Friday, July 31, 2009

Happy Day My Little One

Things are a little crazed around here, People flying in, cleaning to be done, etc...etc...etc..., blah, blah, blah...;-) Getting ready for the little ones birthday party on Saturday. Her actual birthday was Tuesday, but, hey, it's was Tuesday after all...cant party down on a Tuesday!!

Gonna be a the meantime, please visit my pals over at DAD_BLOGS and forgive the following re-post...

Cya next week, with cool pics and stories from this past one.

3 years ago today:

Your birth showed me life does indeed include MIRACLES!

I held my breath, until you unleashed your first!

We counted your toes. Fingers. Arms. and...Legs! We wanted to make sure you were perfect. You Were!

I needed to feel you. To know you were real. You reacted to my touch.

Wrapped in fabric, so very small. Wrapped in love.

Seems. So long ago, you were tiny. So soft. So fragile.

Dark hair, dark eyes, dark skin, yet, you lit up the room.

The nurses were so proud. We were so thrilled. And, so very scared.

The infant smiles you shared, only moments old, made us weep.

You seemed to reach out, to comfort your Dads. We melt.


You bring light to our lives, brightening each day...

Your smiles.

Your silly dances.

Your goofy mutterings.

The way you pat me on the back and ask "Daddy, how you doing"? when I am down.

Or tell me..."Daddy, you r OK"

You show me life does indeed include MIRACLES!

Happy 3rd Birthday My Little One!

20 BellaBuddies left comments! Ya know ya wanna!!:

Jason said...

Happy Birthday Bella!!

2momswithaplan said...

Happy Birthday Bella!

Melisa with one S said...

Shoot, now I have to dry my tears before going to teach my spin class. What a lovely tribute.

Happy Birthday, Bella!! xoxo

PJ Mullen said...

Happy Birthday Bella, I hope you have a great day!

Tyler - Building Camelot said...

Happy Birthday! Hope you have a great day

Diana - FreeStyleMama said...

Happy Birthday Bella! Beautiful girl!

~Just me again~ said...

Happy Birthday Bella! Gawd, she's so damn cute! From all the pics, she looks like quite the character.

Anonymous said...

Happy, happy birthday sweet Bella! We cannot believe you are already three! Wow - has time flown! Special wishes to our special friend!
H and B

Steven (Green Dads) said...

Happy Birthday Bella!

Steven, Brian and Darius

Amy said...

I cant believe that she is 3! I still remember exactly where I was when you called to tell me Heather was in labor. Happy Birthday to Bella

surprised mom said...

Happy, Happy Birthday, Bella!

Your tribute to your daughter left tears in my eyes. Your love for her comes shining through.

Mrs.Lemon said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BELLA!!! Hugs and kisses from Aiden :) Hope you guys have a wonderful day.

Isabella said...

Beautifully worded. Thank you for sharing that with us. :)

Happy Birthday Bella!

seashore subjects said...

Happy Birthday to Bella! Wishing her a wonderful celebration!

Andrew's Daddies said...

Wow..this was beautiful. I got teary eyed reading this.

Happy 3rd Birthday Bella!!!!!

You are such a cutie

WeaselMomma said...

Happy Birthday (belated) Bella! I hope the party is a huge success and lots of fun.

KWG said...

Happy Birthday Bella! Hope you all have a great day.

Bobby said...

How great to be 3! Have a wonderful party!

Jeve (aka John and Steve) said...

Happy birthday!

ciara said...

happy birthday, bella! hope the party was a blast.

i've been mia for a wk due to vacation, so no ff for me. :-/

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