Friday, March 19, 2010

Happy Friday!

Relaxing, enjoying the less-than-tension-filled week!
Happy Fatherhood Friday!

You MUST check out the Mentally Sexy RESERVOIR DAD
on DAD-BLOGS! What an amazingly cool representation of Aussie Dads


Friday, March 12, 2010

No, Really!

Still taking that much needed "breather" and thanks for the coolio comments....we will be back...sooner than you can say "Where's My Bella?"

OK OK, maybe not THAT soon...but am certain you get the idea...

And if not, here are a few peeks into why the break is needed...

1) We are moving (not always fun - but we are happy about it)

2) Our new home is 1300 sq ft, our old; 3400 (the great space experiment)

3) We have GLADYS KRAVITZ type neighbors (only a few - one of which I confronted just yesterday)

4) Bella has begun the test of boundaries...attitude adjustment on it's way...

5) Today (Friday) is Papa's B-Day...(hafta clean the damn house LOL)

A few more things...will blog on all...soon! So, to smile, and read the happs, head on over to: DAD-BLOGS.

And, Happy Fatherhood Friday!

Cya Soon!

Thursday, March 11, 2010


...ya just need a breather.

These past two weeks have been a new avenue in life for me to experience. Don't get me wrong, nothing bad has happened, I just needed a break.

There will be new posts here soon, highlighting the lives we are currently leading. But, for now, I just needed to take a step back, inhale deeply, re-evaluate our priorities.

Unfortunately, the blog suffered. So many of you have left such wonderful comments, on our last post, and sent emails wondering where we were. We are well, fine and trudging onward with all life has to offer...and yes, even throw at us.

I have read all of these comments and thoughts and SO appreciate your concerns. I have wanted to leave comments on your blogs, and yes, I have read many of them, but I just haven't had the mind-set to do so...yet.

Be warned! LOL

Apologies for sounding so cryptic...I promise to post more soon.

For now, look forward to tomorrow:
Fatherhood Friday over at DAD-BLOGS!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Happy Fatherhood Friday

Picture yourself amongst the best of the best. DAD-BLOGS.
Where every day is a celebration of DADS!

Today's post is all about beauty. Beautiful Bella *SIGH*

It has been one uber-crazed week (more on that, in a few days), and I just wanted to stare at her face for hours on end, everyday. So today, you get the same privilege HA! Sometimes ya just wanna make people smile!

Take a gander at these "never before seen" - candid shots. (non-edited), (OK, somewhat edited).. !!!


"Hey Hey We're Stepping On Up!"

"Lemmee Outta Here!"

"Hey Daddy, where's the furniture?"

"Yup, Told Ya. I AM A Shopper!"

"You're Gonna Cook My Dinner on THIS?"

"Happy Valentines Day! (Yeppers, I get a 'Happy Cake' for EVERY Holiday)"


"A Lovely Rose, for ME"

"Lady GaGa, Inspires Me"

"and, I can Dance Too"

"Come On Baby,. it ain't THAT cold outside, let's Roll"

"I am SO gonna BUST Santa"

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