Thursday, July 9, 2009

Lest We Forget...

It is strange for me, sometimes (not often)...realizing I too was once a kid. I was a pretty cool kid, tho, as far as my Mom was concerned...but boy oh boy, I sure liked to have fun. To escape my family abode and just be Free...

Yup, that was me:

The kid who could wear shorts better than than my BIG_JIM doll.

One who could spread my arms and fly higher than SUPERMAN
Race faster than EVEL_KNIEVEL

Jump higher than WILT_CHAMBERLAIN

Sling my NUNCHUCKSbetter than the likes of Bruce Lee

A kid who could pedal his bike faster than any SCHWINN commercial. (yeah, I even rode with the "look Mom, no hands" thing going on - broke my elbow once...that's another story).

My retorts were the best in the neighborhood...none of that I'm rubber your glue crap...uh uh. I came up with MUCH better comebacks...yeah? well, your a fartknocker! Dig it? Can't dig, not a dog! and...THAT IS SO BOSS, MAN! Or, the one I most cherish: "Why'd the monkey fall outta the tree?" CUZ HE WAS DEAD!

I was invincible.

Then I grew up.



SCREECH! PUT ON THE BRAKES...did I actually say that?

I never grew up! Or rather, I have never admitted to growing up. I still believe in having as much fun as possible in life. I am still the silly jokester...always doing what I can for the better of humanity in the way of goofiness and smiles...I'm a doof and I wear that badge proudly... and my kid loves to mimic her Daddy being a goofball...

Alas, it seems, so many of us parents have forgotten what it was like...being a kid...a teenager...etc... We hear stories from neighbors and friends about how the kid took the car for a joyride (do they still call it that?)...and came home past curfew, only to be grounded. Um, OK, I realize that there were probably unsavory friends, alcohol or drugs involved...there may have been an accident...someone may have been hurt...but hey...NOT much different than when we were kids...or so I think.

Things are different today I suppose...or suppose not. The drugs and alcohol may be different than a generation ago...but still the same really. Just more choices now. Same ideas. Different years.

Bottom line, in my opinion, kids today are still looking for the rush...the high...the fun. Be it getting into trouble over a car, girlfriends/boyfriends , clothes, piercings, etc... Again, same ole stuff. Different years!

I want Bella to grow up, knowing she had a really fun childhood. I don't want her to miss out on anything she wants to experience. (NOT DRUGS) She is daring! Of course we will be there, all the way, to point her in the right direction, but know this. she will (and already is) making her own decisions in life.

I love to act silly with Bella. Act? OK OK, I AM silly with Bella. Hell, I am that way with everyone who comes into contact with me. I feel, Bella will appreciate later in life, that we were a fun family. That we did silly things together. We sing while driving...we scream at the top of our lungs to Lady GaGa...we dance around the isles in the grocery store...we "shake our groove things" while taking out the garbage...hell, in short, we have FUN!

Some people, (you know the type) will always come round and say we spoil our kid. That we will regret buying her the toys, the clothes, the SHOES (cant forget the shoes), the sunglasses, etc... That she will never understand limits and manners. When to be silent, or speak unless spoken too...(that one still escapes me today, as I Love to talk too - LOL!).

To them I say: BLAH BLAH BLAH. We don't judge other parents on how they raise their kids...nor do we expect to be judged. If it happens, keep it to yourself...we don't care...we are having a BLAST! I have said it many times before, but, I get to play with toys, run like a banshee throughout the house and giggle...sing at the tops of our lungs and have her bellowing...


...and OUR kid has amazing manners, is incredibly creative, intelligent, utilizes common sense, is very social, loves adults as she does children...although, she does tend to prefer hanging with the older folks...go figure......and has she SUPER COOL TOYS...not to mention, SUPER COOL Dads!

Eh, I gues i just never forgot that fearless feeling of being a kid!

...and a SUPER COOL Fatherhood Friday to all!. DAD-BLOGS
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15 BellaBuddies left comments! Ya know ya wanna!!:

surprised mom said...

I'm glad you never lost your sense of fun and humor. It's important to have these qualities when you're a parent. Life can be depressing enough, but laughter makes it all so much more bearable! You're daughter will love the fact she can look back and remember all that laughter!
Raise your daughter the way you want. I say live and let live. BTW, your daughter is better dressed than most of the women I know. I think I'm jealous. My wardrobe will never look that good. LOL
Seriously, I'd say your daughter is one lucky little girl.

Brian H said...


You really dated yourself with those toy choices in the beginning. I guess I just did the same to myself by pointing that out.


You need to tell the people that say you are spoiling your daughter where to go. Most children should be so lucky!

Jason said...

Spoil away and have fun. She's a kid. Let her enjoy it(and as a side, you get to enjoy it too :))

Andrew's Daddies said...

Bella Daddy,
You are hysterical! I can relate to all those toys, I was also known for having one liners that stopped kids and adults in their track. My best one liner is "You bore me"

I am definately taking the bella tips on fashion...Love her taste!!!!

~Just me again~ said...

That is the best part of having a kid, is reliving your childhood through them. What good is it if you cant lay on the ground with your kid and play barbies, legos or whatever.

This is why Im looking forward (in 10 years lol) to grandchildren. LOL

2momswithaplan said...

Oh I can't wait to be a parent so I can share the same joys you share with Bella. She is definitely a lucky girl to have dad's like you two!

P.S. The toys had me cracking up. The Big Jim doll.... hilarious!

Joel said...

I can't tell you excited I was to read that you and yours dance and scream along with Lady GaGa!

While we're not particularly fans of the Good Lady, we do listen to music (all kinds) almost all the time. Every evening when I get home from work we all have a little dance session to some upbeat something or other. We rough-house and laugh, and tickle each other, play peek-a-boo and hide-and-seek, and hopefully will do all these silly things as long as our kids are at home (and hopefully, the wife and I will still be a little silly after they're gone).

If you can't have fun with your family, who can you have fun with?

Happy Fatherhood Friday!

Jeve (aka John and Steve) said...

OMG- i love you guys. I love that you sing Lady Gaga at the top of your lungs. Seriously, Bella is such a lucky gal to have you two homos. : )

Otter Thomas said...

We should all remember that we were kids once. You are right about that. I love to goof off and be a kid too. Unfortunately I let other things get in the way of taht sometimes.

Scott said...

First, I have to say, what's with all the lady gaga dancing! I think it's sweeping the parents of the world.

Also, I think the only reason I have children is so that I can play with toys again.

JonnyTam13 said...

Living life as a kid with your kid is great advice! I often do that, but i must say, I've never called her Fartknocker. I'll give it a try :)

Melisa with one S said...

I love Lady Gaga. :) My teens turn the radio off when she starts singing about wanting to take a ride on a disco stick though. haha

It is a tough balance, when they're teens and you're trying to choose your battles in order for them to enjoy their young lives (while teaching them to make good choices about substances and such!). People tell me I'm a cool mom because I can still converse with my teens, I listen to pop music (not for them but because I like it!), etc...but I never set out to be "cool". I just set out to continue relating with them.

SingleDadBlogger said...

Thats so great. I JUST wrote about the imagination of my girls. I am glad you wrote this stuff and it isnt just me.

(F)redddy said...

Ahhhh, thanks for the memories...and the future nightmares.

Bobby said...

This was my favorite post from you guys!

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