Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy BellaDaddy & Papa Day

AKA Happy Fathers Day!

Bella woke, jumped out of bed, and excitedly proclaimed it a Special Day.

 "Happy Fathers Day, Daddy & Papa.  I love You" 
Fathers day around these parts usually starts out with Daddy making pancakes, Bella and Papa snarf em down, and then Daddy starts Laundry.  Yeah I know, Laundry.  But hell, it has to be done.  Papa will go out and mow the lawn.
We exchange cards and gifts at breakfast.  Bella presents cards that she made in school.  The cards are actually bookmarks, feature her picture, and little hand created artwork.  So special!

We made reservations at a new restaurant.  New for us.  We like taking the little one out to different place.  Her favorite is Chili's.  Oh she grows, so will her taste buds LOL.  Today though, was Italian Fusion Japanese.  (don't even try to figure that one out.  Trust me, it was Yummy).

I like to reflect on this day.  (hell, I reflect everyday)  Imagine her as an infant.  Oh man, what on earth did we do then?  It seems so long ago,, and yet, she is barely going to be five years old.  Being a stay at home parent, the days run into each other...and then, BAMM!  She's in college!  (exaggeration, I realize, but you get the idea.)  Cherish every moment, even if those moments are blurred by laundry.

I've taken thousands of pics throughout her short, fun filled, clothing/shoes jammed  life, and some of those are featured here.  Who am I kidding?  MANY of them have been seen here.  Pics. Videos.  All of it.  Who can blame me?

We have a special family.  When Bella was born, she was one of only 800 or so families, WORLDWIDE, to be born into a family such as ours.  I'd say that makes our little family pretty darn unique.

We don't treat her as such,.  She is a girl.  Part of a small, loving family.  No different than our neighbors down the street.  But.  In the back of our minds, we know.  She IS special.  She doesn't realize it yet...but she will.  We can wait for that day.

Fathers Day is that day.  the one where you want everything to go smoothly.  It is MY day, after all.  But, in the grand scheme of is like any other Sunday.  We have chores.  We have to eat.  We have to play.  We argue,.  Daddy yells...*SIGH*  Another day.


THAT day.  To remember Fathers Day past.  Fathers Day!  Dream of the future!

WE ARE FATHERS!  Sometimes it still sends me reeling.  Thinking that we, Papa and I, are Dads!

Pretty Damn Good Dads Too!

When she runs up, plants a small kiss on our cheeks, and tells us she love us...damn it, we just frikkin melt.  WE MELT!  She knows what it means to love, and we are the fortunate recipients of that love.  We didn't have to teach her, she knows it.  The feelings  She knows when to express it.  She feels the love in her heart, and WE brought this little one to life.  Through our own Love.

We ended the day with BellaDaddy BBQing Chicken Shish Kabobs outside.  A rarity.  (it's HOT here) Even had to go buy a small tabletop (cheapy) grill.  But, heya, gets the job done.  Small Family + Rarely BBQ = Small Cheapy Grill!  We watched a movie, had some ice cream...and DAY DONE!

Hoping you had a SUPER FANTASTIC FATHERS DAY...To ALL the Amazing Dads out there...EVERYWHERE!


3 BellaBuddies left comments! Ya know ya wanna!!:

seashore subjects said...

Sounds like a fantastic day (even with the laundry and lawn mowing) Happy Father's Day to you both! :)

CJ said...

Happy Father's day to you both! Bella hit the Daddy jackpot!

SurprisedMom said...

I am so sorry I missed this post and the chance to wish both you and Papa a Happy Father's Day! It sounds like you had a wonderful one, appropriate for two wonderful, loving dads. It sounds like you find fatherhood a joy. Bella is one lovely and loving little girl and I know it's because of her dads. I know last Sunday was a special day for you and Papa, but I'm betting every day is special for your small family.

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