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"Daddy, Where's Your Vagina?"

I will relent, Bella hasn't' actually asked that question...yet. But I know, with the type of household (irreverent) we reside is coming...sooner than later! Read on for more BellaDaddy Ramblings into the title of this post!

"relevant" "poignant" "humorous" "compassionate" "truly entertaining"

There comes a time, in everyone’s life, when you meet a special person; that one person whom commits to your personality traits, your overblown ego, your insecurities, your life. That person is open minded, loves, and in general becomes a crutch; one that supports and props you up with encouragement.

Nope, not talking your spouse, partner, lover, husband or wife…

I am talking: Joe Schatz!

I “met” Joe, by chance really. Perusing Google for stay-at-home-dad support groups, I came upon a fairly new blog site:
DAD-BLOGS.COM I imagine everyone rolling their eyes, shrugging their shoulders, as I talk about, and feature DAD-BLOGS.COM on our blog…incessantly. But, this time, it was special. It was as if a new chapter was opening up in my stay-at-home-parenting life. A door I was not willing to close abruptly this time. You know the kind, where you find that very cool feeling, like things are going to change your life and outlook and then BAMM…you find out all they want is your time and money.

Not this time. I was smitten.

Dad-blogs was a place for SAHD’s to hunt and gather. Loads of information. Tips, Camaraderie, etc… I fell in love with the site. And, with Joe. (Sorry Joe, man-crush alert)…So, yeah, I am exaggerating about the falling in love thing, but…

Here is a guy who is allot of what I am not: Str8. Married. Parent to multiples. Catholic. Founder of a Dad site, etc, etc. etc. Blah Blah Blah. But one thing we share, (other than being male) is that we are both Stay-At Home-Dads. Proud ones, in fact! So, when he came out with a book, one detailing his life as a SAHD, I had to know more.

I manipulated the “system” and got my hands on a copy. Manipulated? Hell yes, I would have paid for it, but an opportunity arose (that, and I played on Joe’s charitable nature – another worthy attribute), and I was mailed a copy. Autographed to Bella, no less LOL (yes, I am that good, and can be quite persuasive…although, Joe is just that nice of a guy!).

I have to say this…I was a little concerned (not too much) that a str8 dude, writing a book, could never be that interesting for my life as a SAHD, (or Father for that matter.) Come on, think about it, we are quite differing in our lives…but, once I began to read, I realized, hey, we aren't that different, we are Parents…and his book details just that…we all get spit up on, fingers in baby poop, worrying about kids “escaping from their cribs”, parental discrimination's, etc…we all do…we are Dads!

The intro for Joe’s book is quite moving…in fact, I had to put it down after reading…pondering my life and dedication to my family…it brought a tear to my eye…but, I was eager to continue reading…

And you should too. This book is direct and quite poignant considering it is a book primarily based on personal experiences. But hell, these are happenings we ALL experience…Mom’s too.
In short, we are all different, yet, we are more of the same than we may realize. This book is relevant!

So please, check out the book…you will not be sorry…in fact, you’ll be laughing quite a bit… It is easy reading and super entertaining…I guarantee, you will be laughing out loud, with your kid(s) wondering what that’s all about. The cover and title has brought Joe some flack, some citing that it was inappropriate (to put it mildly)…I say, lighten up people! Don’t judge a book by it’s cover (cliche – but appropriate here).

You will realize, quickly, that Joe and I (and you) share similar parenting ideals, opinions, frustrations, compassion's and even resolutions. We are really the same…if not for that whole gay/str8 thing! And you will truly enjoy the read!

Click here to : BUY JOE'S BOOK!

Oh Happy Daze! Joins us over at DAD-BLOGS!
PLEASE NOTE: We here at BellaDaddy Blog do not normally promote items for sale. But, in this case, I thoroughly enjoyed this book AND I have great feelings toward the author! I trust his judgment and appreciate his diplomatic approach to life. Don't just take my word for it, visit the dad site we always talk about. See for yourself, what he and his partner Pete have founded. DAD-BLOGS.COM

14 BellaBuddies left comments! Ya know ya wanna!!:

Joeprah said...

I am truly humbled. I am so glad to have a friend like you Dave. Also, you made a great point--we aren't that different. Seriously. I am so glad the book spoke to you and big time thanks for the major props. Tell Bella thanks too! Such an awesome picture!

Mrs.Lemon said...

Ok, going to get this. I was looking for another book to read. This was a very nice post by the way.

peteej said...

Props to Joe for sure. Great review, I've only read parts here and there, but every time had me laughing hard. Highly recommended book.

ciara said...

i have yet to do my review on this book, but i loved it...i will tell you that my 13 yo got a look at the title and had to read it on that alone. lol she loves it...she found some parts funny and almost cried when she read about the miscarriage. hopefully, i'll get my review up soon. dave, can i call you dave? manipulated to get a copy? more like grovelled. lol just kidding. i love you, joeprah, and dad blogs to blogs has given me a lot of new friends & cool info.

bella w the book haha too cute!

Spuds said...

I am going to be ordering my copy of the book tomorrow. I have to fly to San Diego and I am going to use my "flight time" to get to know the JoePrah. Wait, your Gay?? (Kidding!!) You have a lot of my respect. Being a SAHD is HARD work let alone being a Same Sex SAHD (SSSAHD, "sounds like the python from the Jungle Book when you say it that way!)We need more of the SAHD's to join in and even SAHM's! There is a lot of power in numbers and we need to make sure we get the respect for our group that we deserve!

Nice Post!

PJ Mullen said...

Spot on, it'll make you laugh, cry, want to use power tools and, possibly, drive a minivan. :)

Us dads, stay at home or otherwise, are more similar than we are different because we are committed to our children and giving them every opportunity to succeed in this crazy world. Well done.

Queen Bug said...

Interesting book. My husband and I are both sorta stay at home parents. I stay at home with the kids during the day, he stays at home with them at night. Will look into the book for him.

Teacher Tom said...

Nice review! I'll definitely be picking up a copy soon.

Keith Wilcox said...

There are two books about parenting that I'm interested in. Joe's book, and Ron's new book, Sugar Milk (Ron of Clark Kent's lunchbox). I don't usually read parenting books, but these two guys have managed to produce stuff that I'm interested in from a personal and just good writing perspective. Good call on the plug for him! :-)

surprised mom said...

What a wonderful, thoughtful and touching post. I AM going to buy the book. I probably would have, but this post would have made me go out and get it immediately. I'm sure it will not only speak to Dads, SAHDs or not, but to Moms. Nice job, Bella Daddy.

(Joe should use the photo of Bella holding his book to promote it. She's just so cute!)

Reservoir Dad said...

Yep, I bought two copies. One for me and another for The Northern Dads Group. One of the members will be doing his own review for Reservoir Dad. I could relate to all of it.

Good work BellaDaddy.

Anonymous said...

I'm halfway through the book and so far I totally love it. It's inspiring me to get some of my posts together and write Sex and the Single Dad, the book...

William said...

Bought it, read it, loved it! Thanks for the recommendation!


William said...

Bought it, read it, loved it! Thanks for the recommendation!

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