Monday, October 18, 2010

Daddy's Crying!

I purposely did not post this past weekend, instead, hoping not to jinx it, I waited.

(ready to go)

BELLA STARTED SCHOOL TODAY! Whaaaahhhhhhh (that's daddy's tears - ONLY!)

WOW, whomever said we should question school administrators or teachers, were dead wrong. We were told I would be the emotional one, and boy were they spot on. Bella was like:..."CYA" and was eager (too eager) to join the kids on the playground for before school fun...and because she had chapped lips, and lip balm on, I couldn't even get a kiss. She did, however, blow me an "air kiss!" *SIGH*...

(see my back pack)

It all started on Thursday, the day we got the call...Bella was accepted to Pre-School. Frantic, I called her pediatrician, because I knew she hadn't had her 4 year immunizations just yet. We were lucky, they had a Nurse Practitioner ready on Saturday morning. Whew!!

Spent all day and evening Friday, pumping the little one up: "Bella, you have to be brave." "Bella, you are going to get 4 shots" "Bella, they are gonna hurt, but it will be better soon" "Bella, you will get a lollypop after the shots" Etc...Etc...

(good luck rainbow)

Bella took it all in stride.

(heading through the school gate)

I did not!

I don't do well with Bella and doctors office visits. I am always so concerned with her temperament, that I am certain, I cause her to be more nervous. So, I don't go anymore. Papa does. THANKFULLY!

As Papa said, Bella was a trooper. It was over in a matter of moments, and she was back to being herself. Very little tears. How does he get so lucky? Dunno, but I suspect, if I had been there, holy terror, there would have been "Drama - Trauma!!"

She has been so excited to head off to school. And no better example than this morning. Woke up. Got dressed. ate Breakfast...and was "ready to go now, Daddy".

Of course, i was the one delaying. Had to take pics. Ready to go, back pack on, at the gates, in the school...I was doing everything in my power not to lose it.

(and, there she goes...)


They asked where Bella was, I told them she had started her first day...and headed out to the parking lot. And cried!

Daddy's a big ole baby.

And now? Writing this, I feel better...Sorta!

Think I am gonna go let lose again!
Daddy's Crying!

14 BellaBuddies left comments! Ya know ya wanna!!:

God Mommy Kate said...

What a big girl! And she looks so beautiful for her first day of school. Try to have some nice quiet daddy time today! :o)

Anonymous said...

The back pack is as big as she is!!!

Patricia S.

Lex Valentine said...

OMG David. When did you become a wuss that can't go to the doctor? Geez. Kudos to Papa! And here, have a hanky for your tears, darlin. Just wait until you get to 6th grade promotion, Jr high promotion, prom, and HS graduation. Not to mention science camp and field trips to NYC!

Just to make you feel better, Nikki called from Mt Vernon on a choir trip at age 17, sobbing because the chaperone left her behind deliberately. OMG at first I freaked a little and almost cried myself. Then I got pissed off while her godfather started looking for flights back east. LOL Even when they're older you have anxiety. Now, dry your tears. You can't expect Bella to be a trooper if you're not!


Anonymous said...

Time flies... It is better that she did not cry. She is going to have so much fun at school. She will have loads of friends and now start the play dates. Trust me in that you will still be very busy with her. You will enjoy your time alone after a few weeks. Good luck! P

Hey, I am enjoying the other gay men blogs. they are so funny. I am reading the one about the guy in hawaii and how they are like an old married couple. I am laughing. It happens to gay men too! Thought it was just us straight people that fall into bed exhausted and in no mood!!! I love how he says he has to get up at 6 am and drive those little f....kercs to school. talk to you later. I ahve to get back to this blog.


Anonymous said...

AW! Love the post and pics! I was thinking about you all morning and was about to text you when this came in!

Let me know how it goes after you pick her up!




Unknown said...

I can not believe that she started pre-school. I still remember exactly where I was when you called to tell me you were on your way to cali for the birth. You will get used to calm and quiet and Bella will do great at school, she is a social butterfly you know :)

I cant wait to hear all about it.

Love you!!


Melisa Wells said...

Better for you to be crying than her! :)

(I TOLD YOU SO! haha)


Mark said...

Don't be so Gay! Oh wait, I was told not to say that anymore. Sorry...
Anyway, you did it! Congratulations!
I hope that Bella had the best day ever. She was probably thinking, "Thank God that old man isn't following me around anymore".
Take care Friend.

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the club!! I did the same thing when Em started 1st grade. She literally told me "Mommy, get a grip!" and "You can go now" with a look that shooed me away...

The good news is you have a few quiet hours to yourself finally (remember what that's like??) and she's gonna have a great time and make lotsa friends!


P.S. Will you text me, please? I'm not sure I have your correct number!

Susan Ries said...

Wow,hard to believe how big she is getting!! Thinking of you. I hope you guys are wonderful and all is great with the new place. Love and miss you!

HAHA I swear - - the word verification below that I need to complete to post this comment says I need to key in "upeedna".

Anonymous said...

Hi loving Daddy! I can so much imagine what it feels like. And it
doesn't get any better, I promise ;-)
Last week i dropped of Lucas at the soccer field and he didn't want me
to go with him. "I can do it by myself now, I turned 9!" Sigh.....

Miss you!

kus kus kus,

Anonymous said...

She is adorable!!! Hard to believe she is growing up so fast!! Hope all is well and hope to see you soon

Much Love


Mrs.Lemon said...

awwww how exciting, but sad at the same time! what will you do with all your free time?

Anonymous said...

Oh David, I remember how it feels the first day your little one goes off to school. They're ready and you're not! It will all be good though and is all part of her growing up. Love all the new pix of Bella and am glad you'll soon be moving into your new home!
Love & hugs,

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