Friday, October 30, 2009

Bubble Butt Banter...

So, Bella has this odd little toy, I think it is for the pool actually...but seriously? not sure...

In any case, she loves to run around with this little squidgy, tentacled toy...squeezing it...laughing...squeezing is one of the few toys we let her run with....she was bored with scissors long ago (wink)!

IDEA (bright flash bulb inserted here) Grab the video camera...

She was pretty cool allowing her dear old daddy to film her...which has become increasingly rare these days....

Below, the latest in the video collection of little Miss Bella...She loves squeezing the poor thing till it pulses with a bright blue bubble...on it's supposed behind...thus the name of the post...and video...


Friday, October 23, 2009

...and the award goes to...

With 44% of the total vote on our little fun poll, Mr..."REAL_MEN_DRIVE_MINVANS" will get a cool Bella Buddy, all he has to do is give us his shirt size, his wife's shirts size, or his darling child's....git er done Mr. PJ! And believe me, for one family who says they could never have a minivan...we hafta give Kudos to those that do....and PJ is probably the coolest minvan driver we have known...KUDOS!

Please, check out his will be entertained...truly!

And thanks to everyone who're the BESTEST in the WORLD!

Now, everyone, drive your minivans on over to DAD_BLOGS...where Fatherhood Friday is the name of the game...on Fridays!

Friday, October 16, 2009

We're Taking A Poll

Last week, I posted a fun pic of our little one, (see it again, above - LOL) and asked for you to comment...well, many of you did...

so now? Please, everyone else, including those that did...ok, then...everyone...peruse the submitted comments below and pick the best one...the poll is to the right...the one with the most votes will win a special Bella Gift!

Please pay special attention to the name (and blog site) of the comments...the poll to the right can only fit so much...therefore, the name of the person, (and their blog link - WINK) is how you will vote... Also, click on the links below to check out some very fun, cool...hip blogs!

Happy Fatherhood Friday!

ON A SIDE NOTE: Please click on the banner link below for my friend Jason's Site, OUTNUMBERED There is one amazing story and your chance to contribute to an amazing cause. We did...and even if you cannot, please read the post...truly touching!

"I clicked my heels, but nothing happened!" PJ_MULLEN

"But Papa, I can't WEAR white shoes after Labor Day!" MELISA_with_one_S

"Whatever blows your skirt up." OTTER_THOMAS

"Hmmm, should I wear these or the glass slippers?" seashore_subjects

"Hmmm...Um Dad? seriously...I need some more new shoes, cant wear white after labour day" Just_Me_Again

"Um Daddy? Did you make that appointment for my pedicure yet?" Just_Me_Again

"I don't think these quite match my outfit. Daddy, let's go shopping. " surprised_mom

"thank you, thank you. I'd like to thank all the little people ..." DIVINE_CHAOS

"One day, I'll be able to fit into daddy's shoes." JEVE
Friday, October 9, 2009

Friday Foto Fun

Or...I got nothing for you today, so I posted a pic, that you may help me with....

Bella loves playing dress up...what little girl doesn't, eh? She loves being a princess, a fairy, (no, not like her Daddy), and adores the tutu, this particular, recent night, she was all about the fairy princess...and had new shoes...I asked her to show the shoes for the camera, and voila!

Come on, you can help me come up with a better caption, right?


Happy Fatherhood Friday!

Head on over to DAD_BLOGS...say hello from me.

Send me your caption ideas....I love this pic....Kudos!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Panties In a Wad

Ok, so the title is a bit gross...but hey, we've all had a wedgie or two...or more, in our lifetime. But hell, when Bella has one...the crack ups (pun intended) begin!

Bella has been wonderful at potty training for the most part. Number one has been a breeze...but, number 2...not so much. We had tried encouraging her previously...until she got backed up for a few days...(we call it complicated, rather than constipated)...Just our goofy way.,

Anyway, that few days was excruciating for us...not to mention poor little Bella and her behind....we realized...or rather, we were told by her Doctor..."don't encourage or push a child to will only cause them to hold it in..."...and man oh man did was HUGE when it finally arrived.....oops, sorry, that's another story!

Bella is a proud proud to be able to wear her new little panties....and potty when she wants...or needs. So cute! She proclaims that it is time..."Daddy - Papa, I hafta go pee pee on the potty". She then proceeds to walk, and yank at the panties as she is heading to the loo...kinda funny site to see...waddling, panties around the ankles, sitting down, and you can almost here the "ahhhhh"...ok ok, you can see her smiles...she is sooooo proud!!!

The other evening, proud as a peacock, we go through the process...several times a night actually....but this night, she didn't tell us she had to go...she just did it...several times...all on her own...of her own accord. Usually we have to help her with pulling the panties back up...but not this night.

Uh Uh, she was all about doing it herself...; "No No Daddy/Papa - Bella Do It...Bella haffa do it herself". And she did! We clapped, grinned and told her how happy and proud we are of her...

Later, and I had noticed this a few times, she was a pickin' and a grinnin'. Backside. Uh Huh...I had to tease her..."Bella, you have a wedgie?" "Nope, no wedgie Daddy, I haffa scratchie" OK OK,. "Bella when you have a scratchie you have to itch it"...(yeah I know, backwards, but we are a goofy sort).

This went on all evening...until bedtime...getting her ready for bed consists of grabbing the jammies, she lays down on the floor...and we get the diaper ready. But, this night was different...remember the wedgie? Whoops, sorry... the scratchie?!

I roared with laughter. Papa came in to see why...why was Daddy gasping for breathe, laughing uncontrollably? Bella staring into my face, shocked to see me in tears...wondering what the hell was wrong with daddy?

It turns out, Bella had indeed put her panties back on each time during the evening after her potty breaks...but...somewwhere during the process, she had inadvertently placed her right leg through the waistband of the panties, therefore.., leg in the waist, one leg in the leg hole...and the other leg hole? well, that turned out to be around her, imagine...tight around the waist, one legs fits and the other? Duck butt! The panties were all wrong....and I could not stop laughing! No wonder she was picking her booty all night!

Damn! Where is the vid cam when you need it, eh?

Happy Fatherhood Friday!

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