Thursday, June 19, 2008

Who's A Big Girl Now?, no, I not talking about ME! HA!

We cannot believe our Little One is turning 2 NEXT MONTH! AMAZING!!

Been so long since I blogged, hardly know where to much happening in the way of our little one....! Therefore., here is a list of (a few) recent milestones:

Talking On The Phone: FINALLY, she is beginning to get over the shy thing on the phone. When the home phone rings, Bella will perk up and say HELLO...if we hand her the phone, she will jabber on and on...sometimes asking "what are you doing"?...but usually just gibberish...but hey, she is getting there! She will carry the phone around and pretend she is talking to someone...over and over and over...Hello, what are you doing, gibber, jabber, blah blah blah!!

ABC's: Recently, Bella was sitting patiently in her Bugaboo, while Daddy was getting his hair cut, our friend Kelly says..."David, shut up, be quiet for a moment...(yeah, like I talk allot, get real) Heh Heh...Is Bella actually singing her ABC's?" Um,. yes, I replied, she does that all time...even when we go up and down the stairs, she steps, says A, steps again, says B, etc...she gets all the way up to G sometimes...and then it is a flurry of letters in the wrong places...hell I don't care, she is learning...FAST!

Potty Potty: starting to potty train herself (removes her diaper, on her own, rolls it up in a ball and puts it in a corner) Then goes potty...unfortunately, she hasn't mastered the actual sitting on the potty chair,let your imagine run away with you!

Shares Her Toys: her BFF Cruz comes over often, she answers the door when she hears the exited...and actually hands him toys to play with...she loves this little boy and even gives hugs and kisses to his Mom, Jill. We were invited to a party in honor of Cruz and Bella had a blast with the other kids and of course, Cruz's toys! She even got to visit with her friend Avery, whom she hadn't seen in awhile.

Talk to the Dogs: When Bella is in her high chair, eating lunch, etc...the dogs will inevitably hover...waiting for that drop of food to hit the floor. Well, Bella now has learned to point at the dogs and yell...NO! OUTSIDE, NOW!:-)

Starbucks Run: Bella loves heading over to the local Starbucks with Daddy. She loves pushing the buttons on the credit card machine (As well as pushing Daddy's buttons)...and when the receipt prints out, she grabs it, crunches it up and hands it to the employee behind the counter...and giggles! The employees love Bella. She is also somewhat of a mascot at the local CVS too! She's always wearing her sunglasses, of which she has almost as many as she does shoes...(she gets the shoe thing from me - which I got from my friend, Charity!!).

Garbage VS Recycle Bin: Bella loves to pitch garbage...and knows the difference between the recycle bin and the trash bin...gonna teach her to dust tomorrow! (kidding)

Recently, I thought, why not seat Bella at the "big girls table", (dining room table) and see how she does. Needless to say, she was thrilled, not having to be strapped into the highchair...and she proceeded to have her lunch, like a proper little lady....never once trying to wiggle out of the chair. SO PROUD of her...enjoy the vid!

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