Sunday, October 31, 2010
Happy Halloween


See if anyone realizes the Frankenstein reference!
(Insert Evil Laugh Here)

And A Huge Thanks to our Special Guests:

Sarah & Amy!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Halloween Warning!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

YO! You Following ME?

Being back in the blog-o-sphere is cool...loving it. Especially the comments you all leave...some of them leave me in tears, laughing out loud and some, well perhaps, at times, a bit confused. Believe me, it is Me, not You! :-)

I have also noticed, there are many more followers than before. If you wanna see them, look to the right of this post. I see many familiar faces, and allot that are not.

I am honored, and humbled that there are so many whom wish to "follow" our escapades. At the same time, I am a bit bewildered by it as well.

So, with that in mind, let me know who you are.

If you are following, and have never left a comment, please feel free to do so. NOW!


Seriously, I would love to know who you are, if you have a blog of your own.

If you are concerned about leaving personal info in comments, know this, all comments are "approved" by me, before posting. Therefore, when you leave a comment, let me know it is confidential. I will either not post it, or edit the content.

So, with that being said, c'mon, you know you wanna:

Leave A Comment. Allow us that little peek into your lives. If you are planning a family, have a little one already or just following cuz we are silly fun, I wanna know. Okie Dokie?

You'll feel so much better. I promise! HA!


Monday, October 18, 2010

Daddy's Crying!

I purposely did not post this past weekend, instead, hoping not to jinx it, I waited.

(ready to go)

BELLA STARTED SCHOOL TODAY! Whaaaahhhhhhh (that's daddy's tears - ONLY!)

WOW, whomever said we should question school administrators or teachers, were dead wrong. We were told I would be the emotional one, and boy were they spot on. Bella was like:..."CYA" and was eager (too eager) to join the kids on the playground for before school fun...and because she had chapped lips, and lip balm on, I couldn't even get a kiss. She did, however, blow me an "air kiss!" *SIGH*...

(see my back pack)

It all started on Thursday, the day we got the call...Bella was accepted to Pre-School. Frantic, I called her pediatrician, because I knew she hadn't had her 4 year immunizations just yet. We were lucky, they had a Nurse Practitioner ready on Saturday morning. Whew!!

Spent all day and evening Friday, pumping the little one up: "Bella, you have to be brave." "Bella, you are going to get 4 shots" "Bella, they are gonna hurt, but it will be better soon" "Bella, you will get a lollypop after the shots" Etc...Etc...

(good luck rainbow)

Bella took it all in stride.

(heading through the school gate)

I did not!

I don't do well with Bella and doctors office visits. I am always so concerned with her temperament, that I am certain, I cause her to be more nervous. So, I don't go anymore. Papa does. THANKFULLY!

As Papa said, Bella was a trooper. It was over in a matter of moments, and she was back to being herself. Very little tears. How does he get so lucky? Dunno, but I suspect, if I had been there, holy terror, there would have been "Drama - Trauma!!"

She has been so excited to head off to school. And no better example than this morning. Woke up. Got dressed. ate Breakfast...and was "ready to go now, Daddy".

Of course, i was the one delaying. Had to take pics. Ready to go, back pack on, at the gates, in the school...I was doing everything in my power not to lose it.

(and, there she goes...)


They asked where Bella was, I told them she had started her first day...and headed out to the parking lot. And cried!

Daddy's a big ole baby.

And now? Writing this, I feel better...Sorta!

Think I am gonna go let lose again!
Daddy's Crying!

Friday, October 15, 2010

School Daze

So, we decided, long before Bella was born, that I would be a stay at home parent. Assuming I would be able to handle taking care of a kid, 24/7 for the first five years of her life. We were pretty adamant, considering we both had started school, then. Kindergarten.

Well, life moves on, things change and well, our outlook did too.

Now, before anyone assumes the worst, yes, I have had my moments, quite a few in the last year actually. I have noticed, and probably conveyed a bit too much: CABIN FEVER! Impatience. Yelling. but, never spanking. Yeah, I can yell. Big surprise , eh? HA!

Honestly though, it is more of a deep voice kinda thing. When I am angry with the little one (or Papa), the voice deepens a few octaves. Not Darth Vader deep, but low enough to get my point across. Normally. Not as often as I would like, works. sometimes.

Anyhoo, I have noticed that my deep voice rantings are not working as much anymore. The little one chooses to ignore my warnings of not running in the house, running in flip flops, and in general, not running at all. Although, bribery still works. Probably will till the day I die LOL! She thinks it is funny to disobey these warnings, and Papa? Well, Papa likes to push my buttons and instigate the little one. NO worries, we are truly a happy family, but hell, I seem to be experiencing the good cop/bad cop dilemma.

Which brings me to this: I get a break! FINALLY!!

