Friday, September 18, 2009

Is it really that Happy?

Sounds cynical eh? Yah Yah, well, get your own blog :-)

Today is Fatherhood Friday, over at DAD-BLOGS. You've heard it before. I have repeated my "head on over" mantra many many times now...uh, this would be the 31st to be exact. WOW, 31? Amazing how time just blogs on by...!

"THEY" are attempting a new venue for Fridays: "Themes" Not required themes, mind you...or at least I don't think they are...and I think it is only a test...but then again, not sure there either. Hmmm.

Get it? Glad you do...cuz not sure I do. Every Friday now, we are to post to our blogs, based on themes thunk up by our DAD-BLOG friends. Or foe? Dunno. What I do know is this: I like going to my friends' blogs, seeing what they wrote this week, or that week. Peeking into their lives. The different subjects, cool vids and photo's, opinions, funny and not. Lazy and athletic...sports or ballet slippers...the one cool thing is that we are all Dads (and a few Moms too). We share who we are...our happenings, our thoughts!

Not sure I like following someone else's lead for posting to my blog. To be honest, I hate it...I have even drawn posting blanks these past three weeks...cuz I just couldn't think of things to write about...that follow the theme.... hell...any theme. Don't get me wrong, I can usually find some fun, goofy, silly, smart thing Bella has done to write about...and I LOVE my time with DAD-BLOGS...but this theme things really seems to have kicked me in the butt...affected me in ways I hadn't known before...writers block? Maybe? Then again, I am not now, nor have I ever been, a prolific writer...hell, my grammars all the worse for the wear around these parts anyway.

I am certain I could have written to, or about, on thoughts, my blank-out problems, and concerns. And they would have been greeted with compassion and concern...truly. There are some amazing people over at DAD-BLOGS...lots of respect, debate's...and major cool information to absorb...however, I instead, chose to write about it here...

Many of you may have noticed recently that I'd "re-posted" a few times...and, I have noticed that the comments on my blog have lessened these last few weeks. Not gonna blame anyone for that, or point fingers...instead offering up my my Apologies for that. I take full responsibility for being a doof... It does seem odd though...being the "non-rebel" I was in school. Tell me to do something, I would do it...I may not have been happy about it, but it would have gotten done. Now? Hell, tell me to do something, however worthwhile, away from my norm...and I am gonna rebel...or as is the case here...I go blank! DUH!

Let me know what you think now...are you into the themes, or prefer that I, and others, write on our blogs as we see fit?
Fit? Naw, gotta lose another stone or two. I could have written about it this week...but hell...I was blank...


P.S. Hello DAD-BLOGS...I hope I have more than made up for it , by linking you throughout this post ;-)

15 BellaBuddies left comments! Ya know ya wanna!!:

ciara said...

well that is the best post i've ever seen about not being to come up with a post :0) love the photo of bella...such a little lady.

2momswithaplan said...

I think you should write as you see fit. This is your space!

Besides - I love reading your posts. :)

Thank you for a new picture of Bella... she is simply adorable!

Mrs.Lemon said...

I liked it the other way. Ya know, as you see fit.

PJ Mullen said...

I'm with you, not a fan of the themes, especially when the theme has been the same for the past four weeks. Since my son isn't in school, I can't really write back to school stories. And no matter what the theme is next week, I won't be writing about it because next friday is special for me and I have something else to say. I hope all is well with you. And, as always, love the picture.

CK Lunchbox said...

Themes can be fun, but I'm a nonconformist too. Go with your gut. Still, Dad-Blogs is pretty cool, and I'm just getting started into it and gladly so.

And the reposting thing is something I think everyone should do more of since so many people will come read a post and may stick with all your most recent content. But in the process they are missing really great stuff from months back. Plus it's a great shortcut when you don't feel like writing.

Divine Chaos said...

i tried having daily themes on my blog, it worked for a while .. but, eh, it got boring ;) I go blank a lot too lately, it happens. I think we all get a little burn out every once in a while. don't worry too much about it.

Teacher Tom said...

I don't mind themes when they're open to interpretation, like "Bananas" or "Shakespeare," but I guess those are more like writing prompts.

I've been writing "back to school" posts all week over at Teacher Tom, but they're a little too inside baseball for a community beyond my local one so I haven't linked.

Cute pic as usual. =)

surprised mom said...

Suggestions are fine, themes, not so much. You can only write about what you know and for those who don't have kids in school, well, there goes that theme.
I love when you write as you see fit. I like hearing about your life as it is. I like when you share your life with Bella. She, by the way, is beautiful in her new picture. Thanks for sharing and for sharing your life with your family.

The Devoted Dad said...

I agree about the themes. I think that the themes have been geared towards fathers who have kids going back to school, and with us parents with younger kids, it makes for a tough conversation. So write on. Also, the variety is what I like about reading others blogs. You didn't know what you were going to find. Dad-Blogs, still a fan though! -Jason

john said...

Im with everyone, not a big theme person. Not sure what the point is. I like blogs that give me an insight on what is happening in the persons life.

But sometimes I have no issues to write about because things are going very smoothly and my life is just plain boring. (dont get me wrong, i love when its like that)

I got to see what dadblogs is doing, i havnt been over there in a dogs age....

btw, bella is just stunning.

Scott said...

Like about everyone else, I say post what you want. It's your blog. The themes are good if it applies to your life, but that's not always going to happen.

Also, don't worry about the comments dropping! I can't speak for anyone else, but just know that I'm still reading.

Keith Wilcox said...

I haven't understood this dadblogs thing. I signed up for an account, see everyone else with these "I write for dadblogs" things on their sites. I just don't get it. I do enjoy writing on other peoples blogs, I just don't know who Dadblogs is. And, I'm with you, I couldn't just, on command, write what someone else tells me to :-) So, should I investigate this dadblogs thing?

Melisa with one S said...

Though I obviously love everyone at Dad Blogs too, I am not a fan of the themes either. I like the idea of it in theory, but like PJ mentioned, if you don't have a kid going back to school, the back to school theme excludes you. I think it's more interesting to mosey on over to everyone's blog on Friday (okay, okay, or on Monday when you've had dental surgery, are forced to sit on the couch all day and get to finally catch up with your reader!) to see what they've chosen to write about.

My comments go up and down all the time; don't worry, it doesn't mean that people aren't reading.

Janie Woods said...

I'm with you--no themes. I don't think anyone is going to be very interested in me writing about my teenagers in school, unless of course it has to do with "Blood"--(expect a follow up soon, BTW)

Love the picture of Bella!

lil-deb said...

Post your thoughts.....I only wanna read about your shit!

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