Friday, March 27, 2009


OK so I lied...I DO have something to write about...actually kinda cute too. Disregard my post below...(OK, read it if u want to)...

Close your eyes, those of you with children and imagine....:

"Bella, come on, Daddy is gonna do some laundry, you wanna help"?

In an instant, I hear em, her little feet, running...
There she was, tearing down the hallway, juice in one hand, a "nilla cookie" in the other. I had already turned the corner, so she wasn't within my line of sight...but I hear it...loud enough...BAMM!!!!! Then, silence. (Yeah Yeah, you know the type...silence: calm before the storm.


AT least she was screaming, wasn't knocked out. I came into the hallway and quickly analysed the scene (I fancy myself an amateur CSI - HA!) and realized that she had torn off so fast down the hallway, she had tripped over the runner in her little slippers. These slippers are pretty much to keep her feet warm....they don't fit snugly and we are always telling her not to run in her slippers. This time though, my fault...I'd encouraged her to come join Daddy!

There she was, laying flat on her stomach, elbow up....screeching....Owee Owee, Daddy, Oweee. Now, usually, we just kiss the owee and it 'goes away.' NOT THIS TIME. This was some major drama! As this is the first time she has had a lingering pain owee...the kind you just cant kiss away..she was startled and confused. How come the pain isn't going away? I imagined her asking.

Well, for the next two hours...TWO HOURS! She was little miss drama. Crying, taking deep breathes, asking for the owee to be kissed, crying again, holding up her arm in the air, cheesy grinning, then bursting out in tears...every time she looked at it, or touched it...or Daddy mentioned it, there was another tear...and a then a flood....she would run, (yeah, running again, go figure) to the sofa, to a chair in the office, to another room...lowering her head into the cushions, whimpering that her owee hurt. I kid you not, this went on for two hours. She had never had a boo boo that lasted...and rug burns do!

I was beside myself....I didn't know how to react....I was laughing inside, of course, but outside...I needed to Daddy.

DING! Idea!

"Bella, let's go change your shirt. This will make the owee go away." In her room, we ventured over to the dresser, pulled out a few options, realizing this could go on for another two hours....that bottom lip of her, quivering...ready to unleash a scream at any moment. AHA! The PAPA shirt...."her you go Bella, look, your PAPA shirt" (It has long sleeves...)

Yup, you guessed it...hide the boo boo with a long sleeve shirt...makes the owee go away.

"Daddy, have a ice cream pop please"?

oH tHE drAMZ!

Just Cuz

So last week, I was lazy..this week, well...not as lazy, but still experiencing sort of a block....but....I HAVE been reminiscing allot....dunno why...but eh, life goes on.

Was thinking about the blog, and how it has been over a year since we started. Lots have changed, and lots have remained the same. But, been a whole Lotta fun.

Therefore, re-posting the original post that started it all...or rather, started ME, on my being a blogging, stay at home parent. After you read below, head to the left...make sure and read about how it all happened.

Also, don't forget to visit dad-blogs. Fatherhood Friday keeps me moving forward :-)

Here ya go:

Starting a blog, to share day to day experiences with stay at home dads.

This is certainly the hardest "job" I have ever had, yet, (at the risk of sounding cliche) the most rewarding.

I intend for this blog to be honest, direct and show the ups and down, to be brutally honest, and therapeutic, for me, and others needing a voice or simply to vent. Some people, involved in our lives, don't "get it" at times, and it can be frustrating, at best, to attempt a dialog or communication with the ones you love. We understand our family is not the typical one, and we are determined to lead as much of a "normal" life as we can, for the sake of our little one. We also realize that many people, including family members, have lots of curiosity, concerns and we welcome questions. Our little family is very open to sharing information on our lives. We look forward to it, actually, as we are damn proud of what we three have accomplished! :-) ! This blog will hopefully answer some of those questions and truly educate others...

There are limitless amounts of information and feelings we can, come on people, lets have our voices heard!
Friday, March 20, 2009


It's Fatherhood Friday, over at DAD-BLOGS, make sure and visit and read all the cool articles....

I say lazy above, however, I am really just too pooped to write much this week.

I will offer up a cool little happening here...

Recently, we had friends over for dinner who have two wonderful children. One, a special needs child, had Bella absolutely fascinated. Of course, the other was her partner in crime for playing later that evening.

But, I digress:

We were seated at the dinner table, Bella included...(she loves sitting at the "Big Girl Table". (ah geez, c'mon, it's the DINNER table) LOL! This included Daddy & Papa, the friends and their two children. Although, the one child was seated in his personal space, as he requires, he was near the edge of the table.

