Thursday, March 31, 2011

Feedin' Da Ducks!

Bella hasn't been feeling all to well, with a nasty cough - AGAIN! So, after school yesterday, I'd decided it would be fun to get her out of the house....and what better way than to 'feed da duckies!'

We have the most beautiful park, literally one block from our home. It has lakes, wildlife, skateboarders and even a small amusement park. Of course, there IS a golf course attached.

A train runs in the park, as do joggers, bikers and lots and lots of families. On any given day, you will see people flying kites, BBQing, having birthday parties, playing soccer, basketball and racing remote controlled cars.

It is great fun...beautiful and so serene.

Until we arrived HA!

Enjoy the video!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Don't Be a Drag, Just Be A Queen!

OK, so here it is.....

It all started because my partner and I started watching RUPAULS DRAG RACE, three seasons ago. We were hooked!....and then, eventually,. so was Bella.

Last season ( SEASON TWO) a drag queen named JUJUBEE was introduced...she, and she alone (at the time) became our instant obsession. We adored Jujubee...

She was catty, sarcastic, and yet lovable...and quite beautiful. Breathtaking in fact! We were rooting for her, all the way through, to win. Alas, she did not...but...we were certified (perhaps certifiable?) fans!

Flash Forward to the present:

About 2 months ago, I received an email announcing two of our favorite drag queens would be hosting a show here in our city. I emailed my partner, he agreed...we HAD to go. Especially since the VIP ticket offerings were for a "Meet & Greet" WITH JUJUBEE & JESSICA WILD ! We were beside ourselves when the tickets we purchased, turned out to be in FRONT ROW, CENTER!

YAY FOR US. Not only were we going to meet her, but we were going to see her...up close and personal. A little too personal for some HA! We were, literally, right upside of her skirt. And any of the other numerous performers...feet away...and just some great pics though :-)

Bella was THRILLED! She knew we had to go without her, but she didn't seem to mind. (we don't get out allot without the little one, mind you) She knew she would have a fantastic time at our neighbor Tami's home...AND...

Bella asked Daddy top print out a picture of her..."so I can sign it - 'L-O-V-E B-E-L-L-A' and Daddy, you can give it to her. From ME"!

The show was great fun. Jessica Wild impressed the absolute hell out of the two of us. That chick can DANCE! Amazing, especially since she was dancing...all over the 4 inch stiletto's...DAYUM!!! BellaDaddy took 272 pics...of the show itself, and LOTS and LOTS of Jujubee and Jessica.

And then....

The time wait in line for 45 minutes, to be rushed through, (they had to close the theatre at a certain time), to meet the coolest female impersonators...even next to RuPaul, these girls are AMAZING!!!

We get in, (rushed) hugz all around, and I leaned over and (hurriedly) told JuJuBee that we loved her and Jessica but...our almost 5 year old daughter was a HUGE fan...and handed her the pic.

JuJu looked at the pic, sighed that sweet gasp of "awwwww"...and asked: "Is this for ME"? I told her it was and she was so thankful and gracious!

Then more hugz, pictures and kisses....(all super fast and rambling on my part). Jessica Wild asked for our email she can get copies of all the pics...

I think we made a few new friends!

We picked Bella up at 1AM, she had fallen asleep. The first things she says, when I wake her, in that cute little kid sleepy voice is, (along with a huge hug) :

"Daddy, I Missed You so Much"

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Go Ahead...I Dare Ya!!!!

Full story, coming soon!


Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy Day

UPDATED LINK! SO SORRY EVERYONE, the link for my friends website has been updated...please see below:

OK OK, I know, you are here looking for a hint about the "EXCITING NEWS " coming up....

So, it hasn't happened as fast as I had imagined, but it will...soon...

Therefore, as promised, here is the first hint:


Click above to check out my friends web site for a clue.

In the meantime, enjoy the video and have a GREAT St. Pat's Day!!!

Saturday, March 12, 2011


Papa is so0 grateful for all the birthday wishes...thanks SO MUCH everyone!

That's him on the left....he is so rarely photographed...BellaDaddy was the recent victim of a nipple tweak in this pic LOL
Sunday, March 6, 2011

Changes...they are a comin'!

Honestly, the exciting news, is more exciting for don't go thinking we are announcing a new baby or anything similar. Um, er, ahem...not gonna happen...not anytime soon that is :-)

In the meantime, enjoy this silly pic, from Bella's school carnival...

...and...STAY TUNED!

will be offering up some hints this week...

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