Albeit only a few hours a day, but YIKES! It has been FOUR YEARS since I had this much time on my hands...what will I do? Probably clean house. Initially. Then? Get back in shape. Yeah, contrary to popular belief, I ain't this pretty under all the clothes. I need work. Not having had that luxury in so many years, now is the time.

Enough of me. The reason for this post?: BELLA IS GOING TO SCHOOL! NOW! Before kindergarten.

We had known for some time, that the public school system in our state sucks. BIG TIME! Therefore, we were seeking alternatives for her schooling. She is a bright, creative and opinionated kid. Therefore, she needs to be stimulated. So, we determined the best bet would be private schools. NOT!

SHEESH, even with the economy in such a state, the tuition for kindergarten and up was a minimum of 12k per year. FOR A 5 YEAR OLD? I remember paying that for college...(almost)!

UH after careful and extensive research, we decided on Montessori. She can learn at her own pace, and excel. The system is such that it enables students to have a more personal approach to education, rather than the teacher sitting behind a desk, spouting off essays, rules and warnings.

So, we found a school. Learned there was a waiting list, and decided to apply. It is fairly close to our new home and we needed to get her on the list for kindergarten . ASAP!

We did, took the tour and discovered there was ONE opening for pre-school. PRE-SCHOOL!

Such the excellent adventure! Although we had never considered it before, we know this, now, will teach her the importance of socialization. And give her a head start on the learning/schooling processes.

We've already bought her back-pack, thermos and lunch pail. She is thrilled. For now. We all know that can change the moment she walks through that door and realizes Daddy & Papa wont be there...We all went through it at one point or moves...and moves...and moves.

Yesterday, Thursday, Bella met her teacher for the first time. They call this an assessment. Teachers meet with students, one on one.

It went well. We Think. We should find out today if she has been accepted. Fingers crossed!

Perhaps soon...not only will I have time for me, I can do laundry, clean the house, pick up toys, plan dinner, work out and BLOG AGAIN!


*SIGH* (it only took 4 years and several months)

Happy Fatherhood Friday!

Educate yourself with the reading, writings and rhythmic movements of the members @ DAD-BLOGS

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Halloween Redux

Who knew our little one was frugal? With all the toys floating around, the cool clothes and perfume! And lest we forget the shoes. Gotta have the shoes that match.

However, this Halloween, Bella surprised us by saving her Daddy & Papa over $100 bucks!

True True!

We were trying to get a head start on Halloween this year, being that it will be her first time heading door to door. We have been pumping her up, teaching her the do's and dont's of trick or treating: "Ring the bell, or knock - say "TRICK OR TREAT"...then run like crazy! KIDDING! We all know the score for Halloween.

Since Bella was 1 , she has thoroughly enjoyed being the one to give out the candy. We have pretty much held back on her experiencing the sweet shops of lore, instead, "treating" her with sugar free ice creams, yogurt, fruits and fun veggies, and the like. She has been cool about it...until now.

She KNOWS what those commercials on TV are all about now...SHE KNOWS!! And she never lets us forget it. Being the Little Miss Chatterley that she is, she constantly, and incessantly, talks. (Another post soon, I promise)

So, this year, we decided, since we are moving soon to a cool new neighborhood, now is the time.

Anyhoo, back to "The Savings!"

We were recently looking through pictures of Halloweens past, Bella and I, when she remembered she had wings in the closet. We had previously chosen a Queen of Hearts costume. (Think Alice in Wonderland, the original) and it was in an online catalog for just about $100. You know the type: Costume Only, crown extra. Etc... So, it would have been approximately $150.00 when all the accoutrement were purchased.

Looking at the pictures, a bell went off in her head!!

"Daddy, where are my wings, I want my wings. The wings make me fly, I want my Wings. Can you find them Daddy? I want to wear them, Daddy. Please, oh please, Daddy, I want my wings!"....OK OK You get the idea.

Daddy found the wings.

And, I recalled storing the rest of the costume as well...close by. (Kudos to Daddy)
So I dug out the personalized matching treat bag, the tutu, the wand, the head band etc... We even had super awesome new pink shoes, with a large pink rhinestone on the toe, that work out perfectly! (not pictured)...Bella was so eager to try it on...and lo and behold, the damn thing fit. PERFECTLY!

To make a long story short, and to confirm the savings, Bella exclaimed: "Daddy, THIS is what I want to wear for Halloween! This one, oh please Daddy, may I wear this one for Halloween. Daddy, I want to be the Butterfly! Please, Please, Please"?

SIGH: who could say no? Especially to a $150 Savings!

Here is the costume, (cell phone pic - sorry) in (almost) all of it's glory. I remembered she outgrew the top that came with it (long gone now), so we will be shopping for just the right one, soon.

SIGH #2: I love this little girl!

Enjoy! - More posts coming soon: BELLA GOES TO SCHOOL! Restoration Pics. Bella's New Bedroom. Bella's new Drama Room...all coming soon....I PROMISE. There has been so much going on, that the blog has suffered. No more...I PROMISE!

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