Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Dressing Up Video

A short vid, silly, yet indicative of our little ones dress up about the light of our lives! When she is being playful, she will eventually come over and set her head in our laps, being the shy type, and tightly....gawd, the feeling you get when she looks into your eyes!

Bella absolutely loves to try and dress herself. Even at the young age of 20 months, she can pick out her own outfits. I will show her a couple, and she points to one...of course, sometimes she is ends up in a vast array of colors ;-)

She does, however, know her left foot from her right...and yes, will put her shoes on the correct feet. Getting the straps closed can prove to be fun for her...she knows she can't do it yet, but will try and try....until Daddy secures them for her...then she stands up and is off and running. Sometimes, she will place the shoes on the wrong feet (see comment below) and looks at me with the cheesiest grin, stands up and attempt to walk in them. All the while, giggling!

Times like these I really miss my Mother. When I was younger, I remember putting my shoes on the wrong feet...Mom exclaimed..."David, you have your shoes on the wrong feet." I deadpanned back; "but, Mom, these are the only two feet I have".
Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Our Little One

Havent blogged in awhile, so thought I would, quickly. Here are a few recent pics of our little one. Loving the dress up thing now and HAS to wear the headband, virtually half the day...gotta love her ;-)

Friday, April 4, 2008


Yup, other words, GO BITE ME! This is an oftentimes overlooked by-product of stay at home parenting....GROWING OLD BEFORE YOUR TIME. Take a good look at the before and after pics...taken just two years apart!

OK OK, exaggerating a bit, but perhaps you get the point? Being a Stay-At-Home-Dad is FREAKING HARD! When I Posted the video of Bella's Easter Hunt, I saw myself and thought, Damn I look old! Waiting for someone to mention how old I looked, only one person did...and she hadn't' seen me in person in over 25 years! Heh Heh, I blamed it on the sun that day, and the shadows, be the judge!

Back to the "affliction" everyone should be concerned with: Think about are responsible for not only yourself, but another little human being. Someone who wants to be entertained at all times, someone who doesn't speak English, or rather, doesn't speak a language you are versed in for the moment. A toddler has needs, 24/7 and you are the ONLY person there to make it happen. Your interaction with Adults is drive your neighbors crazy with phone calls seeking advice...or just to ramble. You come across friends once in awhile and are so damn grateful to have an adult ear, you just talk and talk and talk...regardless of whether they are interested or not.

You rarely have time to yourself...if you catch a flu bug, fugettabout don't have time to be sick! Your like an actor, always on a doctor, always concerned for fevers , scrapes, and bruises etc...and if you have pets...hell, add em to the total...seems the dogs always want attention too, even more than before Bella was and out all day, more water, need to play, etc...

Down times rarely exists...if I can get the little one to nap, before I know it, I am putting toys away, doing laundry, washing dishes, dusting, vacuuming, straightening things up and DAMN, I forgot to rest! Or, when I do find the time to relax a bit, Bella decides to end her nap, and dictate my schedule once again!

Now, don't get me wrong, there is not one thing I would change about Bella, she is one super wonderful her to death....but, damn, Daddy needs time too....then again, when I do get time to myself, all I do is think about Bella. :-)

I take drives in the evening, when Papa comes home from work...after getting Bella settled in to her dinner routine, all the while, feeding the dogs, making dinner for the two of us...blah blah blah, etc, etc, etc...never a dull moment...hell, rarely a Daddy Moment....when I do take my drives, it is usually to get milk, or something else the house needs, that I may have forgotten on the grocery run... Hell, I forget things all the time now...part of that GOBYT thing I am certain!Or I call family and friends on the cell, from a parking lot...especially Cousin Niecey who is so sympathetic to my needs LOL! and yeah, you guessed it, I talk about Bella mostly! Hell, during the day, I even find myself talking to myself...the scarier part is, I actually answer myself! AAAARGH!

Now, take a good look at the pics again, I have certainly grown older before my time....I love my child, but, I wish I had the looks and the energy I had way back when.....Damn, I would be more apt to run all day, and night, and still be smiling...I smile allot now, although, it is usually to get Bella to smile. Which she does quite often....Yeah, I know, I am damn lucky!
There is no real cure for GOYBT...other than accepting who you are, what your purpose is...well, that and some serious workouts, fiber and maybe, just maybe some plastic surgery :-)

P.S. In case you were wondering, the before pic was back when I was 15 :-) The after, taken a few days ago, at out friends Stacy & Jeff Lemon's Wedding. Such a beautiful wedding. Thanks to God Sister Amy for the great pic!

And of course, can't post without a recent pic of our little one:-)

Thursday, April 3, 2008

You Make A Difference

Please, click on the link and follow it all the way through!

Love You All!


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