Friday, April 24, 2009

"Daddy, I Pee-Pee On The Grass"?

Huh? That was my first reaction. HOLY C**P! Yeah, that was the second....laughing hysterically was the finale!

We were out in our courtyard this morning, and I noticed the Little One was tugging on the back of her dress. Pulling it up, trying to turn around and look at her backside. I asked, "Bella, whatcha doin'?"(thinking perhaps she was just trying to get a feel for her outfit)...Uh Uh! She said the above...evidently, having seen the dogs pee-pee countless times...'on the grass'...

After explaining that "we" don't pee-pee on the grass, only dogs do...and in extreme emergencies, Daddy does, we ventured back in...where I decided it was time to wish everyone a HAPPY FATHERHOOD FRIDAY!! Check out DAD-BLOGS
Not that the above has anything to do with this:

I need your help this week...or rather, your questions for a Superstar!

That's right! If you've ever wanted to interview a superstar, now is that chance.

Send in your questions for our Little one...ask her anything...(KEEP IT CLEAN PLEASE). BellaDaddy will pick the best and interview Bella for you! And sometime next week, we will present the all it's (EDITED), un(RETOUCHED) glory.

So, c'mon, humour me...send your comments and questions. Ask her pretty much anything you like...keeping in mind, she has two dads, she loves music, and of course, being the center of attention, among other ideas for you to consider.

Make sure and keep the questions handy you send in, so that you recognize next week, the ones we use!

This is gonna be fun!

21 BellaBuddies left comments! Ya know ya wanna!!:

Jason said...

OMG That's too funny. My oldest would just drop trow and pee wherever he was standing after he was first potty trained. I don't know how many time I whispered "big boys don't pee in the front yard!"

Apok said...

This was really funny. Priceless.

WeaselMomma said...

She's a total super star.
Bella, Who is your designer(where do you shop)? Do you absolutely love the hats?(I do). Elmo or Cookie Monster? And last but not least, What is your favorite ice cream brand and flavor?

john said...

i know with my boys, when they were having so much fun, they just held it in, but then, well, they couldnt hold it in any why come in to pee when your having a good time is what i say.

"and in extreme emergencies, Daddy does,"
now now, isnt that a little

Rob said...

That story was pretty funny. Happy FF!

PJ Mullen said...

OK, I've got a question for your superstar...what is your favorite singer/artist and why? Those pictures of her are just too precious!

Andrew's Daddies said...

Love the outfit Bella. I think your designer is your daddy...huh?

I've always wanted to interview a Superstar Bella and I thank you for giving me a chance to interview you.
I have so many questions, I don't know where to start...
*First, What's it like to have two daddies?. It must be alot of fun.
*What is your favorite thing to do with your daddies?
*Do you watch TV? What's your favorite show in the whole wide world?
*If you were an animal, what animal would you like to be..and why?
*What is your favorite color?
*Can you draw me a picture of your favorite place?

Thanks Bella! You are a great liitle girl. Hope to hear from you soon.

Joel said...

Ha! I love it.

Here's the question for Bella.

As you can see on my latest blog post:

We're trying to come up with a name for our 2nd son. Which name do you like best: Django, Rowe or Fox?

Thanks, Bella. (and BellaDaddy)

Unknown said...

What a great picture! Very Audrey Hepburn!

Here is my questions:
Favorite Disney Princess?
Favorite place to go and play?

Miranda said...

She's adorable. I followed you through the blog trail. Nice blog you have going on here. I will be back ;).

Out-Numbered said...

Bella -

If you could picture yourself as a groupie for one Rock band either from now or any point in the past, what band would it be and why?



Mommy with a Penis said...

Okay, this was in Sebastian's "I want to be a dog" phase. I was cleaning dog poop in the yard, when I come to a mound that seems different than the other mounds. Smells different too. I immediately know my little boy was being a bit too Method with his puppy acting. It has been a long haul teaching him the lawn is not his toilet.


What kind of music/or song do you like dancing to.

Favorite food.

Favorite movie/tv show.

Favorite pajamas. (My daughter needs sock monkeys on hers)

Favorite toy, or toy of the moment.


Unknown said...

Cute post!


What's your favorite thing to do when spending time with Daddy and Papa?

What do you want to be when you grow up?

Do you prefer cotton candy, unicorns or rainbows and why?

KWG said...

But when you explained that only dogs (and daddies) can pee on the grass, did she get it, or did you find her again on the grass the next day?

Hopefully not! Two reasons I love my wife (Mama A): she's comfortable wearing baseball caps and peeing outdoors.

Here are a couple of questions for Bella:

Are those Christian Dior glasses you're wearing?

Who's your favorite pop star?

Are you an eebee fan?

Daddy Files said...

That is the cutest little girl I've ever seen. Ever. Great pictures.

Anonymous said...

The pee'ing story was very funny..... lucky it wasn't poop : ) !!!

- Tish

ShankRabbit said...

So first... your daughter is amazingly adorable. When my daughter gets to be that age don't be surprised if I start hitting you up for fashion advice. (for her... not me... well... ok maybe me too. lord knows I need it as well)

Second... my question.

If you were a super hero, what would your super power of choice be?

Unknown said...

Can you say ADORABLE!!!! Those pics are priceless! I may need a copy for the frame you gave me for Christmas. My question for her is when do I get to do her hair in a ponytail or half up? Or if I am lucky pig tails low ones of course! Also I would like to know her favorite song and well for her to respond when you say Britney!!! Thanks Love you!!!!

Super Mega Dad said...

Man, I would give ANYTHING if my little girl would go outside and pee on the grass instead of the carpet and the couch. I can't keep buying this much carpet cleaner forever.

Maybe she'll be over this whole potty training thing by the time she's 18. :(

Mrs.Lemon said...


If you could change your name, what would you change it too?

mamadearest said...

Priceless. Loved reading your blog. Will have to follow you now.

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