Friday, July 31, 2009

Happy Day My Little One

Things are a little crazed around here, People flying in, cleaning to be done, etc...etc...etc..., blah, blah, blah...;-) Getting ready for the little ones birthday party on Saturday. Her actual birthday was Tuesday, but, hey, it's was Tuesday after all...cant party down on a Tuesday!!

Gonna be a the meantime, please visit my pals over at DAD_BLOGS and forgive the following re-post...

Cya next week, with cool pics and stories from this past one.

3 years ago today:

Your birth showed me life does indeed include MIRACLES!

I held my breath, until you unleashed your first!

We counted your toes. Fingers. Arms. and...Legs! We wanted to make sure you were perfect. You Were!

I needed to feel you. To know you were real. You reacted to my touch.

Wrapped in fabric, so very small. Wrapped in love.

Seems. So long ago, you were tiny. So soft. So fragile.

Dark hair, dark eyes, dark skin, yet, you lit up the room.

The nurses were so proud. We were so thrilled. And, so very scared.

The infant smiles you shared, only moments old, made us weep.

You seemed to reach out, to comfort your Dads. We melt.


You bring light to our lives, brightening each day...

Your smiles.

Your silly dances.

Your goofy mutterings.

The way you pat me on the back and ask "Daddy, how you doing"? when I am down.

Or tell me..."Daddy, you r OK"

You show me life does indeed include MIRACLES!

Happy 3rd Birthday My Little One!
Friday, July 24, 2009

"Just Shake Your UH UH"

A Happy Fatherhood Friday!! Visit my friends over at DAD_BLOGS/!

Before anything, gotta included a recent pic of the little one playing in Daddy's Man-Clogs! (let the comments commence - HA!) See New Slide Show Below!

Yup, you read the title correctly. It is Bella's oft repeated new line, ..."Daddy, It's Monika's Song - So, Shake Your Uh Uh"! Even in the car, she goes for it....same thing...without the running around (tee hee)! ...from a song called "DanceDance". The cool thing, and I do mean COOOLIO!, is that this particular song, her new favorite song, (sorry Lady GaGa - you have been replaced. albeit temporarily), is one from a band called NTUIT

What?! Your haven't heard of them? Geez, this is 2009! Get with the program!

Ah, but I digress.

About a year ago, we took Bella out to lunch, as we like to do on weekends. This particular Sunday, we were eating in one of our favorites restaurants: FEZ Our server came to the table...and Bella was smitten. "Monika" was her name (yes, with a K) and she was one of the most beautiful women I have laid eyes on. No joke. B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L!!

She was incredibly kind. You could tell she is a calm soul. And believe me, I know servers can butter you up for the big meal...the large tipperooo! We could tell this wasn't the case...and besides, Bella was totally into her. She was genuine.

Long story short, we handed her BellaDaddy's blog card (yes we have them, card sized, want one? just ask :-) and left that day knowing Bella had made a new friend.

Even longer story short, we had gone back many many times, always asking for Monika's section. Altho, they don't actually have sections there, we were always accommodated with our request to have Monika take care of us. We had pleasant, fun, silly and energetic conversations...all the while enjoying some amazing foods. (luv ya FEZ). Unknown to us at the time, (and I suspect many more, as she is very humble)...Monika had a secret life!

Get your minds out of the gutter...She is an entertainer: Actor, Dancer, Model...Super Server....and now? well, now she has her own band. We were invited to the CD Release party (wish we had taken Bella) and had an amazing time.

NTUIT consists of Monika & Almon...whom we also got to meet at the launch party..was another gentle soul....and to hear them sing live...well, simply put: FANTASTIC! And WOW, we were actually invited to such a frikkin special, fun event! Not bad for an old dude eh? LOL

Now, I am not one, as many of you know reading my blog, to push a product, or endorse anything really....BUT...this CD is good...and I mean GOOD! They have started this musical venture as a team, all independent, on their own. They are now on iTunes, and have t-shirts, CD's and all kinds of cool stuff. I want to see them succeed.

So, listen in, and if you like, visit their website...and hey, leave a comment here...let me know what you think of Bella's new obsession (and mine). NTUIT

OK, so, I have not gotten permission, per se, to add the album here...or even play a snippet...other than, asking Monika if it was OK, during her performance night...(probably not the best time to have asked) is the link, (added a few times above too) to their on it, listen to their songs...and let me know what ya think! NTUIT ! After viewing their website, leave a comment here! You just might win a CD of your very own...(hint hint)

Hope you enjoy and stay tuned...Bella is going to have some cool stuff to share soon.

