Thursday, February 21, 2008

Lets Talk About POOP, baby, lets talk about you and me...

OK, what is the one thing, that every living, breathing thing does...and yet, no one wants to talk about? You got it, POOP! (guessed it cuz of the title didn't ya?)
YIKES, the things that come outta kids behinds! BLECH!

There I was, on a long call...about 41 minutes to be matter the reason for the call, it is only setting up the inevitable. We have a monitor in Bella's room, the kind you can hear and see. Well, during this call, she kept fussing...I figured it was cuz she was put down for a nap, and didn't wanna. During the call, I would glance at the monitor, checking on her, and she was playing, rolling around, stomping the general being Bella, not wanting to nap.

Towards the end of this call, I happened to glance another time...and there she was, sitting up, legs spread, and her hand down her diaper. Pulling her hands out, staring at her hands, then BAMM, up to the face...
Now, she has done this plenty of times...we figured it is the time where every kids discovers themselves,...and, as much as we don't really care to see it, we let her be...she giggles when we tell her to take her hand outta her truly is cute...but not this time.
I looked closer..and had to cut the call off, telling them..."I think I have a poop issue to deal with....

I couldn't really see if it was poop or not, but it would explain the fussiness...she tends to fuss about when she has pooped...and we haven't gotten her to tell us the word yet...ya know, when she needs a changing...and this was one of those times I WISHED she had learned that word...c'mon, just this once.

I hurried up to her room, opened the door, turned on the light...and asked..."u poop"? I didn't actually have to ask, I could, um, er, ahem, smell it....whatever anyone says, no one can ever prepare u for the onslaught of bodily functions, (& the inevitable smell accompanying them), coming out of our little ones.
Anyway, walking over to the crib, my heart sank...I knew, just knew, what I was about to encounter...and VOILA! There it was...all over...the sheets, the blanket, her teddy bear, her face, her hands, her fingers...and...her eyelids....GAWD! ICK! ARRGH! BLECH, BLECH, BLECH! WHY ME??????

Make a long story short, I stripped her, bathed her, changed her and fed her...thus the pic of her eating dinner....
Notice the sly grin?

3 BellaBuddies left comments! Ya know ya wanna!!:

soontobelemon said...

HA HA HA HA HA was only a matter of time! Is poopy pants going to make an appearance at the shower?

Amy said...

HAHA, LMAO, thats pretty funny you hear of kids doing it but you never think it will be yours!! At least it all got cleaned up!!! Kids gotta love 'em

Winter said...

I would say you deserve it since you prolly did something similar to your mom, but... I'll spare you this week. You're obviously in shock. HEH HEH

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