Wednesday, January 30, 2008

"A Very Merry Un-Birthday to you, to you"

Monday, the 28th, was Bella's one and a half birthday...we didn't do anything special, other than sending out an email to let everyone know. It may not be special to most, but to us, a landmark nonetheless.

C'mon, think about it...after a few years of prep, and 9 months of pregnancy, and now, 1.5 years of actual life, it has been a pretty full few years, and every day is something new, a new world!

Today, Wednesday, I took Bella to the Doctor for a "wellness exam." Every three months, she is due, since day two of her birth. That was surreal in itself, taking her to the Doctor only 36 hours after she was born. She was so tiny...and today, we saw a baby, just born, (Bella kept staring and smiling at the little one), and obviously the same age as Bella when we first took her. Bella was born 400 miles away, and we drove her home, literally 24 hours after birth. It was eery...driving all that way, with a newborn in a car seat in the back...there I was, in the back, touching her, feeling her little fingers, holding her chin up when it drooped...and almost complete silence in the car. Papa was driving, and you could feel it...we were both in dream like states....hell, 36 hours before, I was cooking a huge dinner, knowing we were still one week out from her thing we know, the next morning, we are in the delivery room, (400 miles away), ..waiting for her to pop out...and now, in the car, we were parents...getting her safely bed...and starting this entirely foreign world....where we were responsible, not only for our lives, but for this new little human being...

and then...the smell...she POOPED! We pulled over at a rest stop area...and fumbled around the car for the changing necessities....was like a comedy of errors...we could not help but dads, and we couldn't find the diapers...:-) We were so eager to get her out of the hospital and home, that we threw everything in the car, and didn't even consider the consequences...alone, at night, driving with a newborn...down a long, lonely stretch of highway......Was like an old episode of Laurel and Hardy :-) Little Bella slept through the entire changing and we figured out that we needed the diaper bag, the creams, the blankets, the changing pads...all of it...
Anyway, back to the wellness exam; Bella is always a trouper at the doctors...until they bring out the needles....she is apt to have fun, walk around, blow kisses to everyone...until the needle comes out...she knows them well...and does not like them one bit. Today was the last vaccine before she turns 2...a small injection and done...usually Bella screams bloody murder when she gets a shot...and the last appointment, she got 4!!!! this time though, she cried, but only for about a minute...dressed her and she was back to smiling and blowing kisses...GEEZ I love this kid!
And now, she naps...and here I am...thinking of all the things I can say about her....but I won't...I need a nap too! You learn to take naps in this world of ours, ya know, the one with little will NEED them, trust me!

I am certain the couple, with the newborn today, are thinking the exact same thing, at this exact same moment ;-) They will cherish these moments, long from now, looking back, as I do...everyday!

I wish them the very best!

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Winter said...

I remember those days. I guess I should make a point of remembering them more often now that she's 18 and calling me "Emo". *sigh* Don't nap too much. You'll have time when she's 18 and at that point, you'd rather be asleep so you don't have to answer when she's asking for an unGodly sum of money to see a band that's so bad it won't be around in a year! ;) Happy 1.5 birthday Bella! MUAH!

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