So, everyone..GETNTUIT!!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Da Doo Rag Rag Rag, Da Doo Rag Rag

Recently, we bought what I thought at the time, was a really cool Doo Rag for the little one. But, for the last several weeks, she was having NONE of it. I would attempt to get her to try it on and NO GO. Uh Uh! She would run, screaming "Noooooooooo Daddy, don't wanna wear it" "Noooooooooo , Daddy, no put it on Bella's head!..." (she talks in the third person a good deal. - "Bella Want this, Bella do that", etc). For whatever reason, this little green, white and black doo rag was not something she was interested in, at all! Too Bad. I thought it was cool...but I relented. After all, Bella gets what Bella wants...or in this case, doesn't want


I'd repeated my pleas for her to try it on, to "just wear it for a moment"..."just try it on for Daddy, or Daddy is gonna cry"and was answered with the same; "No, Daddy, no crying, Happy thoughts"...and, "leave me alone" pleas. You would swear she was channeling Garbo as she ran away from her dear old Dad..."I Vant only to be alone"!...

So, I grabbed her...(not roughly mind you), twirled her around (think this helps to shock her system into a bit of confused dizziness - only for a moment)...and quickly pulled it over her head.

Instead of running, she stopped...looked at me for a second...(yeah, only a second)...and then her eyes moved upward...Wasn't sure if she was about to faint or what...but she stood there...eyes gazing upwards...with a look on her face that said (to me at the time)..."Hmmm, what exactly IS this atop my noggin - It aint so bad".


She raised her little hands, felt the Doo Rag on her little head...stroked her hair down around her shoulders...and ran off...HAPPILY!

To PaPa!! "PAPA, Look, Bella haff a doo rag on her head".

Yeah, couldn't even stay a moment to thank Daddy for this new discovery...uh uh, hadda go tell PaPa...*SIGH*

And now, this AM, just after raising from bed...I hear: "Daddy, good morning, where's Bella's Doo Rag"?


We are preparing for our little ones 3rd B-Day Party (get your RSVP's in NOW) and I was talking with my BFF Jeanna this AM. They live far away from our home and obviously cannot attend. But, we sent an invite, as we always want our special friends to know. no matter where they are, they are still welcome, in our home, our thoughts, etc....

Jeanna's daughter, Rebecca wants to come to the party. Every time she sees Bella's pic on the invite, she exclaims..."I wanna go to that party!" I say, put her on a plane, Mom says she doesn't like to easier way? BellaDaddy says: " Rebecca , you are MORE than WELCOME to come to our party...get those legs a peddlin on your bike, and you just might make it in time!

Life's A Blast, eh? Maybe we should all TWIRL A BIT?

For a Happy Fatherhood Friday experience, twirl on over to DAD-BLOGS

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Lest We Forget...

It is strange for me, sometimes (not often)...realizing I too was once a kid. I was a pretty cool kid, tho, as far as my Mom was concerned...but boy oh boy, I sure liked to have fun. To escape my family abode and just be Free...

Yup, that was me:

The kid who could wear shorts better than than my BIG_JIM doll.

One who could spread my arms and fly higher than SUPERMAN
Race faster than EVEL_KNIEVEL

Jump higher than WILT_CHAMBERLAIN

Sling my NUNCHUCKSbetter than the likes of Bruce Lee

A kid who could pedal his bike faster than any SCHWINN commercial. (yeah, I even rode with the "look Mom, no hands" thing going on - broke my elbow once...that's another story).

My retorts were the best in the neighborhood...none of that I'm rubber your glue crap...uh uh. I came up with MUCH better comebacks...yeah? well, your a fartknocker! Dig it? Can't dig, not a dog! and...THAT IS SO BOSS, MAN! Or, the one I most cherish: "Why'd the monkey fall outta the tree?" CUZ HE WAS DEAD!

I was invincible.

Then I grew up.



SCREECH! PUT ON THE BRAKES...did I actually say that?

I never grew up! Or rather, I have never admitted to growing up. I still believe in having as much fun as possible in life. I am still the silly jokester...always doing what I can for the better of humanity in the way of goofiness and smiles...I'm a doof and I wear that badge proudly... and my kid loves to mimic her Daddy being a goofball...

Alas, it seems, so many of us parents have forgotten what it was like...being a kid...a teenager...etc... We hear stories from neighbors and friends about how the kid took the car for a joyride (do they still call it that?)...and came home past curfew, only to be grounded. Um, OK, I realize that there were probably unsavory friends, alcohol or drugs involved...there may have been an accident...someone may have been hurt...but hey...NOT much different than when we were kids...or so I think.

Things are different today I suppose...or suppose not. The drugs and alcohol may be different than a generation ago...but still the same really. Just more choices now. Same ideas. Different years.

Bottom line, in my opinion, kids today are still looking for the rush...the high...the fun. Be it getting into trouble over a car, girlfriends/boyfriends , clothes, piercings, etc... Again, same ole stuff. Different years!

I want Bella to grow up, knowing she had a really fun childhood. I don't want her to miss out on anything she wants to experience. (NOT DRUGS) She is daring! Of course we will be there, all the way, to point her in the right direction, but know this. she will (and already is) making her own decisions in life.

