Friday, June 17, 2011


Just days before Fathers Day and here we are, another Fatherhood Friday!

Please head over to the BEST site for Dads...(and moms)

Share you stories, give your opinions, and find some new friends. 

I know, I do this every Friday, I say the same things every Friday, but c'mon...I LOVE these guys (and girls)

Share the love.

And, while you at it, share your favorite, or most memorable Fathers Day comments with ME! (and Bella)

Look for our special Fathers Day Post and What Fathers Day means to me, this Sunday!


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3 BellaBuddies left comments! Ya know ya wanna!!:

Mark said...

Honestly, if Bloggers, like you, weren't reminding me today that Father's Day is the weekend, I would completely forget. Thanks!
Happy Father's Day to you!
Your Friend, m.

ciara said...

umm i don't think there is a memorable father's day. my dad always treated it like any other day. he was always the 'chill' one lol

happy father's day to both of you!

SurprisedMom said...

I hope both of you have a wonderful Father's Day! Hugs to both of you and your beautiful Bella! There are several great Father's Day memories for me, but the best is watching my girls and my husband together . . . any time.

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