Friday, July 24, 2009

"Just Shake Your UH UH"

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Before anything, gotta included a recent pic of the little one playing in Daddy's Man-Clogs! (let the comments commence - HA!) See New Slide Show Below!

Yup, you read the title correctly. It is Bella's oft repeated new line, ..."Daddy, It's Monika's Song - So, Shake Your Uh Uh"! Even in the car, she goes for it....same thing...without the running around (tee hee)! ...from a song called "DanceDance". The cool thing, and I do mean COOOLIO!, is that this particular song, her new favorite song, (sorry Lady GaGa - you have been replaced. albeit temporarily), is one from a band called NTUIT

What?! Your haven't heard of them? Geez, this is 2009! Get with the program!

Ah, but I digress.

About a year ago, we took Bella out to lunch, as we like to do on weekends. This particular Sunday, we were eating in one of our favorites restaurants: FEZ Our server came to the table...and Bella was smitten. "Monika" was her name (yes, with a K) and she was one of the most beautiful women I have laid eyes on. No joke. B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L!!

She was incredibly kind. You could tell she is a calm soul. And believe me, I know servers can butter you up for the big meal...the large tipperooo! We could tell this wasn't the case...and besides, Bella was totally into her. She was genuine.

Long story short, we handed her BellaDaddy's blog card (yes we have them, card sized, want one? just ask :-) and left that day knowing Bella had made a new friend.

Even longer story short, we had gone back many many times, always asking for Monika's section. Altho, they don't actually have sections there, we were always accommodated with our request to have Monika take care of us. We had pleasant, fun, silly and energetic conversations...all the while enjoying some amazing foods. (luv ya FEZ). Unknown to us at the time, (and I suspect many more, as she is very humble)...Monika had a secret life!

Get your minds out of the gutter...She is an entertainer: Actor, Dancer, Model...Super Server....and now? well, now she has her own band. We were invited to the CD Release party (wish we had taken Bella) and had an amazing time.

NTUIT consists of Monika & Almon...whom we also got to meet at the launch party..was another gentle soul....and to hear them sing live...well, simply put: FANTASTIC! And WOW, we were actually invited to such a frikkin special, fun event! Not bad for an old dude eh? LOL

Now, I am not one, as many of you know reading my blog, to push a product, or endorse anything really....BUT...this CD is good...and I mean GOOD! They have started this musical venture as a team, all independent, on their own. They are now on iTunes, and have t-shirts, CD's and all kinds of cool stuff. I want to see them succeed.

So, listen in, and if you like, visit their website...and hey, leave a comment here...let me know what you think of Bella's new obsession (and mine). NTUIT

OK, so, I have not gotten permission, per se, to add the album here...or even play a snippet...other than, asking Monika if it was OK, during her performance night...(probably not the best time to have asked) is the link, (added a few times above too) to their on it, listen to their songs...and let me know what ya think! NTUIT ! After viewing their website, leave a comment here! You just might win a CD of your very own...(hint hint)

Hope you enjoy and stay tuned...Bella is going to have some cool stuff to share soon.

So, everyone..GETNTUIT!!

12 BellaBuddies left comments! Ya know ya wanna!!:

Daddy Files said...

WOW! I don't care what the music is like, can I just have the CD cover?? ;-)

surprised mom said...

Interesting music! Good strong male voice and I love the quality of Monika's voice. I know my girls would love NUIT.
You are right, Monika is beautiful.
But, most of all, I'd love to hear Bella sing DanceDance! Cute photo of her in her Daddy's Man-Clogs!

Jason said...

I have to agree, from the clips I heard on their site they are really quite good!

And enough with the cute pictures of Bella! Show some compassion for those of us with cosmetically challenged children.

J/K ;)

Jeve (aka John and Steve) said...

You guys are so hip! Lovin' the clogs slideshow too!

KWG said...

You kids are hip and fresh and fizshizel.

Good times!

ciara said...

very cool :)

~Just me again~ said...

LOL @ manclogs...omg she is just so damn adorable.

-Justin said...

Cool! Talk about the right place/right time scenario!

And I feel perfectly fine in telling you to keep the Bella pics coming.

MY daughter could totally take her! ;)

Happy FF!

The Devoted Dad said...

Good Tunes! I thought maybe it would break out into another dance of telling which body parts to move and stuff- the only way I can get a groove on (LOL). But Really, it was good- I bet going to a show would be awesome- I love live events.

PJ Mullen said...

Nice, very cool of you to support independent musicians. Looks like Bella's already on the A list :)

Brian H said...

I enjoy stories about complete strangers being friendly in commonplace parts of life and becoming friendly.

Very cool.

Mark Howard said...

NTUIT rocks! And so does her in those clogs!
Thanks for all your support of Monika and Almon and of course FEZ...hope to see you guys there again soon!


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