Thursday, August 27, 2009


Happy Fatherhood Friday Everyone...where this weeks theme is:
"The Start of the School Year" Take the big yellow bus on over
to DAD-BLOGS. C'mon, you know you wanna read the coolest blog posts alive...especially when it comes to reliving your own school daze!

I remember the first day of school, feeling so excited that I had on my new clothes, my new shoes, new pencils, new binders, new backpack...and was about to embark on a new where I would walk proud, chin up, carrying my new Partridge Family lunch box onto the yard and be the coolest kid around. SCREEEECH!.

Partridge Family lunch box??

No matter how hip the clothes, could you imagine today...Going anywhere with a Partridge Family lunch box? Unless you are a girl. (contrary to popular belief, I am not one). Although, if a vintage one, and you made like $300 bucks for it on EBay, who would be laughing now? Eh?

Sometimes, as many have said, throughout the generations...Kids can say the darnedest things. However, as we all know, they can also "repeat" the worst words, phrases and slogans. Most times it can be cute as hell, but this? This is maddening: "HUH?"

Since I was a kid I have despised this word. My Mother, Teachers, Neighbors, etc, would always exclaim to me and my brothers: "Huh is NOT a word". I hated them for it.

Like in school, when I hadda go pee pee...chest up, look the teacher straight in the eye, raise arm in the air and ask: "Teacher, can I go to the bathroom?" Miss Scankey responds (yes, that was the name of my first grade teacher)...anyway, Miss Scankey says: "Yes you can David", I get up to go...and Miss Scankey then asks: "David, where do you think you are going?"

"HUH?" You said I could go to the bathroom, Miss Scankey"

Teacher responds: "HUH IS NOT A WORD" and..."Yes, I said you CAN go to the restroom, however, I did not say you MAY go to the restroom. Of course, everyone CAN go to the bathroom, but you David, MAY only go if you ask correctly"!

"HUH?" (cue entire class laughing at my expense. And I am about to piss my pants). Finally figuring it out, after being thoroughly humiliated, I made it to the restroom in time. But, after that, I NEVER forgot to use the word MAY when asking, and never, ever, ever never, "HUH'd" again in class!
And, I have ALWAYS appreciated my Teachers since. (Once I had realized the lesson learned, of course). Now? Seems I have gone through a state of regression. Anyone know of a good punctuation, grammar and creative writing class? I think my blog may be suffering LOL!

Anyway, we have no clue where Bella picked this one up. Oh sure, we slang it, we gibberish at times, we have our own silly phrases and words that Bella repeats and giggles...and we laugh. But "HUH"...UH UH, Dunno where she got it. Just about every time we ask for her, she responds now with "HUH"...GAWD I Hate that word. And, for some reason, it seems that much more grinding on the ears when a 3 year old says it...Arrrgh!

I will tell you this, by the time she starts school in two year, HUH, and CAM VS MAY will be deeply seeded in her memory. She will know within that two years, how and when to use the proper phrases... Of course, by then, one can only shudder at the thought of "those" words she will be learning in school. Even back when I was in school, all those years ago, I recall vividly, the glee and pride I felt when I learned a new word. (Bad words were the most fun!)

That is for another post!


Friday, August 21, 2009

"Sometimes you just need a little push. Thanks Daddy."

And thanks to Stacy for this hilarious pic...
This is not Bella! LOL...for those of you asking...I just thought it was a damn funny Pic! :-)

C'mon People, it IS funny! You know you secretly agree.

Happy Fatherhood Friday! Trip on over to DAD_BLOGS !

Friday, August 14, 2009

Calling ALL Stay At Home MOMS & DADS!

Nicoa Dunne
holland archer
raleigh, nc 27605

Here's your chance, be mentioned in a book. Share YOUR opinions, ideas and stay at home parenting stories!

I'd emailed this contact, after seeing it on my Shankman buddy's HARO email. "Help a Reporter Out". They were looking for Stay At Home Moms & Dads.
Check it out, and help us all out. We need this exposure :-)

"David! Thanks for the reply – we LOVE your blog and website!!

We finally finished our survey for the book and would love for you to participate! Here’s the link:

We’d also love for you to share it with all the Stay At Work Moms with Stay At Home Dads that you might know…

Any “forwarding” appreciated – and thanks in advance for participating,

Ps – your daughter is BEAUTIFUL!"

After such a cool reply, how could I not participate AND forward it on.

Friday, August 7, 2009


To all who sent birthday wishes our way. We may not know many of you personally, but we feel we do. Amazing kindness abounds in the blogosphere and we want you to know we appreciate you.


Bella loves to sit on Daddy's lap while I read the various blog comments, stories and such. So, she is very aware of her blogger buddies...and of course, some of the coolest names. She repeats them over and over, until she feels she has them down. (sometimes takes awhile)... I need to get some on ain't never heard the funnies like when Bella verbalizes "Weasel Momma!" HA!

Bella has a new catch phrase...(dunno WHERE she keeps coming up with these)...anyhoo....the new one is...

"I'm A Big Girl Diva, and Don't You Forget It"...

No Joke. She has many others, as her favorite thing to do is Talk...Talk back...Talk loud. Talk Soft. Talk to her Dolls. Talk to the dogs, talk to the ...well, um, er, ahem, you get the idea...

And speaking joke when I tell you to skip on over to DAD_BLOGS.

Fun friends, cool camaraderie and positively pun-tastic pals. HAPPY FATHERHOOD FRIDAY!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Birthday Update!



Whew! Parties are exhausting...!

Bella had a blast. She is so cool when it comes to being a little hostess...walking hand in hand, introducing her "Sissy" Amy to everyone. Hugging those that arrive. Thanking for gifts. Proudly showing off her "Drama Room". She was quite the Mistress of the House that day. No Doubts.

The cake was amazing! Thank you TAMMIE_COE_CAKES.

And hellfire, she never once made any kind of mess on her (hand wash only - I don't get that for toddlers) birthday outfit.

Was truly a special day! Special friends, For a Special Little One!

Thanks to everyone for the kind birthday wishes!

...for Bella and myself!

Enjoy the pics from our Hollywood/Superstar Birthday Party

(below in the slide show)
Monday, August 3, 2009

Happy 46th Birthday To BellaDaddy

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