Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A Complicated Mess!

People always say..."Children don't come with Instruction Manuals"...well, neither do stay at home time more evident for me than this past couple of weeks. I've mentioned the poop debacle in a previous post...Folks, there is always more to it...much more...and here I am, about to blog on it one more time...

The pic showing here, the scan of a cover of the BEST book we had during the early babyhood is wonderful...Cept for one thing, it stops...yup, STOPS! It doesn't really address much after the first year. It does make mention of a few select issues throughout the toddler years...but overall, being a great book...(for infants) blah blah blah! Of course, Bella is now 2.5 yrs old... Although I am a stay at home dad, with plenty of time to think, to educate myself, to learn, to teach....hell, who am I kidding. NO ONE ever has the time, the energy, or the foresight to know EVERYTHING when it comes to raising a child.

I know, I know, don't be so hard on myself...but damn, cant help it. I pride myself on the fact that our little one is growing up in a loving home, with doting parents...and I take it as a HUGE compliment when people express their joy in seeing Bella smile, talk, etc....I get to see her grow, and blossom everyday, being a stay at home parent. I am responsible for much of that growth and education, yet, I rack myself, trying to figure out why SOMETIMES, I don't use the one thing that everyone SHOULD be born with; the brain!! Common Sense! Intuition...!!!

So, on to the "Complicated Mess"

We don't use the word 'constipation' around here...sounds too scary. That, and we like to maintain a sense of humour, To be be fun with Bella. So, instead, we use "Complicated". Besides, it's more fun to say: "So and So is Complicated", rather than the norm. Who cares? We like it . Anyway, to say Bella was simply complicated, was an understatement. Recently, having had lunch with our friend Anita and her super sweet daughter Em, we ventured over to the local train park. This park is exclusive to the preservation of trains...Bella had a blast! We rode the Merry Go Round, took a trip on the mini train, and overall, had a relaxing and wonderful time walking around. Until...I noticed Bella was stiffening..walking funny...bending over and just acting unusual for her. Turns out, she was complicated...BAD! I had no idea it was as bad as it was, until that very moment, when she bent over, leaning on a wall and straining. You could tell she was in pain, and when we tried to comfort her, she said..."NO, Daddy, Go Away"...yeah, I guess, it could be a bit embarrassing..even for a toddler. Ending up in the back seat of the car, Daddy holding her in his lap, we drove home. Fortunately, by the time we arrived, she had passed that little (HUGE)_ complicated matter. TWICE!...(did I mention it was HUGE?) I am talking adult clue as to how on earth she was able to get it out....then, my job truly determine HOW it all began in the first place...

Therein lies the true come Daddy let it get that bad? How come Daddy didn't know, firsthand, how to understand and deal with it before it becomes about being racked with guilt...and worry. I certainly didn't want it to happen again...

Well, it did!
Here she is, complicated again....this time though, I called the Nurse On Call for our Pediatrician...she gave instructions on how I should deal ...and much to my surprise...(and new found dumb-ness), Bella was getting too much milk.

Now, I watch the news, considering myself to be informed. I stay abreast of the world...I surf the Internet, even finding some remedies online...Love Google! But, this one took me completely for a loop. I had heard recently, that kids needs Vitamin D now, more than ever...up to age 6ish. OK, so I figured, Bella needs her milk...not even for a moment, considering that Whole Milk.,...has LOADS of fat...which a kid needs...but NOT at Bella's age...So, here she was, drinking her milk, and she loves her some milk....8-10 cups per day!!! The Nurse was very kind, considering I had just been informed that Bella and children her age, only need about 3 cups of dairy per day....this can include one cup of SKIM milk, one cup of cheese product and one other dairy product...PER DAY. JEEZ! I was giving my kid a dairy wonder she was backed up!

OK OK, so I followed the nurses direction...(you can email me for particulars, if you wish)...and as soon as I had, there it big log! And I do mean BIG, Adult Size, Super-DuperTootsie Roll...another one...(cannot even begin to understand where on earth that HUGE thing could have come from, or how it came to pass :-) Within moments of following the nurses directions?...this cant be right. NOTHING can work THAT fast...(and she had said give it 6-8 hours)... Long story short, it was Bella who had taken the initiative to get it, the stuff I had just given her, had yet to begin it's journey...and what a journey it was!

Within a few hours, our little one was up, running around, having a good ole time...when SNIFF SNIFF! Woo Hoo...she had gone again...standard protocol in our house is to encourage, to congratulate her, clap and say BIG GIRL, You Pooped....and then, have her stand near, turn around so we can "check the poop"...she loves doing this, finds it fun...of course, with the "Stuff" in her wasn't a solid anything...just a chocolatey, gooey, messy, melange of poop....and yes, I got a bit on the fingers when pulling her pants back and diaper out....not a pleasant thing....imagine sticking YOUR fingers in a soupy, thicky, icky poop puddle!

A few hours later...REPEAT! Yup, grossed out, smelly fingers and least now, she will be more comfortable...!

Ah, to be a parent! Just wait till she's 13 and I get to tell her all about it...(or let her read the blog) HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
Gotta go now, still have some under the finger nails ;-)

4 BellaBuddies left comments! Ya know ya wanna!!:

Mrs.Lemon said...

ahhahaahaaaa! I just almost choked on my sandwich reading this. It's so funny, I have been worried for 2 days that Aiden was "complicated" and we had what you would call a sh*tstorm this morning, TWICE. However instead of chocolate we have mustard...LOL. I too have learned the hard way to keep my fingernails super duper short.

lil-deb said...

OMG...I don't know what to say...EWWwwwwwwwwwwww or laugh. Dang that was funny

Anonymous said...

OMG!!!! That happened to Connor!! For the same reason, too much milk. I switched him to 2% for awhile, now he's back. But he couldn't even pass it, I had to help it out!!! Awful for everyone around especially poor Connor who had rock hard huge poops stuck in his little butt =(

We also had the baby owner's manual (saved Riley's life a couple times)They have a toddler's owner's manual too

It's Daddies. Plural. said...

I just pee'd a little laughing so hard.

One issue I haven't blogged about is having to go 'fishing' for poop the first time Kensi was complicated. I could see a little and hoovered over her with a wet wipe and while spreading her cute little cheeks, and moving her legs, did something I NEVER THOUGH ON EARTH I WOULD DO. The things we do for our kids. Believe me when I say this, I will make her pay me back for this when she gets older! :)

Love your blog and added a link to it to our blog (hope you don't mind).

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