Friday, May 29, 2009

"Look Papa, It's Bella's Hoo-Haw Hoo"

Get your mind out of the gutter! This was Bella's interpretation of: "Look Papa, It's Bella's HOOLA HOOP" :-) She certainly has a way with words sometimes. This one, though, was one of her more hysterical ones. Papa couldn't wait to tell me, as it totally cracked him up.

Now, this post may have started on a humorous note, but, it has been one helluva week, indeed!
We returned form vacation last wed night, and the very next day....Papa and Bella were sick. Me? Well, it took a few more days, but I was targeted as well. NURSE-MAID MODE kicked in.

Kicked in? more like MANDATED! It seems when anyone is sick in our home, I am the one who takes over. The calm one. The one with the mind to nurture...Gets the meds ready, calls the doctors, warms/or cools the home, depending on the illness...(and the doctors advice)...and this time was no exception. In fact, it felt more like we were quarantined!

Honestly, Overwhelmed is a good word. But, in defense of everyone involved, I take over because I HAVE to. I feel like I am the only one who can make it better. Stupid I know, but hey, I grew up in a large family, and my mind tells me the worst scenarios can be avoided. And my mind, yeah, it works like that, I think the worst can happen and I prep for it. I may not handle it in a calm manner, but crappers, I do what I can. God forbid anyone stands in my way when my family is ill.

It is truly more of a self preservation method. I don't wanna get sick...if I do who takes care of everyone else?

My partner, sick as he can be, will offer to get up every three hours to give Bella her Motrin and Tylenol (alternating of course)...but I always do it, and I do mean always, so no. "You need to get yourself better, so I can have a break"...That never happens. I need to be in control I guess. I am a stay at home dad, I have the time to read, research and get the answers needed to get better. I have that knowledger....I like to think. ARRRGH! It doesn't always work that way...but hey, it is MY WAY DAMNIT! LOL (kidding) sort of!

Bella has been feverish, with a cough, for almost a and on, the fever issue always makes me nervous. DAMN nervous!

As of this posting, (9am-ish) she is still sleeping. I feel, since she woke up every three hours last night, and the night before, she can sleep as long as she wants.

Now, if only I could get some sleep...maybe a vacation from our vacation?

SIGH! - Happy Fatherhood Friday Everyone!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Fearless Philly Photo Fatherhood Friday

Back from a vacation visiting family near Philadelphia, I am so glad to be part of DAD-BLOGS Fatherhood Friday, yet again.

Bella had a GREAT time with family. She was thrilled to play with her cousins, Rachel, Mathew and Brandon. Alas, we were still not able to visit her BFF Sophia in New Jersey, but we have hope it will happen someday :-)

The highlight of our trip, was visiting Sesame Place. I am certain I had more fun that anyone else. But, as you can see from the pics, Bella had a pretty darn good time as well. She is FEARLESS...asking to ride the roller coaster the moment we entered the gates. her first time on one and we had a BLAST! I must say, this was no little kiddies coaster...this thing was SUPER FUN! I have it on video, may post later.

Also, to address concerns, on a previous post. We are pretty good parents, we know when to limit our child's viewing of anything questionable. Therefore, for anyone concerned, Bella loves The Rocky Horror Picture Show, EDITED VERSION ;-) She adores the costumes, the music and the dancing....

Thursday, May 7, 2009

An Interview With A Superstar!

Not the best I could have done...considering last weeks' post (tee hee) but hey, not so easy sitting a toddler down for an interview ;-) I wanted it to be spectacular...smoothe...nail biting! OK, OK, We had loads of fun though. This was taped at a few different sittings. One, as you will notice, right after her bath...and she asked to wear her "poky-dot robe" as well as her...well, you'll see! Hope you enjoy.

You may need to pause in places, to see the question, and turn up the volume, she speaks softly at times ;-)

This vid goes out to all my friends over at DAD-BLOGS. Yah Yah, I know, I seem to only post on Fridays now....but, if you visit the site, you will realize there are some very cool, encouraging blogs over there....Love em! Most of the questions in the video were sent in by those cool Dads and Moms! Don't fret if your question wasn't included this time. We have saved them all and are already in the works for a better, more vivid and revealing interview...Coming Soon!

Hope you enjoy as half as much as we did making it.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Foot In Mouth Friday well as a shout out to my very cool friends over at DAD-BLOGS.

Every Friday, as many of you know, we share blogs, ideas and cool camaraderie.

Last Friday, I put out a call to our blogger buddies to submit questions for the little Superstar for an interview to be presented this Friday. (A cool idea, I thought, at the time).
Making a long story very short...Daddy dropped the ball. I do, however, have what I would consider a good reason...FOOD POISONING! (Gawd, I thought I was gonna be on the news, for Swine Flu!)

Being a stay at home parent, we get to experience so many things in the wonderful little worlds of our children. BUT, and it is a BIG but...(pun intended), sometimes...well, ya just get sick. And when you do, and those of you who are stay at home parents know, you just don't function well....
You are supposed to one can do it are THE one who holds everything together...(or rather, you like to think so) but damn, you just wanna crawl under a rock and die....

Imagine, your tummy feels a bit odd...u eat lunch, but it just doesn't seem to settle...the little one goes down for a decide to lay down too...(we have all heard, when the little one naps, you do too).

We have a two story home, therefore, we have used a monitor in our little one's bedroom since birth...and I cant tell you how amazing it has been to have that monitor...watching, (staring) at the little one sleeping, moving about...and just being a cool alarm clock...for when she wakes.

BUT, (there is that big ole but again)...this particular day, I wanted to pitch it. throw it out the window...(off the second floor)...smash it...burn it....donate it to the local convenience store for surveillance....

She wakes! I spew! Simple as that....? NOPE! It was horrendous....I barely made it to the kitchen sink...(I know what you are thinking...KITCHEN SINK? Hey, it has a disposal...and frankly, lucky I made it anywhere at all...)! Without going into particulars, let's just say my lunch included bits of bell, green, yellow...and at that point, no digestion had taken place...IT HURT!

At this point, the little one wants out of bed...NOW. I can' hurts, I am is two stories up...and it would have felt like a hike up a mountain at that point....

So, Daddy, who does it all, who prides himself on taking care of everyone else, regardless...had to break down, call the other half...and in a whimper..."Please can you come home and get the little one out of bed...I am Spewing."

Better now, after a few days, but, the Interview is not will me...and it will be fun...but for now...I need to wallow in my self pity for a bit....(at least I ain't wallowing in Spew)

Go ahead, take advantage of my last weeks post...send your comments and questions...I will add and have a fun fun fun video next week.

Make sure and click on the blogs of those who have submitted, as well as heading over to my friends at

P.S. after the spew had died down, I had to blow my nose...YUP, bell the nose...NOT PRETTY!

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