Friday, June 10, 2011

Thanks Guys!

About 3 years ago, the surrogacy program that we participated in, (ya know, to have our little Diva), called and asked if we would be interested in meeting a couple.  This couple was considering utilizing the program, and lived near us. 

We were thrilled, and flattered, to have been asked.  Of course we would do it!

We made contact, and invited them to our home.  Bella was in heaven.  They brought GIFTS! :-)

Great conversation was had.  We told them all about about our journey.  The good.  The bad.  And of course, they got to see the end result.  After all, Bella WAS sitting right there in front of them.

Sometimes, when talking to people about having children, you can see the gleam in the eyes. 
These two had "it!"

We wished them well, and offered to stay in touch.  Hold their hands along the way if needed.

We emailed back and forth for a short time...


Yeah, I know, long time.  But hell, we all get busy.  We received another email...they had stepped through that door.  Taken that long walk.  Forked over ALLOT of money...and VOILA...they were having:


OMG!  We couldn't help but think..."Um, were we responsible for this somehow?"  (of course we knew we weren't)...but still...just saying...or rather, pondering.

Anyhoo, they were absolutely thrilled.  So, we were as well!

A few days later.


Huh?  How?  No Way!

Yup.  Evidently the Dr. failed to make contact with the third little one.  Evidently the little rascal was hiding.
There is much more that I cannot share here, but in short, um, er, ahem,...THREE!

First off, who can imagine having three at one time?  Man Oh Man, one kid will exhaust the hell outta ya...but three?  OH MY!

OK OK, I know, it happens.  But still...I cant even begin to process, let alone know what is going through their heads.

Excitement?  Nervousness?  SHEER TERROR?  That's allot to plan for.  ONE was allot to plan for.  SHEESH!  Fortunately, they have an amazing Surrogate, and Surrogate Family.  Close friends, close by.  Including us!

We made contact once again and went to lunch at a great restaurant.  Fun was had, Bella adored the two of them...especially when the LEMON INCIDENT took place...YIKES!  And all this , started by one of the two about to be parents of THREE! 

This was the end result:


Yeah, they're gonna be just fine!

Head on over (click below) and give Aaron & Cid some love.  They've started their own blog and could use/would appreciate/love some advice and encouraging words!



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7 BellaBuddies left comments! Ya know ya wanna!!:

Mark said...

And all this because of Bella.
I'm going over now. m.

Jeff and Kevin said...

Triplets! That has my knees shaking!

Aaron B. said...

BellaDads - Thanks so much for your post! In many ways, you three had a lot to do with out decision to move forward with our journey; you showed us that two men can raise a bright, intelligent, and beautiful young lady. Seeing her again recently just confirmed what we new when she was two. Thanks for your continued support, and we are looking forward to introducing you to our "brood" of children later this summer ! - Aaron & Sid

Brian H said...

triplets...three times the love!

ciara said...

3 at one time! yikes lol i stopped by their blog & commented. how neat that they're on this journey cos of you guys and bella. shoot, who could NOT want to go forward after seeing bella, right? right. :o)

seashore subjects said...

Wow, that is so cool, and overwhelming! I am gonna head over there to wish them well.

Heidi said...

What a sweet post! You're absolutely right...they are gonna be just fine. Actually better than fine, they're gonna' be fantastic fathers! I just know it...

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