Friday, April 17, 2009

Thinking Aloud

Or rather, blogging about it.

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Sometimes I sit and stare at my child...watching her eat, chew, swallow, play, run, laugh, blink, smile, flap her arms, fly a kite, pet the dogs, shake the hand of a stranger, squeal in delight when a friend comes to visit...and I wonder..."where did she learn this"?

I would like to say it is from me, or my partner, but, observations have proven, she is absorbing on her own: growing, educating herself, becoming a little person. Right before our eyes.

She has her opinions, and makes them known. We know her likes and dislikes as she is never one to hold back.

She dresses herself, buttons and unbuttons, pull up her pants, buttons and zips...and even puts her shoes on the "correct" feet. We say correct, because when telling her the shoes were on the wrong feet, saying 'you need to put them on the right feet', this would confuse she already knew she had a left AND a right foot. (I imagined her saying, "Daddy, I only have ONE right foot, how can both shoes be on the right feet"?).

Now, would never say I was living "the Dream" I have never truly imagined, or dreamt, that this would be my life right now. I am 45, and a father...of a toddler. And, I am having so much fun! Living a childhood all over again. Splurging on toys and such, that I never had as a kid...and now, I can play to my hearts content...with a little one who is incredibly spunky and fun. LOVES to be silly, (like me)...loves to make people laugh (like me)...and in general, is turning out to be such a wonderful little human being...(like me) LOL!

I may not have done all that I wanted in life...who has? But know this...I am certainly having the time of my life now...I get to live through a child's eyes...and I get to be part of the process by which another human being turns out to have a compassionate heart and mind.

So, kudos to ME :-)

12 BellaBuddies left comments! Ya know ya wanna!!:

Andrew's Daddies said...

Well said Bella!!!!!
It's a wonderful adventure and when people tell you how it's going to be, it ends up being way more than that.
Loving being a Daddy as well.

Unknown said...

Great post! Well said.

2momswithaplan said...

Kudos to you on being such a great dad and raising a beautiful little girl!

Otter Thomas said...

Well said. It is a wonderful journey.

PJ Mullen said...

My wife is always messing up right from left, so when she was pregnant with our son she told me it would be my job to teach him that. I said, no problem. I'll handle right from left and you handle right from wrong. Funny at the time, but the reality is that our children's development is the greatest thing we can be a part of. You have an excellent perspective on it all.

KWG said...

I'm 43 and a father of an infant and love every minute of it.

Unless she's shrieking, which is rare, and even then I love it.

This morning we played and she laughed and it brought tears to my eyes.


Jason said...

Awesome post. I think it's apparent how much fun you are having because it shows in every one of your posts. Bella's a very lucky girl(not to mention adorable).

john said...

its amazing when you just sit back and watch them. And then those feelings start over powering the love you feel for your child. What a great post, i had many moments like that. I hardly get them much Only kidding, but the feelings do How did i get so

WeaselMomma said...

What mountain could you possibly climb in life that would give you a better rush than Bella?

Out-Numbered said...

Nice post buddy. So god damn sweet I want to hurl. You're making me look bad. Awesome. :-)

Mocha Dad said...

Being a father is a wonderful thing.

Unknown said...

That was beautiful! Very sweet! Ugh- I'm such a sap.

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