, Ghis in Holland! These people will always be in our lives, no matter how far away we are...or how long it is between visits! Regardless of where we are in the world, family and friends are always least we hope so. We all go about our daily lives, and when it matters, family and friends come together...regardless of the amount of time between visits, the love is always there...the concern, the curiosity...the commitment.

Friends & family are so very important in a child's well as any adults. But, it is not as easy to maintain relationships, when you have a child and it seems people aren't sure how to deal with that. Perhaps because we are two Dads raising a child, people are not sure how to "relate" with us, with our family...not that it should matter, after all, we make our own life, determine our own destinies. But sometimes, it does hurt! I want Bella to have all, friends, understanding, hope...and above all...unconditional love. Sure, we can provide all that, being a family....but you must would be ideal to have family and friends who want to be a part of her life. Alas, I cannot, and will not "force" anyone to be a part of our lives...especially if the "want" is not there....but, I hope this rambling on and on will at least make people THINK!

Recently, Bella had the best time visiting her Grandma & Grandpa in Florida. It had been about a year since seeing them last and she was thrilled to be there. The hugs and kisses were in abundance and you could tell,the love was there...deep and unconditional!

And the best part? Besides our time with The Grandparents, Bella was able to meet, and spend quality time with her cousin Michaela. This was the first time they had met since either was born. They are a few months apart. They acted as if they had know each other for years! Of course, there was the initial "OMG, I am seeing an Alien!" moment! After that though, they could not get enough of one another. They played, shared and just had a grand ole time. Absolutely NO conflicts as children are prone to do...In the mornings, when we were getting ready to leave our hotel, all we had do was mention Grandma & Grandpa, Uncle Chris, & Michaela and Bella was at the door, ready to go!

And I promise not to take so long blogging the next time! After all, the holidays are approaching and I KNOW you all want to see Bella's Halloween costume...coming soon!

There are new pics in the slide show section of the blog, as well as the video here. Enjoy!

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