Anyway, I happened to glance over as he was attempting to reach for his sippy cup...he was just out of reach, fingers outstretched and just barely able to touch the cup. Bella looked over, realized his dilemma, without being prodded or encouraged by any of us, and gently slid his cup into his fingers.

Many of you may think, OK, what's the big deal. But, for me, it makes me tear up. Realizing our child is only two and a half, and yet, she already shows sign of compassion and caring for her fellow human beings.

WOW! Amazing eh?

Now, if only the rest of the world would catch up up to Bella ;-)

P.S. Also above is a recent pic of our little one. enjoying her dinner outside in our courtyard. She LOVES pasta. Of course, she also loves wearing the oddest hats :-)

Friday, March 13, 2009

Friday Funnie

In honor of Friday the 13th, St. Patty's Day AND Fatherhood Friday, ENJOY me putting my mug out there and being silly ;-)
Make sure and visit: dad-blogs

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Dress Me Up

OK, well, not me...but our little one.

We are headed to a wedding in The Netherlands. Our special friend, and Bella's European Godmother, Ghislaine is marrying Heino...gonna be such fun.

So, please, check out the new slide show below...and of course the Poser/Ham,LOL... Help Bella pick which dress you would like to see her wear at the wedding. Keep in mind, my Partner is the Best Man...and me? Well, I am involved in the wedding party as well...but THAT is going to be a different post, SOON (WINK).

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Little Ole Moi?

I Won Again? :-)
Not one to toot my own horn but...YEAH ME!

These guys are too much fun...check em out:


Friday, March 6, 2009

Do These Pants Make Me Look...


Huh?, you may ask, how can a pair of pants define age?....well, glad you asked. Allow me to explain; It is Fatherhood Friday over at Dad-blogs today, and we are to submit our Friday, make sure you head over there:

I am 45, most of you know this, and blah blah blah...don't tell me I look young for my age, I know better. Appreciate the attempts though.

Being a Stay At Home Dad, I have seemed to age faster than the norm. What is the norm? Hell I don't have a clue, but I do know this...I am tired. I have bags and dark circles under my eyes, may hair has the Presidential Greying...ya know 5 times as fast since taking back aches when I get up from anything; the bed a chair, the sofa, the car, etc... You try carrying a 25 lb weight wherever you go, whatever you do.

Back to the pants. I love anything Ed Hardy! I like to think, maybe, just maybe, I have retained my youthful heart, my mind. I am a fashion whore, I love to buy clothes. For me, and of course, for the little one. I am proud of staying abreast of the changing times...and of course NO! I don't wear my pants around the bottom of my bottom...even I DON'T GO that far, no matter how popular the style may be, I wont, I wont, I wont!!!

You just gotta realize, and accept the fact, that we are growing old...we as in ME! And sometimes, you cannot wear what you want, regardless of how much you like it.
Put it back on the rack, Daddy.

Starting late in the baby game, and given a few years to prepare for the birth, you think you are prepared. I came to the conclusion rather quickly; NO ONE IS EVER PREPARED! I never even considered that taking care of a child 24/7 could age you faster, but it does. Not sure of the scientific data to prove or disprove, but I am sure it is out there.

So, the other day, I was wearing "THE PANTS" to our favorite hot spot, Starbucks. We have an amazing friendship with all the employees of this particular coffee place. It is local, fun and friendly. This day, Candace the Manager, and Jen were working behind the counter. We bought our usual, and Bella was her confident, smiley self. As my drink was handed to me, I had to ask...."so, do these pants make me look like an old dude, trying to look young?"

GEEZ, you should have seen the expression on Candace's face...priceless...OR NOT. I could tell she was wincing at the thought of actually having to answer my question. She was her usually polite self, saying..."UH HUH, I was just looking at those pants, they are fancy"...

You may have noticed, she didn't answer my question...not really. Then Jen came over, got the same question, and pretty much, the same reaction. They are so diplomatic!!

Dejected, hoping I would get validated, I slumped...still carrying that happy, yet stylish weight, and admitting defeat.
I will say this, as we walked out, I turned around and they were both looking at my booty. laughing. but, LOOKING ;-)
So, there was a little more spring in the step of my Cole Haan's that day!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

LQQK what I won!

Uh, huh, see for yourself, I WON ;-)

Not sure I should be heralding it for the world to see, but only live once eh ;-) AND I WON!

And while there, check out our friends blog...SO Damn Cute! (Did I mention I WON?)

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