Friday, July 3, 2009

Just Me...


...and a super Fatherhood Friday to all!. Don't forget to check out my buds, and bud-ettes over at DAD-BLOGS For cool columns, silly stories and great people!

GEEZ! 30 years! Seems like such a Long time...and I am. Father to a toddler, one who is gonna be 3 years old this month. Ya know, they say "Boy how time flies when you're having fun."


Hell, fun was 30 years ago when I could go out all night and not worry about work the next day...going in with a hangover, looking like crud was the thing to do. We would all sit around and compare drunken stupor stories.


Now, I have one half of a mixed drink, or one full beer and the only things I am comparing the next day are how crappy I slept. With a headache waking me every hour on the hour...and a tummy that kept twisting and turning. As for anyone to compare with? Say hello to my friendly mirror. Er, not so friendly anymore.

I remember thirty years ago, when I would head out to a late night breakfast, 3am, after dancing all night in a club (back then, yeah, it was a disco - deal!). Eating fries, burgers, hell, anything we could get our hands on that as cheap, fast, and alcohol absorbing. Denny's didn't love us so much back then. We were no doubt, the ones they would roll their eyes at when they saw coming.


I hafta eat three hours before I sleep, cuz of a diet/workout regimen I am on. Burgers and fries? Uh Uh. Turkey Burgers and Yam Fries...BLECH! Oh, and lest I forget, hafta take a swig of fiber stuff before eating....ya know, make sure it all goes well the next day.


I was an actor. A comedian. A Dancer. A Model....I appeared on stage and in movies, commercials and voice overs.


Bella is my captive audience. I get to be as silly as I want, I get to play with toys, and bust a move all over the house...she laughs and joins in. Ah, and I should mention, I also got a crash course in how to paint a fidgety toddlers toenails..."Bella, c'mon, sit still...we are gonna have chocolate as soon as we're done"...yeah, it works ;-)

(Bella painting on here new table and chairs- and having a tea party)


At my expense, included are a few pics from my past (THANKS SANDY!) you may get a kick out of...Bella sure does. Every time she sees them, I hear: "Look, Daddy is being silly"...and/or: "Oh my goodness, Daddy has a Caterpillar on his face"...(my favorite).

So, for all the fun I had 30 years ago, I am sure making up for it now. Paying my dues? Dunno. But I do know this...(insert mushy sigh here)...I sure am loving being a Dad!


One I hope goes on longer than the 30 (45) years it has taken to get here ;-)

Enjoy the pics...NO SNIDE COMMENTS PLEASE! (oh, ok, go on...I deserve it :-)

( I hear you laughing Outnumbered, Mommy with a Penis and Weasel Momma)

19 BellaBuddies left comments! Ya know ya wanna!!:

Out-Numbered said...

Oh boy. You're a brave soul. Just out of curiosity, who are you always looking at in the distance? Members Only must have closed after you stopped shopping there. BTW... You look much hotter now. :-)

BellaDaddy said...

U know, been so long I cant remember...but I think I was more focused on the fact that those pants were too damn tight...

MileHighDad said...

Hey BellaDaddy, in photo two, is the courderoy(sp)? Brave man, my hats off!

BellaDaddy said...

ROFLMAO! wait, I think they were jeans...Jordache I am sure ;-)

ciara said...

ohmylawd...did u really pop your collar on a members only jacket? yikes. u look SO 80's. i'm such an 80's girl, i'm actually digging it hahaha oh crikey, did u say you're wearing jordache? lmao i used to have a pair. don't remember them looking like that.

mhd-courderoy was the shiznit bk then :) i owned a few pairs myself. oh man, i really do love this post haha. happy 4th to you and your family :)

p.s. i don't have an ff up as of yet. tomorrow when it's friday here on the west coast hehe

gladys said...

Wow, I remember seeing pictures like these in my history books in school ;)

Just kidding! I'm kinda jealous of the caterpillar on your face. The best I can do is the beginnings of a chia pet.

JonnyTam13 said...

Whoops, that last "Gladys" comment was from me, Jonny. Didn't realize my MIL was signed in from my computer!

PJ Mullen said...

The caterpillar comment is just classic! I don't have a great relationship with alcohol anymore either. One beer at week is about all I can handle and I have to prepare my blood sugar for it all. Happy 4th!

BellaDaddy said...

JonnyTam13, ya know, I was wondering....chia pet on a "gladys" would be much more intersting than my ole caterpillar LOL

surprised mom said...

Thanks for the blast into your past. You were much better dressed than I was in the 80s. I was in college and wore the typical blazer, shirt, jeans look, but not with such panache.
BTW, I went to the disco, too. I haven't been to a club.
I giggled at Bella's remarks. How cute! (Were you a bit deflated?)
My youngest just found some college photos of me and wants me to post them. Ummmmmmm.

WeaselMomma said...

Those pics are great! And Funny! And I hope you don't mind me saying, I think you look even better present day. Talk about aging well.

ciara said...

i have to agree w those who say you age well. you're a totally hot dad. :)papa better watch out for you lol :p~

Diana - FreeStyleMama said...

Oh! We all look so much better now!

Dori loves to play with her tea set too!

Jason said... are brave as hell. I'd show pictures of me from 30 years ago but we've all seen baby pictures before ;) I hope you had a great weekend!

BellaDaddy said...

So many comments made me BLUSH...thanks...and Jason? OUCH! Damn funny, but OUCH! LOL

Mrs.Lemon said...

I have no words only giggles. I love it!

lil-deb said...

My Unkie David is one hot to trot sex pot!!!! Then and NOW!!!!!

Remember when we used to walk down in the CAstrol district and look at all the nice hot asses....Sigh

Niecey Debby Deb

(F)redddy said...

Oh my. That pornstache did some strange things to me!

BellaDaddy said...

(F)reddy, you and countless others...oh, did I just say that? :-)

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