Friday, March 27, 2009


OK so I lied...I DO have something to write about...actually kinda cute too. Disregard my post below...(OK, read it if u want to)...

Close your eyes, those of you with children and imagine....:

"Bella, come on, Daddy is gonna do some laundry, you wanna help"?

In an instant, I hear em, her little feet, running...
There she was, tearing down the hallway, juice in one hand, a "nilla cookie" in the other. I had already turned the corner, so she wasn't within my line of sight...but I hear it...loud enough...BAMM!!!!! Then, silence. (Yeah Yeah, you know the type...silence: calm before the storm.


AT least she was screaming, wasn't knocked out. I came into the hallway and quickly analysed the scene (I fancy myself an amateur CSI - HA!) and realized that she had torn off so fast down the hallway, she had tripped over the runner in her little slippers. These slippers are pretty much to keep her feet warm....they don't fit snugly and we are always telling her not to run in her slippers. This time though, my fault...I'd encouraged her to come join Daddy!

There she was, laying flat on her stomach, elbow up....screeching....Owee Owee, Daddy, Oweee. Now, usually, we just kiss the owee and it 'goes away.' NOT THIS TIME. This was some major drama! As this is the first time she has had a lingering pain owee...the kind you just cant kiss away..she was startled and confused. How come the pain isn't going away? I imagined her asking.

Well, for the next two hours...TWO HOURS! She was little miss drama. Crying, taking deep breathes, asking for the owee to be kissed, crying again, holding up her arm in the air, cheesy grinning, then bursting out in tears...every time she looked at it, or touched it...or Daddy mentioned it, there was another tear...and a then a flood....she would run, (yeah, running again, go figure) to the sofa, to a chair in the office, to another room...lowering her head into the cushions, whimpering that her owee hurt. I kid you not, this went on for two hours. She had never had a boo boo that lasted...and rug burns do!

I was beside myself....I didn't know how to react....I was laughing inside, of course, but outside...I needed to Daddy.

DING! Idea!

"Bella, let's go change your shirt. This will make the owee go away." In her room, we ventured over to the dresser, pulled out a few options, realizing this could go on for another two hours....that bottom lip of her, quivering...ready to unleash a scream at any moment. AHA! The PAPA shirt...."her you go Bella, look, your PAPA shirt" (It has long sleeves...)

Yup, you guessed it...hide the boo boo with a long sleeve shirt...makes the owee go away.

"Daddy, have a ice cream pop please"?

oH tHE drAMZ!

11 BellaBuddies left comments! Ya know ya wanna!!:

Anonymous said...

what a cute story. glad bella's boo-boo wasn't too serious. i can just tell you that the drama never stops and it will be even bigger later lol

Unknown said...

oh my gosh, even when she is hurt she still manages to make the cutest faces!!!! I am glad that the long sleeve shirt was the answer!!!!

Anonymous said...

Haha clever, i'll have to remember that one.

Isabella said...

Genius idea! I agree with Apok, I'll have to remember that one for laster. :)

Happy FF!

KWG said...

Brilliant! Kudos to you and thank you for the future tip. Bea is getting close to crawling and once the mobility starts life will never be the same...again.

Mommy with a Penis said...

Distraction is always the key! Brilliant on your part. Hutch

WeaselMomma said...

Bella is just too dang cute! And the hats! Oh the hats. I wish her Daddies did my clothes shopping.

Out-Numbered said...

Hey buddy. Thanks for the loyal readership and kind words. You ain't so bad yourself! For that, I've rewarded you with a spot on the Out-Numbered blogroll. Welcome to the fucked up family... :-)

Jason said...

Another awesome entry. I agree, if they can't see it, it doesn't hurt anymore :) Great Daddying!

john said...

awwww she got a boo boo. Love the hats by the way. I wanted a girl just so I can dress her You cant really do that with boys.

Steven said...

She's so cute :)

We have our own little drama queen, and he can get quite loud about it. We too have noticed if you hide the boo boo it goes away phenomena.

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