Friday, January 11, 2008

Friday Smiles

Well, made it to Friday, still feeling the flu bug blues, but surviving. The little one is up, playing and having her breakfast, cheerios and milk. One thing I hadn't mentioned, which was a good thing to come out of the whole medical drama, she gave up her bottle & Binky, all in one shot. Just doesn't want either anymore...we are so fortunate for that. Or so our friends tell us! LOL!!

Last night was a trying night, for me, the little one was up every two hours,. Like clockwork...but a little snuggle and hugs, wrapped in her favorite blanket, each time, and she went back to sleep right away. So wonderful to realize what a hug can do. She has a molar coming in, so, you can only imagine the pain she must feel. My Partner is out of town, taking care of new doors being installed in our cabin up north. So, again, alone and dealing LOL!

She loves her Baby Einstein DVDs. So much so, that she waits for you to turn it on, first thing. She has her own small, portable DVD player right near her play area. She loves to dance to the musical numbers and waves her hands back and forth, and her head side to side...and smile...always lots of smiles. Everyone tells us, even stranger, how happy she seems to be. And, they are right! We are one lucky family. She is truly a smart, happy, well adjusted baby.

As promised earlier, I will be posting a sort of step-by-step process. The one whereby we ventured into to having a family of our own. Being two men, it is certainly an adventure...hopefully one you will want to read. Our little one was loved, well before she was conceived...having planned, and taken almost two years to birth. Lots of love, and lots of money! LOL - will get into all that soon, I promise!

Would love to hear from anyone out there, involved in a similar situation. Even Mothers, Fathers & Parents, wanting to share. Although we may be different in our family scenarios, one thing we all share; we are Parents!

Cya Soon!

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