Friday, January 25, 2008

Toy Day

Ya know, we truly do have a special one...she confirms every day, one way or another, that she is truly one who attracts attention.
Bella & I went shopping today....yeah yeah, she definitely knows what shopping is already. All I hafta say is..."wanna go bye bye"...or..."Lets go shopping." She immediately perks up...(not that she isn't all the time) smiles, raises her arms in a "pick me up and lets go manner"...and we are off. Getting her into the car seat is usually a chore, requiring all the strength and patience I can muster. I have a two door Jeep, and sometimes, I hafta herd her into her seat via the hatchback....sometimes, when out shopping, I get the strangest looks taking her out of the rear of the vehicle...I think some people figure I must have strapped her into the cargo department in back...ha! GEEZ, some people eh?

Anyway, shopping. She gets all giggly when we walk through the doors. It is almost as if she knows I am gonna take her directly to the toy department. I figure, get her a toy to play with while we shop...and when done, get her to pay attention to something else, temporarily (usually not difficult) take the toy and put it back on the shelf, and VOILA! No new toy! Well...this doesn't always work, and yes , she has LOADS of toys...she plays with them for a few minutes, then usually off to something the doors, the drawers, the computer desk...or whatever she isn't supposed to play with....sometimes I feel like I should be wearing roller blades to keep up with her ;-) When we are certain she is "done" with the toy, we have an employee who is less fortunate and has a 10 month old...we give her all of Bella's gently used clothes and toys...they love Bella's taste in stuff ;-)

So, today, we ended up with a vacuum toy. It makes sounds like a real vacuum, as well as some silly voices...but, I figure at least this toy will encourage her to help me clean the house when she is older (GRIN)! She loves this thing...pushes it all over and really enjoys, success! At least this one will last longer than a few moments...
People always come up to her, and exclaim how beautiful she is, or how social she seems to be...always smiling, always playing with people in the check out lines (usually "peek a boo") young and yet, so popular already...boy are we in for it eh? :-)

Hafta admit, I love it too...inevitably, someone will come up...never fails...regardless of where we are; grocery shopping, clothes shopping, getting gas, etc...I love getting her out of the house...of course, gets ME out of the house too....but damn, that car seat issue gets me almost every time...I need a new car!

1 BellaBuddies left comments! Ya know ya wanna!!:

Winter said...

Can you say SEDAN CITY? You can have mine. My kid is big now. What do I need with an Intrepid? Trade ya! LOL

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