I love to act silly with Bella. Act? OK OK, I AM silly with Bella. Hell, I am that way with everyone who comes into contact with me. I feel, Bella will appreciate later in life, that we were a fun family. That we did silly things together. We sing while driving...we scream at the top of our lungs to Lady GaGa...we dance around the isles in the grocery store...we "shake our groove things" while taking out the garbage...hell, in short, we have FUN!

Some people, (you know the type) will always come round and say we spoil our kid. That we will regret buying her the toys, the clothes, the SHOES (cant forget the shoes), the sunglasses, etc... That she will never understand limits and manners. When to be silent, or speak unless spoken too...(that one still escapes me today, as I Love to talk too - LOL!).

To them I say: BLAH BLAH BLAH. We don't judge other parents on how they raise their kids...nor do we expect to be judged. If it happens, keep it to yourself...we don't care...we are having a BLAST! I have said it many times before, but, I get to play with toys, run like a banshee throughout the house and giggle...sing at the tops of our lungs and have her bellowing...


...and OUR kid has amazing manners, is incredibly creative, intelligent, utilizes common sense, is very social, loves adults as she does children...although, she does tend to prefer hanging with the older folks...go figure......and has she SUPER COOL TOYS...not to mention, SUPER COOL Dads!

Eh, I gues i just never forgot that fearless feeling of being a kid!

...and a SUPER COOL Fatherhood Friday to all!. DAD-BLOGS
For cool columns, silly stories and great people!

Taking Flight

The other day, Bella and I were coming back from our daily morning ritual run: Starbucks. Upon driving into the driveway, we noticed, or rather Bella noticed, a Monarch Butterfly hanging upside down on a plant in front of our home.

We ventured over and I stuck out a finger. Amazingly, the little flier crawled right up flying away!.... Needless to say, Bella was thrilled...she loves butterflies! As is evident in our home...Butterfly stickers adorn the windows, the coffee table...the counters...pretty much all over.

After a few moments, she mustered up the nerve to let it crawl on her little digit. The smiles following were infectious. Of course, when it decided to crawl a bit more than she was prepared for, it was like..."OK Daddy, OK, get it off now, I'm done"...(snicker).


By the time the camera was in hand, Bella had decided she was no longer willing to hold the little creature. Funny thing though...the butterfly never fled. (Realizing later, and of course, it was right in front of me the entire time - it had just been "born" was hanging upside down to dry it's wings...the obliterated cocoon was right underneath...and I had missed it).

So, this is a pic of our brief, yet wondrous encounter. There are additional pics below, in the slide show.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Just Me...


...and a super Fatherhood Friday to all!. Don't forget to check out my buds, and bud-ettes over at DAD-BLOGS For cool columns, silly stories and great people!

GEEZ! 30 years! Seems like such a Long time...and I am. Father to a toddler, one who is gonna be 3 years old this month. Ya know, they say "Boy how time flies when you're having fun."


Hell, fun was 30 years ago when I could go out all night and not worry about work the next day...going in with a hangover, looking like crud was the thing to do. We would all sit around and compare drunken stupor stories.


Now, I have one half of a mixed drink, or one full beer and the only things I am comparing the next day are how crappy I slept. With a headache waking me every hour on the hour...and a tummy that kept twisting and turning. As for anyone to compare with? Say hello to my friendly mirror. Er, not so friendly anymore.

I remember thirty years ago, when I would head out to a late night breakfast, 3am, after dancing all night in a club (back then, yeah, it was a disco - deal!). Eating fries, burgers, hell, anything we could get our hands on that as cheap, fast, and alcohol absorbing. Denny's didn't love us so much back then. We were no doubt, the ones they would roll their eyes at when they saw coming.


I hafta eat three hours before I sleep, cuz of a diet/workout regimen I am on. Burgers and fries? Uh Uh. Turkey Burgers and Yam Fries...BLECH! Oh, and lest I forget, hafta take a swig of fiber stuff before eating....ya know, make sure it all goes well the next day.


I was an actor. A comedian. A Dancer. A Model....I appeared on stage and in movies, commercials and voice overs.


Bella is my captive audience. I get to be as silly as I want, I get to play with toys, and bust a move all over the house...she laughs and joins in. Ah, and I should mention, I also got a crash course in how to paint a fidgety toddlers toenails..."Bella, c'mon, sit still...we are gonna have chocolate as soon as we're done"...yeah, it works ;-)

(Bella painting on here new table and chairs- and having a tea party)


At my expense, included are a few pics from my past (THANKS SANDY!) you may get a kick out of...Bella sure does. Every time she sees them, I hear: "Look, Daddy is being silly"...and/or: "Oh my goodness, Daddy has a Caterpillar on his face"...(my favorite).

So, for all the fun I had 30 years ago, I am sure making up for it now. Paying my dues? Dunno. But I do know this...(insert mushy sigh here)...I sure am loving being a Dad!


One I hope goes on longer than the 30 (45) years it has taken to get here ;-)

Enjoy the pics...NO SNIDE COMMENTS PLEASE! (oh, ok, go on...I deserve it :-)

( I hear you laughing Outnumbered, Mommy with a Penis and Weasel Momma)

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