Friday, June 5, 2009

From Baby Babble to Chatty Cathy

Or just plain Cute? Our little one has become quite the chatterer....Seems like only a yesterday (so cliche eh? LOL) ago, we were still trying to decipher her words. She has become SO LITERAL, seemingly overnight!

She taught herself the alphabet at 19 months, thanks to Elmo and Old School Sesame Street DVDs...seriously, she did it, we watched, with fingers in ears and she actually learned the letters by sight, then sound. She is a braniac...she absorbs everything around her. Pays attention to conversations, and is a stickler for detail...but now?
Now? She doesn't shut it...goes on and on and on and on and on. My Partner recently suggested that I had asked for this. HUH? WTF? I said at one point: "I cant wait for her to talk, like a normal person. So I can actually have a conversation with her". Yup, that's what I said, after so many months/years of Baby Babble.

Being a stay at home parent, you don't get much adult interaction, unless you seek it out...and who has time? Who in their right mind would ever ask for anyone to chatter incessantly? Hell, for months now, I have SO looked forward to that one, maybe one and a half hour sleep time. Alone time. Just damn quiet time.
Anyway, now, it is:

Daddy, what are you thinking about?
Daddy, who is that on TV?
Daddy, where is Papa?
Daddy, are you feeling OK?
Daddy, do a puzzle with Bella?
Bella Do it Daddy. OK? OK Daddy? Daddy OK?
Daddy, Bella let the dogs out?
Daddy, Bella let the dogs in?
Daddy, go shopping?
Daddy, Bella do yoga?
Daddy, Bella do exercises with Daddy?
Daddy, Bella want juice, please, NOW!
Daddy, Papa at work?
Daddy, Pink Shirt, Pink Shoes, Pink Headband.
Daddy, where's Bella's Pink Glasses?
Daddy, Daddy, Daddy, Daddy, Daddy! (I May change my name).

OK, OK, I know, how frikkin cute....but believe me...when you are experiencing it 24/ tends to get a little (ALLOT) redundant....
Now I say: "Man, I cant wait for her to go to school"...(of course I will miss her, what are you frikkin crazy?)

Moral of the story? Careful what you wish for.

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Happy Fatherhood Friday!

19 BellaBuddies left comments! Ya know ya wanna!!:

2momswithaplan said...

Enjoy these days because the time will come when she's a teenager and not talking to you enough! ;)

She is sooo adorable. You guys are so lucky to have her in your lives.

Andrew's Daddies said...

LOL...thanks for that. My partner and I are always waiting for that next milestone....I think we need to ease down on the breaks and enjoy the here and now.

AMR said...

Great pictures -- she's 100% pure cute alright!

I agree with 2moms -- when I pick up my son and ask him what he did at school, he responds with, "Stuff." "What kind of stuff?" "Stuff stuff." It takes some doing, but a few questions later and I MIGHT learn about his day!

The flip side is our 30 month old who, after leaving Xav's Field Day, proclaimed, "That was a great party!" Adorable stuff. Toddler speak is the greatest.

Jason said...

Currently Squirt is trying to figure out the difference between morning, afternoon, and evening. Good morning Daddy? All done morning, aftlaloon. All done aftlaloon? Good eveling.

Allll daaaaay looong. I'm so with ya...

Mrs.Lemon said...

This is my favorite: "Bella Do it Daddy. OK? OK Daddy? Daddy OK?"

oh yeah, WHAT are you going to do when she goes to school??? OMG!

Doug Skinner said...

I can't wait until my little girl starts with all those fun questions...I know, I read your caveat, Careful what you wish for...

I guess we'll see. My wife and I are still navigating the 1st month so we have a ways to go...

Nice posts here. I'm adding you to my blog roll at if you don't mind.

Isabella said...

Adorable, as always...but I just have to say the last picture is classic!

Our 1 year old may be at the "babble" stage and it will be exciting when she starts speaking clearly...but after your post, I can wait. :)

PJ Mullen said...

Those pictures are too cute. I was looking forward to the day my son talked so I know what he wants, but after reading your post maybe I'll think twice about wishing for that day to hurry up and get here :)

WeaselMomma said...

To quote Bill Cosby on parenthood, "we spend the first 2 years teaching the to walk and talk and the rest of our lives telling them to sit down and shut up".
Sound as if you have a little prodigy on your hands or a first born type A.

Otter Thomas said...

I may get that same payment some day. I better start watching what I wish for.

HeirApparent said...

We are standing at the door of this - as you have we keep wishing for her to start talking coherently - but I'm sure once she does we'll long for a few days of baby babble again. Great post.

surprised mom said...

Your daughter is too cute for words, or too many words? Enjoy the toddle babble as they seem to get less and less communicative in their teen years. Except for the eye rolling . . . LOL
My first "little one" is leaving the nest soon. The milestones went by way too fast. Revel in them all! Funny and nice post.

Scott (simplefather) said...

Seems like a few people are saying enjoy it while you can, but on behalf of my wife (who stays at home), I agree with you. Everyone needs there down time, especially when 90% of your daily interaction is with a toddler!

Rian said...

I can't wait for the Daddy Daddy Daddy Daddy Daddy phase. Maybe that's why we (well, I) registered for tons of "I love dad" baby clothes...

The Devoted Dad said...

Our Dear Nugget talked a lot too. One day however she started not just talking about miscellaneous stuff like you describe, but about subjects with social sincerity, feelings, etc. It is amazing what little minds process. Good Luck with finding your happy place during this phase! -Jason

Melisa with one S said...

"Be careful what you wish for" is exactly right! I was the same way. And it happens with almost any major milestone. We parents never learn, I guess! But these are the days you'll look back on so very fondly if she ever becomes a silent, brooding teenager. (I hope she doesn't, though. Teens that talk are so much more fun. :) )

Diana - FreeStyleMama said...

They don't ever shut up...believe me...I have a TEEN! lol!

Amy said...

Oh my gosh she is so cute!!!! I like how she talks in the 3rd person too, adorable!!! And yes I think you might go stir crazy when she is in school!!!!

See you Friday!!! So excited!

Bethany said...

Just came across your blog. She is impossibly adorable! If anyone out here is interested in adopting - there are some impossibly adorables on my site Maybe #2 for you guys!

All the Best,

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