Friday, December 18, 2009

Holiday Happenings

We are getting that "good ole fashioned feeling" around these parts. We have had cold weather, lots of neighbors have decorated, lights abounding, Santa's sleighing around...and boy, are we (finally) getting into the holiday spirit!

Spirit? Sounds like one of the ghosts in "A Christmas Carol". Whatever happened to just plain ole Merry Christmas to All? Eh, PC all around too, eh? We don't mind so much.

Bella is more than eager to wish anyone and everyone near her, a 'Happy Holiday', 'Merry Christmas' 'Happy Hanukkah'...yeah yeah, we trained her well :-) But, she loves to add: "And, Happy Easter"...!!

She has a few DVDs featuring 'Peter CoPPontail"...(her Bella Speak is contagious)...and thinks she wants Santa to bring her Easter Eggs under the well as the too many to mention, toys!

Sigh! She is to the point now that she knows all about Santa...and what he does for good little boys and girls. Heh Heh, I can threaten her with calling Santa if she doesn't lay down for a nap, eat her foods, or in general, be a good girl....I know, Threaten? Well, hell, it works Tee Hee!

Happy Holidays Everyone!
Friday, December 11, 2009


We had our first contest...and our blog friend PJ Mullen,, from Real Men Drive Minivans was the chosen winner...(and boy does he have the cutest little man...Bella's future ex-husband perhaps? LOL)...

You, our faithful readers elected PJ your "Fan Choice"
Below, feast your eyes on the prize!

Happy Fatherhood Friday! DAD-BLOGS.COM

Friday, December 4, 2009

100th Post!

Blah Blah Blah, so I lied...this is actually the 101st post to this blog. But, since I was drawing a huge blank last week, I put forth a post that was fast, easy and efficient....

AKA: I Was Lazy!

Anyhoo, here it is...the 100th (101st) post.

When I started this blog, it was because Grandma Tove (who has since passed) wanted constant updates. As she and Grandpa lived in Florida, emails, pictures and phone calls were getting so time consuming. And when you have a small one in the house, time is of the, I started the blog. Pretty much for friends and family to stay in touch and offer a glimpse into the sometimes chaotic home of two dads and a baby. (oh, and two dogs - certainly another post)!

I was so looking forward to sharing our stories, experiences and yes, even advice, to other dads, stay at home parents and well, pretty much anyone who wanted to listen and read. What I ended up with, is a chronicle of our little ones pictures and stories. I download the blog to DVD regularly, so I can show her, and save for her, when she is old enough to read on her own...(boy is she gonna be embarrassed).

Certainly not what I was going for, or expected to occur...I mean, come one, there are PLENTY of cute blogs out there...highlighting cute kids...cute happenings, cute saying etc...etc...etc...and I did NOT want to be one of them....

SURPRISE! It happened anyway....

BUT, I am OK with it.

Personally, not really in the care mode of how people perceive the blog...or our least not anymore. There was a time where I was concerned. Concerned with how we would be accepted, or not, in the public arena. There were moments where I considered closing off the blog to the pubic...making it a password only follow-ship...but somehow, it didn't seem fair to those interested...and taking the time to leave great comments.

Eh, who cares. It is my blog. My kid...and my thoughts...mine. I write as I speak...goofy, sometimes illiterate...but always honest. Direct. Just Me. I was never the best at writing...not in school...not for work...(although I was pretty successful in coming up with marketing materials and ad campagins...)...go figure!
We have made some incredible friends because of this blog...some who drop by once in awhile, others who will be lifelong...all in all, I am pretty happy with the outcome...and yeah yeah yeah, there will be some cool changes coming the new year...perhaps!

Anyway, I hope you do enjoy the blog...the pictures, the's all me. Take it or leave it....

Join us for some cool parents, stories advice columns and more,..,..with super dads and moms.

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