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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Blast From The Past

My friend Jeanna, whom I have known since we were both 5, (our birthdays are 10 days apart) came to visit for Thanksgiving. Jeanna and I had not seen each other in person, in over 20 years. We last saw each other in the early 80's and the pic here, is from that last visit. I was living in San Francisco, she married soon after, and moved away. we ended up losing touch with one another for about 12 years. I had searched for her off an on for years. Googling her name, looking on classmates, etc....then one day POP!, there she was, Googled and I caught her name on her cousins website...I was thrilled, to say the least. Eventually, she replied to my email and we were back in touch.

Little did I know at the time, but Jeanna was also back in touch with another friend of ours since the 5th grade, Debbie. To make a long story short, Debbie was planning on visiting her sister in a town very near my home...soooo, Jeanna emails me and says..."Wouldn't it be cool to have a reunion for the three of us"? Her boyfriend Richard agreed and made it happen. I picked them up at the airport and it was like we had never lost touch....she looks amazing...(I have grown prematurely old - see old posts LOL)

We met Debbie at her sisters Becky's home, saw her sister and mom for the first time in over 30 years. Mamma Jo looks EXACTLY the same, & has already viewed the blog.

Bella loved having company, and is still walking around, looking at pics and saying "Jeena and Rishard". She especially took to Richard, and let Jeanna read books to her several times...not to mention LOTS of playtime. One of the sweetest things said during the visit was one morning, Richard was sitting with Bella at breakfast and said to me, "she is just a breathe of sunshine ion the morning, isn't she"? AWWWWWW!

SUCH an amazing time, we all miss each other already and cant wait to do it again.

Enjoy the pics here, you should get a good laugh at my before and afters...and check out the slide show for all the other pics taken...
and of course, we hope all of you had as good a Thanksgiving Holidays as we did!

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