Thursday, January 24, 2008

68 Hours...and counting

That was the amount of time, the ultimate sacrifice, since I left the little one behind... I had to venture once again, to the cabin up north...this time, for wood floors to be installed. Thankfully, Papa is going tonight, for the carpet and appliances tomorrow, and Saturday. Woo Hoo! I get to spend quality time again, with our little one!

It truly is difficult for me to get away like that...not sure I actually like it. Don't sleep well, woke up yesterday at 3am AAARGH! The good from that? I was able to drive home early and be there when the little one woke up.

SO WORTH IT! I get home, pull off the shoes and jacket, sneaks upstairs and singing her favorite morning song ("good morning, good morning, it's good to be alive, good morning, good morning to you" - she loves that song - but only in the morning!) She quickly realizes Daddy is home and HUGS the hell outta me. GAWD I LOVE THAT. All smiles and hugs...GEEZ I missed her...and she missed me...LOVE IT!

Of course, with the good, comes that bad...(not really bad, but cant think of another word to describe)...Bella has another molar coming, after the smiles, the whine sets in...but hell, after a year and a half, you don't get used to it, you just, I spent the day, and days since, playing with her, letting her run around, feeding her, again, eating like a little pony! And, of course, making her as comfy as possible, with an aching tooth and all...usually they pain only lasts a day or two, so today, hopefully is the day she calms...

Odd eh?, who can remember a tooth coming in and the pain...I remember my teeth falling out...and the Tooth Fairy! Ahhh, the tooth fairy! LOVED HER TOO! Always left me some money...who doesn't love a banker with wings? HA! Until...THAT day know the one...where I woke up, and Mom had her hand (DON'T LET THE KIDS READ FURTHER!) under my pillow...I KNEW what was happening, but instead of bursting my mom's bubble, I very coyly asked if she was "checking to see what the Tooth Fairy had brought me"?...of course, she was relieved, (even at 5 I could tell) and answered "yes dear, I was just checking...and look, here is a quarter!" Funny thing though, I always got dollar bills after that...Damn, in retrospect, I guess I should have "coyly gone along" with everything my mom said...hell, I could have been rich by now :-)

So, the little one is napping now...and I am eager to make her lunch soon...she loves to eat... Bella is talking so much more now: "Wassat"? "Hello" "Uh Oh" "Oopsie" "I Love You" "OK" and a few more we aren't quite sure of yet...but will certainly blog it as it happens... She has a little dolly in a buggy she pushes around the house, everywhere, all day long if we would let her...It is so cool to have this tiny little human around...watching her grow, in mind, personality and of course body. And to think, we brought her into the world out of love...and she shows us everyday, that we made the absolute best choices....she is our living doll!

Love ya Everyone!

2 BellaBuddies left comments! Ya know ya wanna!!:

debby said...

I don't remember G-ma ever saying "Yes Dear"!!! She probably said here ya go you Snotty Nosed Brat

soontobelemon said...

awww just reading the part when you came home, and she was so happy and hugging you made me choked up.....

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