Friday, February 27, 2009

Daddy Daze & Fatherhood Friday

I'd mentioned a new blog site, discovered and joined recently: dad-blogs. If you haven't checked it out, please, do it...NOW! :-)

Have met some incredible peoples, developed a few cool friendships, read some amazing blogs...and through these hazy eyes, have had a hell of allot of fun. You will too...guaranteed!

Moms are welcome there too. (Stacy?)

Today is Fatherhood Friday on the site...and there is always something good to read, or partake in, everyday.

Today is also one of my Daddy Daze...ya know, those days where you just cant seem to wake. Coffee isn't enough. Showering just doesn't tingle your inners like it could. In short, I cant get my morning going...

In other words, I have no life until the kid wakes and is there to make it all worthwhile ;-) Here is a newer pic of Bella. Had to post it, so I can have some sort of "jump start!" Gotta love the "Thumbs Up" eh? :-)

Aw, that felt just a little better...I think one eye is open wider now....

Monday, February 23, 2009


Please check out the new slide show below....this will change once a week. (hoping). As we take so many pics of Bella, we like to share.

Added a New Pink Clock....showing the local time for Bella.

You can follow Bella's Antics...just a click away. Look for the BellaFollowers, click on it and JOIN!

Look at the list of BellaDaddy BuddyBlogs to the right...this will be updated often, as we are making many new friends...

Making New Friends...found a great new blog site...check it out...let me know what you think: Been reading a good deal of the blogs posted there and making some cool new friends!
Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

Monday, February 9, 2009

The Elusive One Speaks

Much like Ms Garbo, getting Bella to speak on cam is usually a difficult task. Believe me, she talks all the time! And I do mean all the time!!! But, I get the impression, (from a few who shall remain nameless here), that Daddy is full of it. We get the; "I have never heard her say that" comment all the time. Bella tends to get a little shy around people wanting to goad her into speaking and performing. But, Daddy Can! is proof., she does speak...and for two and a half, she speaks pretty darn well...makes her demands known...and even says 'thank you' when appropriate...I melt every time she uses a phrase or sentence correctly. Hearing her say Thank You, or Thanks Much, or Daddy, May I have ...gets me every time...of course, the "I want, NOW" I can do without. Eh, it's all part of the growth process, and frankly, I love hearing every matter the meaning.

Here is a short vid we made today for fun. Enjoy!
Monday, February 2, 2009

"Be A Big Girl, Like Daddy"

yup, you read it correctly...I actually said that. No nasty "u sure r a girl" comments please...:-)

We were eating pancakes one morning...(yes, I cook)...and to encourage Bella to eat more...I said the above. Shoving a forkful in my mouth, after realizing what I had just muttered...hoping no one had heard. (no one being Papa).
I wasn't to be that lucky, or forgiven...I got 'The Look'...and...the snicker, which took only a few seconds, precluding the all out burst of laughter!

Sometimes, ya hafta be a goober. Ya gotta talk gibberish, get all googly eyed...become a mush basket and suck it up. Being silly can, and will encourage the little ones to do what you want of them. Most times. Bella though, is at that age, where she can tell when Daddy is being a goofball. She will also, give me a look. Usually lowering her chin and rolling her if to say: "Um, Daddy, I am Much too grown up to fall for that".Thankfully, she will eventually crack that famous smile and spoon whatever food is in front of her, gladly into the mouth...followed up with a big ole "MMMM-YUMMY".

Of course, it will take some time to get the egg off Daddy's face...;-)

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